Holiday Spanking Fiction: The Naughtiest Elf

loki renardWe are delighted to present a cherry red exclusive excerpt from “The Naughtiest Elf,” a sizzling, seasonal spanking tale from the unstoppable Loki Renard.  An excerpt is posted below, and in addition, you can read the first chapter here.

[On a side note, for additional winter warming, don’t forget to check out the newest cherry red hot video “Governess Rules,” playing at GirlSpanksGirl.]

Tilly is a naughty elf, a very naughty elf indeed. She’s been spanked more times in her life than she can possibly count, so much so that Santa’s lap almost counts as a second home.

Even Rudolph the red nosed reindeer disapproves of her behavior, but it seems that nothing and nobody can teach Tilly to be good.

The naughty elf thinks she’s going to keep getting away with things, but this Christmas, Santa’s oldest son, Stefan Claus is coming home and he knows just what Tilly needs.

The naughtiest elf at the North Pole is about to discover a whole new world of hot-bottomed discipline and learn her lesson once and for all.

An excerpt from “The Naughtiest Elf” by Loki Renard.

Stefan’s wing of the great grotto was quite charming. His living room was a wide circular room with a fireplace taking up a quarter of the room. There were couches and arm chairs arranged around it and behind them, an ornately carved table. There was no food there yet, but Stefan assured her that it would appear in due course and invited her to sit before the fire in the meantime.

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Get Your Literary Spank On: Three New Non-Fiction E-Books

Heaps of fresh news on the literary spanking front my spanky peeps, for you red bottomed bibliophiles. 

Are you often mystified by the enigma enclosed in a paradox that is a spanking Top’s mind? The unstoppable Devlin O’Neil has a new e-book, his first non-fiction book actually, tackling this cerebral topic, thusly entitled “Spank Her: A Top’s View of This Thing We Do.”

>>Check out Loki Renard’s review Here.

According to the description, “….Spank Her! is an informative, fast-paced, light-hearted romp through Devlin O’Neill’s, more or less, real life world.

“Part opinion piece, part sociological treatise, part psychobabble mega-essay, this book rips the tear-away knickers off the shadowy realm that is consensual adult spanking in the 21st century, with a smile, and a wink, and a kiss on the bottom.”

*  *  *

Cassandra Park spanking bookIf you are looking for the bottoms view of our cherry red hobby, do check out Cassandra Park’s recently released e-book “It’s Supposed to Hurt: Volume 2.”

As the description notes: “Ms. Cassandra Park returns with more fiction, fantasies, and essays … this time from the bottom point of view. [The e-book] includes four short stories, selections of her writing from 2007-2012, pictures, and two special guest opinion pieces.

“You’ll find Sandy’s no-holds-barred look at submission, pain & fear, punishment & discipline play, attending parties, the spanking community, and life in the world of BDSM.

“If you liked Volume I, which was written from the top point of view, “It’s Supposed to Hurt! Volume II” We need to have a little talk…” offers a peak into the mind of Ms. Cassandra’s alter ego.”

*  *  *

new spanking bookSpanking author Vivian has just released an intriguingly titled new e-book out called “What He Wants: A Man’s Seven Secret Spanking Desires.” Vivian is also the author of “How to Get The Spanking You Want” and also the instructional “How to Give a Spanking.”

Vivian writes in her introduction to the book: “Building on the material in the first two books, ‘What He Wants’ contains a powerful and near-magical secret to maintaining a successful spanking relationship.

“It’s a simple, but profound, secret that can turn your partner from a reluctant participant in your spanking desires into a passionate partner who loves to spank you as much as you love to be spanked.”

*  *  *

In other literary news, I have been informed that BlushingBooks is actively seeking talented writers in the F-M spanking fiction genre.  For more info, contact koreymae [at] blushingbooks [dot] com


Literary Spotlight: Gemma Forbes Publishes a Comprehensive Guide to Corporal Punishment

Anyone up for some sizzling summer reading? Looking for some spanko tips and instruction on the art and psychology of cherry reddening the posterior regions? Governess Gemma Forbes has recently published a detailed handbook on all things spanko, which you can obtain via Amazon in both book and Kindle formats.

—->Also, you can listen to a cool Interwebby podcast interview with Ms. Forbes over at Masocast.

The publisher describes the book thusly: “Governess Gemma Forbes is one of the best known spankers you’ve probably never heard of. Intensely private, her expertise in the art and science of traditional, old-fashioned domestic discipline is known among the initiated the world over…..In the pages of this book….you’ll also find essential useful tips, hints and advice for beginners and experienced spanking enthusiasts alike.”

“There’s information on how to begin your exploration, how to find someone to play with, how to use (and even find) spanking implements, how to broach the idea of inviting your significant other to join you in your penchant, even what to do when a spanking scene goes wrong… and much, much more.”

