Dave’s Daisy Dukes Addiction Disorder

Alexis Grace on Sweeties.

Hi. My name is Dave. And I’m addicted to daisy dukes short-shorts.

As some of you may know, well, I have a bit of a obsession fetish passion, you see, for daisy dukes and various short-shorts styles that continues unabated.

And thusly, when this diminutive article of delicious denim is therefore combined with the spanko fetish, my brain synapses go into overload. [Don’t get me started on skin-tight jeans. That’s for another post.]

Here are several delicious examples of recent red-assed daisy duke spanking goodness from Clare Fonda’s flagship Spanked Sweeties site, or available via the better-valued multi-site pass. [You can also watch some of Clare’s films on-demand on her studio page Here.]

What I love about Sweeties is not only the cherry hot bottoms, but also the unusually candid and quite detailed interviews Clare features with these models, regarding their real-life spanking experiences, which are then often re-enacted in the vids.


Now here we have the legendary and long-time “Man Known Simply as The Camerman” for Clare Fonda, who is playing the stern Daddy in this scene, teaching the stunning vixen and “naughty daughter” Alexis Grace a good, steamy-hot, old-fashioned lesson — OTK-style. Geezus what a pic series/one of my faves. . .Uh huh.

Whoa…..Ah yes, almost forgot this splendid daisy dukes image featuring the incorrigible minx Brynn Tyler receiving some behavior modification from her stern Mom, played wonderfully by the inimitable Clare Fonda.

“Now wait, can’t I just get a time-out??”

MORE NEWS FROM CLARE FONDA: Be sure to perv over and check out some more spanking galleries of the yumtastic Alexis Grace receiving some parental discipline for being caught smoking Here [love those panties!] and over Here, the last of which includes some mouth-soaping action, for those so inclined.

In other cherry red, hot-off-the-press news from Clare Fonda, we have the unstoppable Amber Pixie Wells spanked by Ariel X; the too-cute to spank(?) Lindsay Meyers; a new never-been-spanked lass by the name of Nena in a sizzling scene with Nikki Rouge; a wonderful hairbrush scene featuring Lana and 2 new beauties; Clare Fonda herself getting disciplined by Miss Chris and brought to tears; male brat Kade getting punished by the bodacious bubble-butted Mary JaneStay tuned for more news from Clare. . .

MORE JEAN SHORTS NEWS: Featured below, we have this excellent scene from the quite hot and brand new site Triple A Spanking, which stars site founder and chief perv John Osborne spanking, and I believe drooling uncontrollably over the sizzling bottom of Jasmine Lau.

Would you consider these "daisy duke" shorts ?

Truth be told, these shorts featured recently on the Triple A site simply must be shorter, with a dash of bare derriere on display, to thusly be officially deemed “daisy dukes.”  

In more jean shorts sightings news, we have another brand new site: the “amateur” spanking site called Marked Butts which features a gorgeous scene, with the spanker Kyle Johnson and an un-named stunner in tiny pink shorty-shorts:

Tiny pink shorts? Life is good.

Finally, I almost forgot to include this recent classic image [below] from Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking site, featuring the awesome Ariel X just rockin’ those super snug shorts.  This is from a fantastic informative and instructional video by Chelsea called “How to Give a Good Spanking” — this is must-see TV and required viewing for all spankos.


P.S. I do think the greatest ever spanking/daisy duke image in the history of the world is this awe-inspiring photo featuring Chelsea Pfeiffer and Jade, which I believe won a “Cherry” award in years past.

P.S.S. If you are into pix of various models and porn starlets galavanting around in the skimpiest of shorts, I do have a small side project that is simply a repository of short-shorts smut called Daisy Dukes Report. You have been warned!


Double Tushy Tanning & More News From Clare Fonda

Multitasking, spanko-style. Spanktastic foto taken by spanko shutterbug Clare Fonda. Here we have Abigail Whittaker and new model Ashli Orion getting it OTK-style at Clare Fonda’s My Spanking Roommate website.

You know, I did double-take when I saw this flippin’ sweet double tushy OTK tanning pic with Abi and new model Ashli on Clare’s My Spanking Roommate, also available via Clare’s Multi-Site Pass.

***More pix from this Abi/Ashli series can be seen HERE and HERE.

Not something one sees everyday: enhanced spanking efficiency and spanko multitasking. One might suppose if you have two naughties to punish, it might be a major time saver to yank them both over the knee together? “Both of you, over my lap, this instant!” Any thoughts on this?

Anyone ever have two miscreants over their lap simultaneously? Anyone ever fantasize about such a scenario? Long legs and a large lap, and two compact squirming cuties, help immensely in this procedure, I would assume.

NOTE TO SELF: Engage in more research on this topic immediately.

There’s so much Clare Fonda activity, it’s a challenge to stay up-to-date on the yummyness. But do perv on over to some of the new Sweeties at Clare’s completely refurbished Spanked Sweeties site, which features heaps of intimate, candid interviews on these hotties’ spanking histories, and naturally, sizzling cherry-red spanking. Speaking of sizzling, is Chloe looking more beautiful than ever or what?

Anyway, check out the too-cute-to spank fresh new Sweetie Isobel Wren [pictured below] who gets spanked by Momma Clare, and gets a dose of the leather belt from Daddy as well; the lovely Heidi Mayne; the birthday spanking of Sarah Gregory; pro-fetish model Snow Mercy; Clare’s “Mothers & Daughters ’09” film, and much more cherry red goodness.

