Cherry Red Award: The Well-Red Weekly


We here at CRR HQ want to give a shout-out, and a special “Cherry Award,” to a highly intriguing and unique online spanking magazine: the wonderfully entitled “The WellRed Weekly.”

This periodically published electronic journal, brought to you by the folks behind the massive Library of Spanking Fiction, features a diverse array of thought provoking articles, interesting essays, informative reviews, research, recollections and interviews on our favorite topic of the cherry red variety.

Skimming through the WellRed Weekly feels like reading, say, The New Yorker magazine, if that magazine was run by spankos.

The articles are written by a wide array of talented contributors — and edited and organized by the inimitable “Flopsy” — the magazine’s self-described “Editrix in Chief” with design work by “Februs.” The magazine has a very active readership as there are frequent comments and feedback on the articles, which is super cool.

The breadth and diversity of the writing is terrific. You can peruse at your leisure through articles and essays such as “Spanking, Feminism, and Gender Roles,” “In Praise of the Razor Strap, “What Makes a Great Spanking Novel,” The Satisfaction of Self-Spanking” and heaps more cherry red goodness.

Visit the Wellred Weekly“Cherry Award” winner!

An Exclusive Interview with the Chross Blog

Who is this mysterious, tireless blogger known as Mr. Chross? Find out now! In this cherry red exclusive interview with the Chross spanking blog!

This self-described “spankologist” has created quite a popular spanko blog, featuring hard-to-find mainstream spanking gems and cool butt-blazing art and photos, in addition to hosting a busy spanko forum. [On a side note, be sure to check out Pink’s tongue-in-cheek, and truly wonderfully titled: “Top 10 Reasons Why Chross Annoys Me.” ]

Thank you Mr. Chross for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report ! When you first started your blog (7?) years ago, did you ever think it would become as popular and widely-read as it is today ?

It feels like 7 years, doesn’t it? Actually, it was just 4 1/2 year ago. I really had no set goals or expectations when I started it. Everybody looks at the visitor stats, of course, and expects a certain minimum amount of visitors. But not in the least had I expected it to grow the way it has.

Do you think cherry red is the best color, generally speaking?

Uhm. Color shades are usually more a topic of female discussions. Don’t tell them it’s blue when it’s lavender; or pink, when it’s fuchsia. But then most of my (male and female) Continue reading “An Exclusive Interview with the Chross Blog”

Blog Spotlight & Interview: Radspace

We here at Cherry Red headquarters love discovering new blogs, especially ones that don’t quite fit into the typical mold and offer both an intriguing voice and singular look.

Radspace is a fine example of a totally cool, insightful and elegantly-designed, text-only blog, written by lifelong spanking enthusiast Rad.

And one has to love the refreshingly clean, minimalist WordPress design theme Rad has chosen.

The Radspace blog is also unusual in that it has no photos or illustrations and it is updated daily(!) with short, thought-provoking essays on a truly wide range of topics.

Radspace typically has serious tone to it, yet it’s always a fascinating read, whether he’s blogging about the curiosities of spanking party etiquette or analyzing the intricate complexities of the spanking kink itself.

* * *

The Cherry Red Report chatted with Rad about his motivations and muse, and asked him for his thoughts — and advice.

So what sparked you to start a blog in the first place?

The long version or the short version? I’ve always written in some capacity since the time I was ten. If I had been a more focused person growing up, I probably would have made writing my profession but that did not happen and over the years I’ve written as a sort of hobby and mostly for myself. For a brief time in 2007, I started a blog under another name that I intermittently wrote.

In October of that year, I ended up with a severe case of writer’s block and depression which lasted through February of 2008. When I came out of it, I wanted to do something that was creative and on a regular basis that would become a writing exercise of sorts.

Eventually, I decided that doing another blog, this time under my better known scene name, was the way to go. I got some thoughts together after coming back from the FMS party in Florida and published my first article on June 11, 2008. For the record, that “other” blog is dead and buried, never to be seen again.

How do you find the inspiration, and time, to post daily with your thoughtful blogging commentary? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a blog updated daily.

I certainly have not seen many spanking or kinky blogs updated daily but that could just be because I’ve not run across them yet. I’m sure they are out there. As for inspiration: It has to be willpower and self-discipline otherwise I won’t do it.

Continue reading “Blog Spotlight & Interview: Radspace”

Get Your Blog On: The Little Red Schoolhouse

This is the debut of a new feature on The Cherry Red Report that is long overdue, Get Your Blog On, where we try to highlight some fine spanking blogs that are worthy of your attention — and comments. Some may already be on your link lists while others you may never have heard of.

The Little Red Schoolhouse is a wonderfully written blog by Abby, who offers thoughtful and thought-provoking and often humorous insights and essays on a wide range of issues related to our complex and erotic fetish.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent post:
“Sometimes during sex I see images in my eyelids. Most recently it was a mosaic of turquoise, rippling like stained glass under water. For a time it was a bare cherry tree, Japanese brush strokes stark against an expanse of white. When I was younger, I saw a ship with golden sails, distant against a gray horizon. I was often overcome with the beauty of the visions, but I never lost my place, my rhythm, or my partner. I’ve never been overcome with the occurences inside my own eyes.

“During a spanking, I see the swing of my husband’s arm in the corner of my eye. I see the rumpled tan of the comforter on bed, the speckled plaster on the library walls, the grain in the wood of the desk.

“If I’m bent over, wrists to ankles and hair in my eyes, I see glimpses of my bare toes curled or my reflection in the patent leather of my Mary Janes. I may see tears gather on the hardwood floor. I am present, whether I am counting or squirming or stamping my foot in defiance. I am anxiously awaiting that one stroke that takes me from wanton to weeping. I wouldn’t miss that moment for anything. . . .”

In addition, some brief glimpses of her exquisite fiction on her eclectic blog leave me completely intrigued…and hoping to read more naughty tales of sizzling and squirming posteriors.

Hope you can surf on over, sift through her top-notch blog posts and excellent archives. You can subscribe via email to this blog, which I highly recommend. If you visit, don’t forget to leave some comments. Enjoy!

(Please stay tuned for more “Get Your Blog On” blog spotlights in the new year…)

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