Caption Contest Winner; NYTimes Article; And Other Miscellany

Thank you all for the great entries for the latest cherryred caption contest! The winning entry for this Triple A spanking photo is Michael who submitted: “On The Second Day of Christmas My True Love Brought to me….Two Bums a burning…..” Michael wins a month’s supply of Triple A Spanking — enjoy!

If you haven’t seen it yet, please do check out this wonderfully written essay which appeared recently in the New York Times: “A Spanking Fetish is Not Revealed Easily” by freelance writer and Fulbright Scholar Jillian Keenan, about Continue reading “Caption Contest Winner; NYTimes Article; And Other Miscellany”

Enter a Caption Contest and Win a Real Prize!

What up spanky peeps.  It’s caption contest time, cherry-red style. Simply submit a suggested caption in the comment box for the spanktastic photo below, and my trusty editorial assministrator will choose the favest entry, who thusly shall thereby win a 1-month pass to the sizzling hot Triple A Spanking, a yummy site which won a coveted “Cherry” award.  Anyway, good luck and have fun ! 🙂


p.s. This enticing eye candy image is from a forthcoming Triple A Christmas special video, featuring Amelia Jane Rutherford, Molly and “Uncle Dave.”

For more pix ‘n free preview videos, visit Triple A Spanking.

p.s.s.  A few preview galleries from Triple A for your viewing enjoyment:

Cherry Red Caption Contest Winner

After much deliberation by the CRR editorial board, we hereby congratulate Lea for winning the cherry red caption contest, and who has thusly won a month’s supply of Spanked Sweeties. . . .

Clare Fonda and her hairbrush

Lea’s caption:

“And bottoms think that THEY are the only ones who get tired out from a hard hairbrushing!”

p.s.  Lea gets her blog on at her Lea’s Corner site.

—>In other cherry red news, after a brief issue with their server, the scorching and hard spanking hott site Spanked in Uniform is back tanning hides once again.

Photo courtesy of SIU.

—>New users can watch 20 minutes for free.  Perv on over and check out what’s playing now On-Demand at…..

Below is a preview clip from one of my favest videos starring the legendary Chelsea Pfeiffer, and a stunning model named, naturally, Cherry.

—->And you can watch the cinematic creations of such bun-blazing studios as sex and spanking purveyors Far East Media, Raven Hill Studios, Real Spankings, Strictly English, spanking erotica pioneers Shadow Lane and heaps more cherryred goodness.

The best in On-Demand, pay-per-minute spanking….

Enter the Cherry Red Caption Contest ! !

What up my spanky peeps? Co-sponsored by the Clare Fonda spanking network, the Cherry Red Report is having a cherry red caption contest — simply check out the photo below, and submit your caption in the comments section.  It’s that e-z!  [One entry per person please–thank you.]

The CRR Editorial Board will select one winner, who shall thusly forthwith win a 1-monthly pass to Clare’s flagship site: Spanked Sweeties.   Good luck and have fun!

clare fonda and her hairbrush

In other editorial news, stay tuned for a forthcoming cherry red Q&A with the beguiling Mishka.  @@!  Also, got a bit of a makeover recently, sporting a new design and color layout–perv on over,  enjoy some hawt spanking videos, and check out the Editor’s Picks.   In guy spanking news, my male oriented spanking blog Spanking4Men is gaining readership at a healthy pace and is celebrating its one year blogiversary.

—>MORE SPANKING PHOTO GOODNESS:   Fresh, tasty new preview galleries from various cherry red bottom purveyors:

Liberated Ladies of the Jazz Age

Uncle Paul’s pajama spank action on Kiki’s bodacious buns

Zoe and Jessica

Spanktastic Veronica Ricci and Sharon Lee

Sharon gets her tushy tanned and oiled up

The Spanked Stepsisters

Alannah Rae lays the smack down

Wheelbarrow position

Kat St. James gets bun blazed

More stepsister spanking action

OMG It’s a Caption Contest! ! Enter to Win a 1-Month Pass to SpankedSweeties

What up spanky peeps and spankettes?  You see, it’s been wayyyy too long since the last Cherry Red Caption Contest, so please if you will observe below the photo of the unstoppable Clare Fonda and the highly spanktastic Alannah Rae….

Simply enter your suggested fun, silly, whimsical, goofy, whatever caption/dialogue in the comments section.  My illustrious editorial committee and assministrator will thusly choose a winner who shall forthwith receive a 1-month pass to Clare’s flagship website SpankedSweeties Have fun!

clare fonda spanking alannah rae on spankedsweeties

Caption contest kindly sponsored by and image courtesy of:

Dagnabit, It’s A Caption Contest !

The Cherry Red Report’s Second Annual “Dagnabit, It’s A Caption Contest!”

This is perhaps the most unusual, strange and humorous, vintage spanking-style image I have seen (found originally as I recall on a European spanking blog, and naturally I’m forgetting which one).

I’d be curious to get folks reactions to this odd, or as we say in Boston, a ‘wicked bizah’ photo.

Care to take a shot at adding a caption and/or some brief dialogue or whatnot? Come on, it’s fun !

The Cherry Red Report’s first spanking caption contest, fueled by an intriguing vintage hairbrush illustration, garnered about 10 or so entries, with the Veronica from The Spanking Couple winning the prize (my eternal gratitude) with a deliciously clever entry. Anyway, let’s hope we can get more entries this time.

I’ll give it a go and start it off:

“Dangitall Hazel ! How many times have I told you to take in them horses and fix them crooked dusty old pictures on the wall? Perhaps I need to get Sheriff Waylon to take you out back to the woodshed for a dose of his razor strop. And you better by golly have some britches on this time. . .”

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