“Cherry Award” for Best Daisy Dukes Short-Shorts

english spankers award
My goodness. . . . .OK now Those are short-shorts(!)

This special “Cherry” award is long overdue, as by the cherryred power vested in me, I hereby bestow English Spankers and their super spankette, Ashleigh, and the spanker, Spanking Sarah, with the Cherry award for Best Daisy-Dukes Short-Shorts Spanking Scene. 

cherry-tinyThough shot last year,  this delicious diminutive denim resonates to this day, and the beguiling Ashleigh is no stranger to wearing denim shorts.

And BTW the spanker is the fantastic bun blazer Sarah Stern of Spanking Sarah fame. Sarah is quite certainly experienced with short-shorts spanking.

Cherry Award: Best Spanking Photography

casey calvert spanking

I don’t often give out awards these days. But when I do…….

Assume the Position Studios (check out their newly revamped website–join for Instant Acccess!) hereby, by the cherry red power vested in me, forthwith is thusly awarded the highly coveted “Cherry” Award for best spanking photography, and I’m not even including their tantalizing high-def videos — that’s for a future post.

spanking photo

Their dazzling fetish photos alone mystify and mesmerize the spanko senses.

cherryredaward atp studiosATP’s imagery is museum-quality, truly iconic, pulse-poundingly hot, creatively composed.

spanked casey calvert

And these are clearly not your typical SWAT! SWAT! pix. These photos tell a story, by leaving much to one’s imagination, and often don’t even feature actual spanking. 

christy cutie spanking

This relatively new site provides heaps of fanny-flaming photo shoots ‘n’ vids, featuring two of the stunning stalwarts of the scene, Casey Calvert and Christy Cutie, along with rising stars such as Willow, Maddy Marks and Beckah Freckle.

atp studios


spanking erotica

Congrats on your “Cherry” award and keep up the amazing work!

For more info, surf on over to Assume the Position Studios — Join ATP today for instant access to wicked hot hard spanking videos and photos!

ATP Spanking studios starring Casey Calvert, Christy Cutie, etc.

A Special Cherry Award: Best Self-Spanking Video!

kiki divine

cherry award english spankers kiki divineIn the mood for a completely over-the-top, stunningly erotic, and a dripping wet self-spanked red ass video, cherryred-style ?? Well, I’ve never seen anything like this before in my 6 years of spanko blogging, and I’m guessing you haven’t either.  And I hereby award this pulse-pounding English-Spankers film a coveted “Cherry” award. . .for its originality and overall wicked hawtness. [As you may recall, the last “Cherry” award went to the amazing Mishka.]

In this high-def film, the stunning British glamour and fetish model Kiki Divine does a sizzling and slow strip-tease in a shower — while also paddling her own luscious cheeks,  as water flows and drips over her gorgeous bod and hot tail. . . .Talk about multi-tasking! Shower + spanking + striptease = epic epicness.

So as 80’s-style rock music plays in the background, Kiki warms up her white-panty-clad buns, eventually bare of course — and you can literally see the water drops flying off her self-paddled posterior.  [Check out this video preview.]

The delicious Ms. Divine is no stranger to cherry red ass action; for example, check her out getting spanked otk in jean short-shorts….. 🙂   Anyway, my only minor quibble in this film is that her bottom looked like it was already cherry red at the start of the vid–hope they can do a Part Deux with Kiki starting on an alabaster, pure miky white bottom.

kiki divine english-spankers
Sizzling hot screen-shot taken from the video.  Kiki gives her gorgeous behind a red-ass workout, as water drips over her toned body and smokin’ ass.

To watch this film and see tons more hi-def red-hot spanking vids, visit English-Spankers:

english-spankers banner

Cherry Award Winner: Hottest, Sexiest Spanking Scene


mishka devlin gets spanked in dropseat pajamas
Incredible.  Check out more pix in this free gallery.

What up my spanky peeps.  We here at CRR HQ are announcing today that we thusly are issuing forthwith a special “Cherry” award to the “Fantasy Spanking” video running over at the sizzling Triple A Spanking site.

It’s one of the hottest and sexiest spanking vids the cherry red team has seen in quite some time. And the photos are awe-inducing.

The film features the beguiling Mishka, and the unstoppable bun blazer John, in the rarely shot but deliriously exposing “wheelbarrow” position, in addition to featuring wicked cute socks, pink panties, pigtails, and even drop seat pajamas in the second scene. 

And Mishka’s sexy-hot reactions to her cherry red tushy treatment are divine. . . . . .

A masterwork.  Check out more photos from this yummy scene.

The film is shot in very High-Def using multiple camera angles, so one can almost feel that glowing, perky bottom that John is worshiping, groping — and spanking. His seasoned hands wonderfully alternate between delicious swats and luscious, tantalizing massaging — a textbook clinic on how to give an erotic, intimate spanking.  Love it. More please! And congratulations on your Cherry!

For more info, visit Triple A Spanking and enjoy the cherry red awesomeness.

P.S. Below is a still from a yet to be released Mishka film, entitled “Female Disciplinary Manual.” The photos I’ve seen are extremely intriguing, to say the least.

Mishka Devlin spanked on Triple A Spanking

P.S.S.  Want more?  Perv on over to a few more Mishka spanking galleries:


First Annual Cherry Red “Cherry” Awards

There is the Pulitzer. The Nobel Prize. The National Book Award. The Presidential Medal of Honor. Let’s add to that list please, if you will: The Cherry.

We are delighted to announce the winners of the first annual “Cherry” Awards, sponsored by the Cherry Red Report.

Please keep in mind these awards for spanking excellence are issued in the spirit of good humor and fun, and should not be taken too seriously. OK?

Anyway, Congratulations to all. You have won a coveted “Cherry’ which you can feel proud and warm and fuzzy about this honor. Your official “Cherry Red” trophy will be mailed to you post haste. And now, let us begin!

* * *

Multitasking Achievement In a Spanking Video: The simultaneous mouth soaping and ass strapping video from Bad Tushy. Do not try this at home without adult supervision. Thank you.

Best Use of Daisy Dukes in a Spanking Video: Jade from Chelsea Pfeiffer’s “Good Spanking.” Masterful use of delightfully delicious denim daisy dukes.

Coolest Spanking Videos Shot in the Middle of Absolute Nowhere: RealLifeSpankings. Location: Various forests somewhere in The Netherlands and a few cornfields throughout the region.

Continue reading “First Annual Cherry Red “Cherry” Awards”

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