Crimson Hide

Just a silly little movie poster parody I threw together, just for fun, based on the “Crimson Tide” thriller; but this time, however, featuring two legends of the spanking scene: Clare Fonda and Chelsea Pfeiffer of GoodSpanking fame.  [I’m also working on a movie poster for “The Texas Hairbrush Massacre,” among others.]

Spankenstein; and New Sweetie Lynn Leona

The inimitable spanko artist Dave Wolfe has recently launched a new blog, showcasing his wicked fun take on the cherry red fetish.  [The above Spankenstein-tastic illo from 2005 is one of my faves.]  He is quite a silly man. And has tons of playful good times with our red-assed proclivities. Mr. Wolfe draws exclusively for the Discipline & Desire website.

In other cherry red news….Red-headed Hotness and Real Tears: Clare Fonda has just released two sample galleries from the Spanked Sweeties site, starring the lovely and talented new model Lynn Leona as a naughty teenage daughter, apparently re-enacting some real-life domestic discipline memories — the scenes feature the sassy lass over the knee of the unstoppable “Momma Clare” and a second gallery featuring a scene with Lynn, sporting pigtails, over the knee of her traditional and strict “Dad.”

She cries some real tears in the scene.  In addition, she is interviewed by Clare to discuss her real-life spanking experiences. [Another delightful new gallery is the stunning Chloe Elise spanked, and caned, by Steve Fuller.]


Lynn Leona gets punished the old-fashioned way. . .

* * *


Cherry Red Book Spotlight: Kink and the City

Hello fellow spankos. We have some publishing news from lifelong spanko and talented scribe John Smith, who has recently penned “Kink and the City: An Englishman in New York,” a humorous, autobiographical chronicle of his journeys and adventures through the spanking and fetish/kink scene in Manhattan and elsewhere.

Perv over to for more info and to read some of the rave reviews the book has garnered.

John told The Cherry Red Report: “This effort was deliberately written, first and foremost, to amuse…I also wanted to write about the truth that this delightful ‘niche’ of ours is populated with some genuinely nice and fascinating people (not just nutters and unsavoury types), essentially saying to the world, kink/spanking doesn’t have to be dark, forbidding and scary.”

From the book’s inside cover:

This is the true story of John Smith. A man who discovered that unsuspectingly renting a room from a professional Dominatrix at the tender age of sixteen tends to influence character development. Years of playing in the London spanking and fetish scene followed until one day, unexpectedly, his fun and games came to an end. Now, almost a decade later, he’s moving to Manhattan and determined to seek out other like-minded people to share his interests once again. Kink and the City is the hilarious account of what happened next…

In other cherry red news……


Spanko erotica pioneers Shadow Lane have just released for on-demand viewing an awe-inducing 90-minute compilation of 21 spanko starlets getting their bouncing buns lovingly toasted, called “No Ifs, Ands–Just Butts!” From Sierra Salem to Samantha Woodley, from Amelia Jane Rutherford to Abigail Whittaker, this is one spanking film that is a must-see, for sure.

According to Shadow Lane: “In response to popular demand, Shadow Lane presents a big, juicy, hour and a half compendium of bare bottom spanking close up, featuring our most glamorous and shapely submissives, receiving the corporal punishment they deserve.” Watch it now at CherryRedMovies. [If you haven’t tried this pay-per-minute spanking video site out yet, newbies can try it out and watch 20-minutes for free, with access to thousands of new, and rare, spank films. Yes!]


The tireless Clare Fonda has just unveiled a beautiful amber-haired minx to the Spanked Sweeties site, by the name of Lynn Leona, for both some old-fashioned domestic spanking as well as candid interviews about her spanko background and history. [Sweeties can also be accessed via the multi-site Clare Fonda Pass.]

Here are a few sneak peak pix. Enjoy 🙂

Dave’s Daisy Dukes Addiction Disorder

Alexis Grace on Sweeties.

Hi. My name is Dave. And I’m addicted to daisy dukes short-shorts.

As some of you may know, well, I have a bit of a obsession fetish passion, you see, for daisy dukes and various short-shorts styles that continues unabated.

And thusly, when this diminutive article of delicious denim is therefore combined with the spanko fetish, my brain synapses go into overload. [Don’t get me started on skin-tight jeans. That’s for another post.]