*  *  *

In other cherry red book news, check out the relatively new website Bottoms Up Book Review, which features heaps of well-written reviews of spanko fiction, featuring exclusive excerpts as well. A very nifty idea!

*  *  *

Have you read the work of Loki Renard? Surf on over to the unstoppable Loki Renard, whose prodigious output of flaming hot erotic fiction [spiced with various spanky elements of course] continues to impress and titillate the spanko senses. Lots of free excerpts to enjoy on the Lokinator’s site as well.

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Need more? The recently re-designed Blushing Books has a vast collection of red-ass reading for your literary enjoyment.

Exclusive Excerpt from Erotica Author Loki Renard


To those that celebrate Independence Day, I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July holiday. *launches an array of cherry red-colored fireworks* 🙂

Anyhoo, in literary news, we are delighted to present to you an exclusive excerpt from from the prolific and unstoppable erotica author Loki Renard, who just so happens to also be a spanko. Hurray! Her erotic creations run the gamut from stylized westerns to lesbian romantic plots to sci-fi scenarios and more cherry-red goodness.

This eBook is entitled “The Taming of Miss Munroe” and is a Victorian spanking tale, in the style of the classic Sherlock Holmes stories, about a spirited, noble woman who runs away from home to lead a band of thieves. Multiple occurrences of the cherry reddening of bottoms thusly ensue.

*  *  *  *


We secreted ourselves in a dark corner of the room and waited. Presently we heard female voices, the door opened and Catherine bade her accomplice goodnight. She had a pleasant voice, cultured and not too light.

My first glimpse of her in person revealed that the photo had done no justice at all. Indeed, it must have been a terrible lens cut in the bowels of Hades to have butchered her beauty so thoroughly. She appeared to me like an angel, and it seemed that she had the prescience of one too.

The moment she closed the door, she turned towards our place in the corner, a shaft of moonlight lighting her keen, intelligent features as she smiled lightly.

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Cherry Red Book Spotlight: Kink and the City

Hello fellow spankos. We have some publishing news from lifelong spanko and talented scribe John Smith, who has recently penned “Kink and the City: An Englishman in New York,” a humorous, autobiographical chronicle of his journeys and adventures through the spanking and fetish/kink scene in Manhattan and elsewhere.

Perv over to for more info and to read some of the rave reviews the book has garnered.

John told The Cherry Red Report: “This effort was deliberately written, first and foremost, to amuse…I also wanted to write about the truth that this delightful ‘niche’ of ours is populated with some genuinely nice and fascinating people (not just nutters and unsavoury types), essentially saying to the world, kink/spanking doesn’t have to be dark, forbidding and scary.”

From the book’s inside cover:

This is the true story of John Smith. A man who discovered that unsuspectingly renting a room from a professional Dominatrix at the tender age of sixteen tends to influence character development. Years of playing in the London spanking and fetish scene followed until one day, unexpectedly, his fun and games came to an end. Now, almost a decade later, he’s moving to Manhattan and determined to seek out other like-minded people to share his interests once again. Kink and the City is the hilarious account of what happened next…

In other cherry red news……


Spanko erotica pioneers Shadow Lane have just released for on-demand viewing an awe-inducing 90-minute compilation of 21 spanko starlets getting their bouncing buns lovingly toasted, called “No Ifs, Ands–Just Butts!” From Sierra Salem to Samantha Woodley, from Amelia Jane Rutherford to Abigail Whittaker, this is one spanking film that is a must-see, for sure.

According to Shadow Lane: “In response to popular demand, Shadow Lane presents a big, juicy, hour and a half compendium of bare bottom spanking close up, featuring our most glamorous and shapely submissives, receiving the corporal punishment they deserve.” Watch it now at CherryRedMovies. [If you haven’t tried this pay-per-minute spanking video site out yet, newbies can try it out and watch 20-minutes for free, with access to thousands of new, and rare, spank films. Yes!]


The tireless Clare Fonda has just unveiled a beautiful amber-haired minx to the Spanked Sweeties site, by the name of Lynn Leona, for both some old-fashioned domestic spanking as well as candid interviews about her spanko background and history. [Sweeties can also be accessed via the multi-site Clare Fonda Pass.]

Here are a few sneak peak pix. Enjoy 🙂

Spanking Book Spotlight: Abel and Haron

Books and blogging go very well together, and when long-time, seasoned spank-bloggers (and real-life couple) Abel and Haron decide to self-publish and compile a compendium of their finest blog posts, it’s cause to celebrate this literary venture.

[By the way, do stay tuned for more spanking book spotlights and literary features on The Cherry Red Report, coming soon.]

While I have not read this book as of yet, I thought a brief Q&A with these prolific bloggers was certainly in order:

What inspired you to compile this book?

Two-fold, really: first and foremost, we thought our readers would enjoy having

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