Isobel Wren on Sweeties: No stranger to old-fashioned domestic discipline.

Lest I forget, one can never get enough Alannah Rae. Check her out here in tiny pink-shorts, and more here in my all-time fav: this classic tight-jeans set.

* * *

HOT OFF THE PRESS from Firm Hand Spanking: Wow. Amelia Jane Rutherford in pigtails(!), plaid skirt, and gettin’ the paddle. Hmm mm perfection. Click here for a free video clip and some gorgeous photos. Enjoy.

* * * * *

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Amber and Her Daisy Dukes

It was a lovely, happy day when the email in-box had a note from spanking supermodel Amber and several intriguing photos.

So a big thank you to the beautiful Amber, of Spank Amber fame, for sending The Cherry Red Report these yummy daisy duke jean-shorts photos.

Yummy just about sums it all up. It is no wonder that she was awarded CRR’s coveted “Rookie Tushy of the Year” award for 2007.

And this is not the first time she has sent this blogger some exclusive and exquisite photos. Amber’s cherry-themed panties photo from May of last year was quite memorable.

[For more recent news on Amber, check out her interview/feature story last month on CRR: Amber’s New Site, Panty Collection and More.]

I Just Don’t Think These Are Too Short, Daddy

Um…hi there. Completely distracted. Quite sorry. Now it’s time for some short-shorts blog action! and maybe even some spanking.

I just thought these deliriously hot, denim-defying images, recently posted on the Dukes blog, so were…I can drop the f-bomb now that this blog is no longer hosted on Blogger right? ok…ready? errm…..so freakin’….I mean, these pix are so [*CENSORED BY CHERRY RED EDITORIAL BOARD!!*] hot I just thought it would be prudent to re-post ’em here for a wider audience. OK? :shock: You can see more pix from this series by clicking here. After much research and investigation on this topic, I’d put the above photo in the Top-10 All-Time Hottest Dukes Pix.

I do imagine she’s in heavy-duty trouble for sneaking out in such skimpy clothing — and then mouthed off about changing into something more appropriate. And grounding this sassy, fresh girl is simply ineffective and….

And now she’s waiting. . .

**Your thoughts? ?**

Pix courtesy of:

Happy Spring! CRR Hires Dawn Avril

With spring in the air, The Cherry Red Report is proud to announce that we have added Dawn Avril (above) to our growing team, to help with general spring cleaning and various assministration tasks at our corporate HQ.

It’s still quite nippy in New England, but, allegedly, Spring is Officially here, and not a moment too soon. We really were hammered during the dreary, blustery days of a seemingly endless Winter. To everything, there is a season. But winter just sucks.

But now, iff one listens closely, you can actually hear a bird chirping and chattering. If you scan the ground with a careful eye, you can see a stubborn flower slowly punching through the frozen tundra.

However, the major sign of spring is that the Boston Red Sox kick off their season opener tomorrow in Japan(!) against the Oakland Athletics. Alas, I’m not waking up at 5 a.m. to watch the game live on TV. In other news, how about those Boston Celtics?! Wow.

Now it’s time to put Dawn Avril to work…….

Editor’s Note: For more signs of spring sure to warm you up a bit, perv on over to CRR’s sister site: The Daisy Dukes Report.

Of Daisy Dukes, Tight Panties, and Perky Bottoms

Weary of all this holiday crazyness, and with the weather alternating between sleet, snow, rain and general fog today in New England, I am going through some moderate Daisy Dukes withdrawal symptoms.

I need more short shorts.

Thusly, I thought I’d share some delightful imagery of the terribly spankable and perfectly perky posterior of Tina, clad in panty-peeking shorts that would make the original Daisy Duke, Catherine Bach from the “Dukes of Hazzard” do a double-take on this deliciousness.

These are among the best daisy dukes images we’ve seen here at The Cherry Red Report headquarters.

Pix courtesy of the Jeans and Panties web site, which offers a short teasing vid of Tina being quite naughty, sure to melt hard-drives everywhere.

Can you imagine your naughty girl sneaking out in a get-up like this? How on Earth would you deal with Her? Please do tell!

Click here for more pervy pix:

My Continuing Short-Shorts Fascination

WARNING: The following is a shameless plug of a blog, by a blogger, discussing his other blog on this blog.

Do not proceed if you are easily aroused.

Some of you may not know that I have another blog, The Daisy Dukes Report, that currently has a readership of approximately 12 people (including myself.).

It’s not a spanking blog per se, but has heaps of, well, spankables. And has featured spankees clad in tiny shorts getting some posterior punishment. That’s a 2 for 1 way to feed your fetish.

Thusly, I thought I’d shamelessly once again plug my own blog, The Daisy Dukes Report, on this blog — and hopefully see if more spankos are as intrigued by the deliciousness of derrieres in denim (and other various materials and fabrics) as I am.

Very, very tiny denim. As in small.

“Get Thee To a Woodshed”

This blog has gotten off to a veryyyyyyyyy slow start, so I hope to keep it alive and going — if there is hopefully interest.

(If you have some favorite short-shorts pix [featuring spanking is fine too], feel free to submit them and I’ll try to use them and credit you on the site.)

Lastly, and I hope this is not what the blogerati call “Link-whoring,” but if you like the site and wish to exchange links with The Daisy Dukes Report, just drop me an email and I’d be happy to do so.

Go Red Sox,

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