Here are several delicious examples of recent red-assed daisy duke spanking goodness from Clare Fonda’s flagship Spanked Sweeties site, or available via the better-valued multi-site pass. [You can also watch some of Clare’s films on-demand on her studio page Here.]

What I love about Sweeties is not only the cherry hot bottoms, but also the unusually candid and quite detailed interviews Clare features with these models, regarding their real-life spanking experiences, which are then often re-enacted in the vids.


Now here we have the legendary and long-time “Man Known Simply as The Camerman” for Clare Fonda, who is playing the stern Daddy in this scene, teaching the stunning vixen and “naughty daughter” Alexis Grace a good, steamy-hot, old-fashioned lesson — OTK-style. Geezus what a pic series/one of my faves. . .Uh huh.

Whoa…..Ah yes, almost forgot this splendid daisy dukes image featuring the incorrigible minx Brynn Tyler receiving some behavior modification from her stern Mom, played wonderfully by the inimitable Clare Fonda.

“Now wait, can’t I just get a time-out??”

MORE NEWS FROM CLARE FONDA: Be sure to perv over and check out some more spanking galleries of the yumtastic Alexis Grace receiving some parental discipline for being caught smoking Here [love those panties!] and over Here, the last of which includes some mouth-soaping action, for those so inclined.

In other cherry red, hot-off-the-press news from Clare Fonda, we have the unstoppable Amber Pixie Wells spanked by Ariel X; the too-cute to spank(?) Lindsay Meyers; a new never-been-spanked lass by the name of Nena in a sizzling scene with Nikki Rouge; a wonderful hairbrush scene featuring Lana and 2 new beauties; Clare Fonda herself getting disciplined by Miss Chris and brought to tears; male brat Kade getting punished by the bodacious bubble-butted Mary JaneStay tuned for more news from Clare. . .

MORE JEAN SHORTS NEWS: Featured below, we have this excellent scene from the quite hot and brand new site Triple A Spanking, which stars site founder and chief perv John Osborne spanking, and I believe drooling uncontrollably over the sizzling bottom of Jasmine Lau.

Would you consider these "daisy duke" shorts ?

Truth be told, these shorts featured recently on the Triple A site simply must be shorter, with a dash of bare derriere on display, to thusly be officially deemed “daisy dukes.”  

In more jean shorts sightings news, we have another brand new site: the “amateur” spanking site called Marked Butts which features a gorgeous scene, with the spanker Kyle Johnson and an un-named stunner in tiny pink shorty-shorts:

Tiny pink shorts? Life is good.

Finally, I almost forgot to include this recent classic image [below] from Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking site, featuring the awesome Ariel X just rockin’ those super snug shorts.  This is from a fantastic informative and instructional video by Chelsea called “How to Give a Good Spanking” — this is must-see TV and required viewing for all spankos.


P.S. I do think the greatest ever spanking/daisy duke image in the history of the world is this awe-inspiring photo featuring Chelsea Pfeiffer and Jade, which I believe won a “Cherry” award in years past.

P.S.S. If you are into pix of various models and porn starlets galavanting around in the skimpiest of shorts, I do have a small side project that is simply a repository of short-shorts smut called Daisy Dukes Report. You have been warned!


Exclusive Guest Column: Clare Fonda’s Cameraman Presents His Top 10 Shoots of 2010

In this exclusive cherry red guest column, the talented and seasoned documentarian of the disciplined derriere for Clare Fonda’s spanking network, who is known simply as “The Cameraman,” counts down his top 10 favest spanking shoots of 2010. YES!

He may have one of the world’s most coveted spanko jobs. Video camera and still camera always locked and loaded, he has feverishly filmed all the flaming fanny action for Clare Fonda, including her flagship interview and spanking site Spanked Sweeties, for the past 11 years. The man knows his tushy, and I thank him very much for taking the time to be a guest columnist on CRR !

[The Cameraman was also interviewed on this blog Here.]

**The Cameraman’s Top 10 Shoots of 2010**

10. Snow Mercy, Alicia Panettiere,  Alannah Rae for Girl Spanks Girl

I am a big fan of Snow Mercy and she was playing Aunt Bella in this traditional spanking series – which included lots of spanking scenes and ran for a long time on the site.  What I remember most about the shoot is that Alannah had lost all tolerance for spanking and had to cut several times.  She was a trooper and I suspect took A LOT more pain than she could tolerate.  Alicia is a pro at taking it hard and proves it in this shoot.  I enjoy hanging around with Alicia and got to pal around with her the weekend she flew in for this big shoot.

