We’re Big in Japan

This nurse at Cutie Spankee was terribly fresh and rude to the chief doctor….

…while this sassy student mouthed off to the teacher one too many times.

It’s neat to see that the spanking fetish has no geographic or cultural barriers.

The spanking kink seems to be fairly popular in Japan, at least by looking at the intriguing spanking anime and manga art (which will be featured in a future CRR post), as well as sites like Cutie Spankee, which is the largest and most popular Japanese commercial spanking site. As you can see by the sample images in this post, they have a little bit of a fetish for white panties! Snug ones. And did I say tight?

CRR also gets visitors from Japan, which is always cool to see.

The Japanese blogs I certainly have a tough time navigating, and I’ve only found a handful, though there must be more out there of course, waiting to be discovered.

Any readers have recommendations for Japanese spanking blogs?

Anyhow, if you are into brats and naughties and schoolgirls, clad in tight white bikini panties, bent over anticipating a stinging swat, Cutie Spankee is certainly worth a visit — they provide a fairly varied set of scenarios to suit a wide array of tastes.

For more details on Cutie Spankee, point your browsers here:

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