Fetch Me The Belt: Spank Art From Kami Tora

The latest art from the famed manga & anime illustrator Kami Tora. [For more spanking art, check out his exclusive feature posted last year on CRR.] This new piece is, appropriately enough, entitled “Fetch.”

While he also draws some hardcore non-spanko illos that are not my thing, Kami Tora’s spanking work is alluring and erotic. And his ability to draw a red-hued tanned bottom that looks like it’s literally glowing is a talent unmatched. But in this case here, we have the waiting.

The expectation and the apprehension. And the belt. Ah yes, and the pink shorts dangling at the thigh….making me think of daisy dukes.

Your thoughts?

Hm……Perhaps I should have titled this post “Waiting For Daddy, Part Deux” ? [see previous post on similar, yet ever popular topic.]

Amber’s New Site, Panty Collection and More

It’s been a while since The Cherry Red Report last checked in with Amber, of SpankAmber fame, so we thought we’d chat briefly with this delightful red-bottomed redhead to see what’s new.

In interviewing Amber, who won The Cherry Red Report’s coveted “Rookie Tushy of the Year” award last year, I learned there’s a lot more news to report than I had thought.

In fact, she just started a F/f sister site called AmberSpanks,  where she gets her delightfully devious Domme on.

And you will also learn about her prodigious collection of 300(!) pairs, and counting, of panties, and also her goal to take her spanking kink on a worldwide tour. This is why I love Amber. You will also see a very high-quality preview video on her main site that is both a naughty flirtatious tease, mixed in with quite hot spanking.

Amber is as real as it gets and revels in the eroticism of spanking. This ravishing redhead started taping their kinky, erotic and disciplinary spanking adventures just for fun, and then seemingly on a lark, decided to share it with the world and turn it into a successful Internet venture.

**Hi Amber. How are you doing these days?

Things are great!

**Since you launched your SpankAmber site not too long ago, how is it going in terms of growth and success?

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The Good. The Bad. And The Tushy.

The latest rump-roasting, bun-toasting, butt-blistering update from Bad Tushy — apparently, this naughty miscreant did something simply awful, as she’s getting some good, old-fashioned discipline with a hot belt lickin’.

Clearly, this web site knows how much I love skin tight jeans! And how much I love brats getting punished in tight, pink bikini panties. Mmm! Then again, is there a spankophile that doesn’t dig belts and bikinis….

For more info on this update and more good tushy, click here:

Of Short-Shorts and Belt Strappings

All Pix courtesy of GIRLS BOARDING SCHOOL.

“Drinking? Sneaking out when you were grounded, wearing skimpy jean short-shorts? Go and get my belt, young lady. Now.”

Hmmm mmm! Girls Boarding School offers us a provocative taste of the belt. Always a pleasure to see a leather belt and snug shortshorts in the same image series. I find this hot as heck.

The World of the Woodshed

These images of Internet hottie Kari Sweets had me thinking: if a naughty little cowgirl like this is already inside a woodshed (Hm…I guess this is more of a barn…), how would one, as the phrase goes, ‘take her out to the woodshed’ if she needed (and I think she does) some serious behavior modification?

This is clearly a conundrum — inside of a paradox.

Unfortunately, at the headquarters off The Cherry Red Report, we don’t have the proverbial ‘woodshed’ nor even a barn. A sad state of affairs.

As Kari probably left the horses out and ignored all her chores, dagnabit, I would simply bend her over a hay bale for a good hide tanning with a worn, old belt, and/or drag her back to the house for a long spanking session over my lap.

Your thoughts?

And if Kari snuck out in short-shorts like these, she’d def. be sleeping on her tummy that night….

…or waiting on her tummy for Daddy to get home, resigned to her fate….

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