9.  April O’Neal for Sweeties

I wasn’t expecting much when told about this shoot with an adult model – which took place early in the year.  But April O’Neil showed up and was very much girl-next-door – you would never imagine she worked often shooting adult movies.  April had very real spanking experiences and was brilliant at re-enacting them with Clare as her Mom.  Her reactions as a naughty daughter were very real, and while she is tiny, she has an extremely spankable bottom.

8.  Ashli Orion and Snow Mercy for Spanked Call Girls

Two of my favorites, Ashli Orion and Snow Mercy, delivering a very traditional scene on Spanked Call GirlsAshli is known for being overly sexed up in her scenes, but she was very submissive in this one.  Snow is an excellent actress as well as one of the top spankers.  I remember in this shoot she really wanted to get the character “right” so she had TONS of character related questions for Clare for this scene.  Ashli definitely went beyond her limits to help us get a powerful series of scenes – taking even the cane.

7. Exclusive Education 5 for Girl Spanks Girl

The big school girl shoot has been blogged about a lot by me and by Clare Fonda.  Lots of girls, lots of round booties being spanked, lots of work.  Probably the most challenging spanking shoot I have done to date. Getting all the coverage (or uncoverage) in tight spaces with no stopping and a second cameraman to avoid getting in my shots.  Sarah Gregory brought lots of energy to this shoot.  We discovered Lindsay and Natasha.  Working with Katherine Saint James is also noteworthy.  And April O’Neal stood out for going beyond her limits, and even trying to crawl off Lana’s lap while getting spanked with the hair brush.

6.  Chloe Elise, Snow Mercy and Kailee for My Spanking Roommate

Chloe, Snow and Kailee work together extremely well.  They shot a few different scenes that appeared on this site in 2010.  A unique shoot in which all three are excellent tops and bottoms – and have those special curves we all love.  A very low key and fun shoot.  Lots of joking around behind the scenes. [Another gallery with Kailee spanking Chloe.]

5.  Mary Jane and Kay Richards for Spanked Sweeties

I am a uber fan of Kay and Mary Jane and was anticipating them together in a shoot.  They didn’t disappoint.  Both of these women are exclusive to our sites, and they both are really into doing these shoots – they would shoot every day if we could all make that happen.  Mary Jane got Kay very speckled when she spanked Kay.  And Kay actually hurt her hand spanking Mary Jane.  So this ranks high for meeting expectations and for all the energy on the set.

4.  Madison Martin, Kay Richards and Clare Fonda for Clips4sale

Madison and Kay shoot often for My Spanking Roommate, but lately it seems like we have been shooting them with other co-stars from that site.  So seeing them together again was great.  And having Clare play some more stern characters for our new Clips4sale site called Clare Fonda’s Hot Girls Spanked was great to witness first hand.

3.  Alexis Grace and Clare Fonda for Spanked Sweeties

This one is about exceeding expectations.  I had low expectations before the shoot, but arrived to find Alexis Grace is one of the most stunning women I have ever had the privilege to shoot.  Her reactions were through the roof and I got to get a variety of angles and positions.  Her interview was spectacular – someone who has  real spanking experiences a guy can normally only fantasize about.  She is a MUST film again in my book.  Unfortunately she lives in Florida.

2.  Chloe Elise and Madison Martin for My Spanking Roommate

Two superstars of spanking delivered an excellent Christmas spanking scene.   I find them both very beautiful, but very down-to-earth and a blast to work with.  Plenty of bloopers when they shoot together.  My favorite moment from this is when Chloe makes Madison sing a “spanking Christmas” song.  Madison didn’t want to do it, but Chloe wouldn’t stop spanking her until she did.  Classic Christmas spanking moment.  Wouldn’t it be nice if that became part of the holiday tradition?

1.  Mary Jane, Madison Martin and Clare Fonda for Spanked Call Girls

Okay so here we have my 2 favorite booties on the planet coming together for one booty-ful video.  Topped by my favorite spanker, Clare Fonda.  They even spank each other at the end of the scene.  Most of the time I am very focused while shooting spanking scenes – often defining it more as work than something to watch.  But I admit I wasn’t just filming this shoot, I was watching it – hoping that my head wouldn’t explode.

