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Celebrity Guest Columnist Kayla Quinn: Top 10 Celebs She’d Love to Spank…and Why!

We are honored and delighted to feature a a special celebrity guest columnist this week: the unstoppable adult film and fetish star, and also mainstream movie/TV actor, Kayla Quinn. You may know her perhaps as the seasoned spanko “Ms. Law” … Continue reading

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Talking Hot Sex, Sizzling Spanking and More with Kayla Quinn from BadTushy

As mentioned previously on this blog HERE, below is the exclusive interview with Kayla Quinn, who is the tushy-tanning, smack-down specialist “Ms. Law” on Bad Tushy and is also an adult film star and actor in mainstream TV shows and … Continue reading

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Russian Snow Spanking

Brrrrrr veryyyyyy cold here now in New England! Considering the weather here took a speedy nosedive down from 60 degrees (about a week ago) to below zero today (primarily due to a dangerously high windchill), it makes me think of…yes…the … Continue reading

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The Good. The Bad. And The Tushy.

The latest rump-roasting, bun-toasting, butt-blistering update from Bad Tushy — apparently, this naughty miscreant did something simply awful, as she’s getting some good, old-fashioned discipline with a hot belt lickin’. Clearly, this web site knows how much I love skin … Continue reading

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