Blistered Black Bottoms at Bad Tushy

I have blogged on several occasions [ i.e. check out Black is Beautiful ] on how fantastic it is to see multicultural diversity in the spanking erotica scene, aand wishing there was more diversity in the industry.

On that front, I have lobbied some of the most well-known producers to please try to feature more lovely black spankee’s (and models from varied backgrounds and cultures) — both as Spankers and Spankees.

Anyway, Bad Tushy is one example of a company that is, in their latest spanktastic update, heeding the call that black is certainly and most definitely beautiful.

Their latest delicious disciplinary update features a striking African-American model who is brand-new to the scene, and the unstoppable Ms. Law, whose iron hand is the law. I’m digging the oak-paneled executive suite, which looks just like my office! [Editorial Note: Well, not really, errm, woe is me, as I actually toil away in a cubicle. ]

The most well-known black Spanker I can think of is the lovely Lana, recruited by Clare Fonda, from Spanked Sweeties, whose maternal hand has blistered many a sweet ass.

And the new and beautiful model, Simone, from a new player on the scene, Spanking Bare Butts, is another yummy African-American model who exemplifies how hot diversity can be.

Other flavors are the hot Asian F/f spankings at Hand-Spankings and also my favorite movie from Spanking Online: The Brazilian Butt Blistering vid. (The Asian spanking site features absolutely no male spankers, which is a complete mystery to me.)

Anyway, taste the rainbow of flavors in the spanking scene.

It’s all beautiful to me.

* * *

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Black is Beautiful

The pic above features the ever firm Top “Lana” from Clare Fonda’s Spanked Sweeties doing some serious tight white-panty warming, with the spankee’s friend (who is next in line to get punished) curiously observing this bottom-tingling, tantalizing tableaux.

The editorial and field research staff at the world headquarters of The Cherry Red Report are continually befuddled by the lack of African-Americans featured in spanking photos and videos (as either Tops or spankees).

Black is beautiful.

Diversity is sexy, whatever color or culture.

This fetish is universal and knows very little geographic bounds or cultural barriers. CRR’s global traffic, probably like most other adult and/or spanking blogs, feature visitors from all over the world, from Mongolia to Manhattan, from Dusseldorf to Dubai.

Global warming is real.

Be that as it may, I’m not sure if it’s a cultural thing or what, but I think more diversity in the spanking scene would be a terrific benefit for all parties involved. (Sizzling pic on above left is from Bad Tushy; the image of the de-thonged Brazilian beauty is from Spanking Online. File under: Yummy)

According to some top players in the spanking community, it’s not for want of trying–apparently it is just not easy finding people of color who are into spanking.

But why?? It’s a conundrum. Wrapped up in an enigma.

Whatever the case may be, I say we in the spanking community, from producers to spankees to, heck, even we bloggers, try to redouble our efforts, as the more cultural diversity the better.

And the hotter.

* * * *
I am smitten with both spankee, and spanker, in this now vintage and luscious Bad Tushy series. Pretty in pink with an enticing pout. She also gets her temp taken…in the obvious spot.
For more Bad Tushy that’s always good, click here:

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