So there is my list of Top 10 shoots from 2010.  Here’s wishing you all a great and Happy 2011 and maybe I’ll check in next year with a new list.


Behind the Scenes Once Again with Clare Fonda’s Devoted Documentarian of the Disciplined Derriere

How are y’all doing my spanky peeps?

I wanted to travel once again behind the scenes with Clare Fonda’s long-time ace videographer and photographer, simply known as The Cameraman, who was recently interviewed on this blog Here, and has worked with Clare for the past 11 years.

He has shot thousands of hours of tanned tush footage for Clare’s network of crimson ass websites, and has apparently a photographic memory for every glowing buttock and incorrigible lass he has filmed.

Anyway, one night, after arriving home from my coma-inducing day-job, you see, after having downed a healthy dose of Johnny Walker, my alcohol infected brain commenced firing neurons, and I thought: “You know, what if I sent The Cameraman a few fave Clare Fonda pix, both new and old, somewhat randomly selected from my vast archives here at Cherry Red HQ, and let’s test his memory on his red bottom recollections. . . .” Capital idea!

As always, your comments and feedback are welcome as always.

:arrow:By the way, you can view instantly many of Clare’s Fonda’s spanking films pay-per-minute, on-demand on her page Here at CherryRedMovies]

Ashli Orion: Zen Master of Bratting?

I remember discovering how unbelievable zany Ashli Orion [Editorial Note on this spanking photo set: Yum! And love those socks!] was on this shoot.  We had shot her a couple of times before and she was very strong with her reactions, but this is the first shoot in which she went way beyond over-the-top into a new realm of BIG reactions.

[Editorial Note: You can check out Ashli’s XXX adult film work Here.]

I think she enjoys being spanked, but is always shocked by how much it hurts her.  So her reactions are real – and Clare definitely spanked her hard for this Spanked Sweeties scene.  But still, from Ashil’s reactions one might think Clare was using a chainsaw on her ass.

I must say, when Clare tells me Ashli is on the schedule, I get very happy.  And when it is time for Ashli to leave for the day, she has a special “good-bye” just for me – she jumps into my arms and grinds into my chest, and she makes wild sex noises.  How could I not love Ashli ??

Sierra Salem: Simply Stunning But Where is She Now??

I don’t really remember too much about this scene in which Sierra Salem was spanked for Spanked Sweeties. [Editorial Note: Whatever happened to Sierra? My God…those white panties…. *swoons and dies*]

I do remember that it was filmed on Clare’s incredibly squeaky bed and that, although we weren’t prepared for Sierra revealing during her interview that Continue reading “Behind the Scenes Once Again with Clare Fonda’s Devoted Documentarian of the Disciplined Derriere”

Cherry Red Exclusive: Behind the Scenes with Fetish & Spanking Star Nikki Rouge

What’s up spanky peeps. The spanking research division here at Cherry Red HQ wanted to go behind-the-scenes with one of the spankees starring in Clare Fonda’s annual 10-schoolgirl spankapalooza red ass festival: Exclusive Education 5, which is available now on Clare’s Girl Spanks Girl site or via her multi-site pass.

And we thought, you see, why not feature the exquisite fetish model, fiery redhead, and spanking star Nikki Rouge, who had yet to be featured on these cherry red pages before?  Well, I say, capital idea!

Also, in addition to her bottom busting gigs and stunning pro modeling work, Nikki also works as a switch at The Dominion fetish club in L.A.

Thank you Nikki for taking the time to chat with the Cherry Red Report. So what was it like shooting Clare’s annual epic schoolgirl spanking saga, Exclusive Education 5, featuring 10 spunky hotties?

Clare’s shoot was wonderful. It was my first time shooting for her as well as my first time being spanked by another lady.

I know you’ve done some butt-burning shoots with Dallas [of Dallas Spanks Hard fame], and also starred in the delicious Shadow Lane film “Bare Assets,” directed by the legendary Eve Howard, where you play a trust fund brat spanked by your financial adviser [Editorial Note: this is a must see!].

You are amazingly gorgeous in both shoots btw. How did the experience of shooting EE5 compare to the Dallas and Shadow Lane vids?

Well, this was my first time being spanked by a group of super hot women — on film that is. It was fun having all the different personalities on set and Continue reading “Cherry Red Exclusive: Behind the Scenes with Fetish & Spanking Star Nikki Rouge”

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