The Clinical Approach: CherryRedMovies Spotlight

shadow lane spanking

As of this writing, the most popular movie, out of the 1000’s streaming on-demand at is Shadow Lane’s wickedly hot “The Clinical Approach.” Here’s Shadow Lane’s write-up:

An exquisitely erotic spanking, butt plug, enema and caning drama starring Violet October and Nikki Rouge….

2109852.5.0Beautiful, 22 year old thrill seeker, Violet, revisits Nikki Rouge, her summer disciplinarian, to confess her ardent desire for further therapeutic correction. The petite blonde has been dreaming about embarrassing anal discipline, butt plugs and enemas. She has even visited a sex therapist for preliminary anal training.

Lovely, leggy Nikki enthusiastically accepts the assignment, and orders Violet to don a pair of white pajamas, to increase her sensation of vulnerability. Informing Violet that anal penetration must always be prefaced by spanking, Nikki takes Violet over her lap and thoroughly hand spanks her, rendering the culprit’s bottom a deep, dark pink and infusing it with a warmth that will last throughout the treatment.

2109852.4.02109854.4.02109854.2.02109856.1.02109856.3.1Using a professional lube shooter to inject surgical grade lubricant into Violet’s upturned bottom, while the pretty, passive blonde is over her lap, Nikki then slowly introduces a wiggly, 5″ silicone dildo into Violet’s tiny rectum.

Making sure to keep Violet’s jutting cheeks pink with spanking, Nikki then administers a preliminary over the knee, mini bottle enema infusion into Violet’s well-lubricated anus.

Violet is naturally speechless with embarrassment and excitement, especially when Nikki uses a tiny leather paddle to spank Violet’s lust engorged labia. After her luscious pussy spanking, Violet is allowed to go off and evacuate before returning for the next phase of her discipline.

Never forgetting to spank Violet’s satiny smooth cheeks to a constant state of pinkness, Nikki re-lubricates Violet and administers a classic bag enema to her charge, while Violet kneels, in the knee to elbow position, and thrusts her bottom up to receive it.

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Re-Blogged: Mom Knows Best

spanking video

debbie spanking

(Periodic re-blogging of some our favest posts ‘n’ pix, originally posted in 2012.)

Debbie spanked otk
My house. My rules!   Screen-shot from the film “American Spanking Classics #1” starring the highly spankable Debbie.  One of my favest images.

What up spanky peeps. Recently engaged in some important cinematic research over at CherryRedMovies, engaging in a frame-by-frame ass analysis of this “vintage” domestic discipline film starring the legendary spanking star “Debbie” entitled “American Spanking Classics, #1.”

Anyway, just absolutely love this angle, this image, the expressions on the screen-shot above. I did alter the hue and tone to make it a bit more dramatic, cherryredtastically speaking.

—–.[If you dig this theme, check out the vid My Naughty Daughter with Chloe Elise.]

This film was part of a “Classics” series by Cal Star comprising over 20 films.

Here’s another screen-shot I completely dig…..panties being tugged down, and getting hauled over the knee. Perfect panties and pigtails. . .

GET that backside over my lap, this instant. I’ve had it. “But Mom!!!” Screen-shot taken from “American Spanking Classics, #1.”

 For 1000’s more vids, both new and rare, surf on over to:

Spanking videos streaming on-demand at HotMovies

Of Short-Shorts and Belt Lickin’s

Uh huh…dang, Lisa’s jean-shorts and her pigtails…..streaming for instant on-demand playback at CherryRedMovies.  New users, try this out for Free. To go directly to this sizzling vid, Click Here. If you dig hot tannings, check out the delicious Angie, who I would have loved to see rock some daisy dukes.

P.S. A few other truly timeless short-shorts & spanking galleries:

P.S.S. Check out these masterful short-shorts/spanking pix from Chelsea Pfeiffer, among my favest eva’

Free Video Sample: Kelly’s Lickin’

girls boarding school spankingEntitled “Kelly’s Failure” from Girls Boarding School, this is one heck of a tight jeans spanking, tawsing and paddle-action vid, featuring a stunning spankee clad in deliciously snug jeans, which eventually get peeled down, of course.  (In case you missed the last video sampler post, surf over to the Strict Stepmom hairbrush video).  Anyway, check out a sample clip below, courtesy of Girls Boarding School.

Check out what’s streaming on-demand at CherryRedMovies. New users? Watch 10 minutes for free Instantly.

cherryredmovies spanking

Innocents Taken: CherryRedMovies Spotlight

innocents taken cherryredmovies
Not focusing on your piano lessons results in some memorable across the seat music — and much more sexy hawtness, in this sizzling scene starring Blue Angel and Cindy Hope.   Absolutely stunning.

In the mood for some depravity and decadence and spanking of schoolgirls? Pigtails and panties and plaid skirts?

Recently discovered quite a sizzling title streaming on-demand right now at CherryRedMovies by the intriguing name of “Innocents Taken.” While it may not satisfy innocents takenfans of hard tanning action, if you dig lighter, sexy-hawt spanking spiced with sex, you might enjoy this XXX film, streaming on-demand. [New users: watch 10min for free at CherryRedMovies.]

This vid is actually one of the top 5 most popular movies playing on-demand at CherryRedMovies……

Directed by Andre Baylock for kinky porn purveyors Bizarre Video, and starring such notable adult superstars as the enticing Lola Vargas and exquisite Tara White, this heat-inducing film featured 4 different scenes.

innocents taken schoolgirls
Wickedly hotttttttt F-F scene featuring light spanking and dripping wet anal play and more….You’ve been warned.

The film describes itself as: Welcome to the school of hard knocks where young neophytes are instructed on the sexually sadistic ways of the kinkier side of sex! When these mischievous ladies are caught red-handed, they are bent over and spanked……


“They are led into complete depravity – and love every taboo minute of it!……Their innocence snatched away in repeated acts of debauchery including lesbian strap-on fun, lesbian anal penetration, male-on-female anal penetration, facials and much more!”

innocents taken spanking
Misbehaving schoolgirl Yvette Balanco gets spanked, plugged and much more.

For more info, perv on over to CherryRedMovies and check out Innocents Taken, streaming On-Demand for instant viewing. New users can try out 10min for Free. Enjoy! 🙂


Free Spanking Video Preview: Angie from Girls Boarding School

new resident angie from girls boarding schoolThis fascinating and classic detention-themed film “New Resident Angie” from Girls Boarding School, starring the strikingly gorgeous Angie, has always captivated me, and it has so many spanko “triggers”: those pigtails, the tight white pants, snug pink baby-t, the realistic scolding and expressiveness of misbehaving Angie, etc…….Enjoy some free video samples below, and watch it instantly On-Demand at CherryRedMovies.  Newbies? Try out 10 min for free. 🙂


Be sure to visit for Instant Access to 1000’s more films streaming On-Demand….

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