Special Guest Columnist Dallas: Top 10 Tips on Spanking, Discipline and General Cherry Reddening

Hi spankos. We are quite thrilled here, giddy actually, at Cherry Red HQ to feature today a guest column kindly written for this blog by the iron-handed, butt-blisterer to the stars and butt percussion specialist, Dallas, of Dallas Spanks Hard fame.

The man has the seasoned skills to transform squirming ivory bottoms into blazing and blushing burgundy shades of cherry redness, while understanding the complex psychology of the Top/spankee dynamic. In a nutshell, If you dig blistered rears and real tears, his spanking site is worth checking out for sure.

While we featured Dallas in a detailed interview last year [“Of Surfing, Singing and Spanking: A Q&A with Dallas,”] we thought it might be swell to get some of his “Top 10” tips on toasting an arched posterior to a glowing hue. So without further delay……

Top 10 Tips on Cherry Reddening a Posterior aka: Spanking Hard

By Dallas, from Dallas Spanks Hard

1) I have encountered this a lot: a woman is in desperate need of disciplinary spankings. She will need to get to a point where she loses all control and cries–but this level can’t seem to be achieved without the kind of spanking that could possibly result in damage or injury.

This is where the skill of a disciplinarian is very important. Too many would try so hard to achieve the level she seeks, that often signs of importance can and will be overlooked.

So if you are entrusted with this, it is not about you. You need to feel and understand every flinch, cry or shiver. Observation is the key to safe and sane discipline. The psychology of the spanking as well as an understanding of the disciplined (getting to know her/him first) is extremely important.

2) Understand skin and skin types. Recognize possible problems before the spanking starts. Ask questions such as: “Do you bruise easily?”  “Do you take vitamins?” These are a direct link to what implements should be chosen. There are some types of skin that bruise easily without warning.

3) Know exactly what kind of spanking you are giving. You would be surprised how many find they are on different pages at the beginning of the spanking.

4) When a disciplinary spanking is warranted, have a concept of what the spanking will entail–especially if the punished is one that you already have an understanding of their tolerance levels. I like to design a spanking based on each individual and understand what exactly was done in order to deserve that spanking.

5) Make sure the punishment fits the crime. It is important to be tough but fair.

6) Spankings based on fear of a spanker are, in my opinion, not a healthy approach. The spankee should fear the spanking, but never the spanker.

7) Practice. Never swing away without a true understanding of what implement will “float” on you. A belt or strap, which catches air, can do this as well as any implement that is flexible from the hand upward.  Like a bat…consider choking up if need be.

Floating is when air catches the implement on its way to a target, causing it to float and not land true. This is why practice on a pillow will allow a spanker to identify the implements that are potential “floaters.”

8. Be truthful about your experience level. You can grow together with discipline. Learn from one another. If you are boasting about your experience level, it is just that: boasting. It is okay to be a beginner. Your attitude and practice will get you everywhere.

9) If you are not interested in giving disciplinary spankings, but more the “erotic” type, let the spankee know this from the get-go.

10) If you can’t finish a disciplinary spanking and still have the person like you ‘as a person,’ rethink your disciplinary system.


**To see the man, himself, in action, visit Dallas Spanks Hard. All pix used within this post courtesy of Dallas.**

Of Surfing, Singing and Spanking: A Q&A with Dallas

Ever wonder who is the man behind that iron hand? The butt-blistering, tear-inducing hand of Dallas of Dallas Spanks Hard fame?

He’s not only a hardcore spanko, the man knows some Kung Fu. He’s from Hawaii. He is a serious surfer. He loves to sing. Works in the TV/movie industry. Hobnobs with celebrities and has spanked more than a few of ’em.

And Dallas has been playing butt percussion since age 4(!).

Spanking supermodel Amelia Jane Rutherford, as a sassy cheerleader, tastes the stinging leather strap from Dallas at Dallas Spanks Hard.

So essentially, when I was a toddler fiddling with Legos, the young Dallas was already tanning tushy and taking names.

Sweet biscuits, he’s an inspiration. Want to know more about Dallas? Check out the Q&A below, along with lots more visual eye candy for your viewing enjoyment.

[Comments as always are welcome and encouraged].

* * *

Hi Dallas, Thank you for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report!

Thanks Dave. Never too busy for the cause.

How have things been going at your website, Dallas Spanks Hard?

Business is good. People seem to like what I do, and the flavor of realism I bring — because many of the spankngs I end up giving models are for real reasons in their personal lives.

When you are not tanning bottoms, what are you up to?

Well, being from Hawaii my number one thing is surfing. Sabrina [his significant other] took some cool shots of me surfing the other day.

St. Paddy’s day to be exact. Even caught the always elusive tube ride on camera:

I was a Semi Pro surfer in the Late 70’s. I used my water skills to become a Hawaii state certified Surfing instructor and Outrigger canoe ( eventually captain )

I started paddling…..canoes…at an early age. I was a stroker on 3 Molokai Channel races.

I also sing. My Dad sang…didn’t really know him — but he had a great voice according to my Mom.

Regarding your “vanilla” career, I read a read a long time ago you work in movies/film?

Yes. I have been in the I.A.T.S.E [a union for movie/TV industry workers] for 19 years — still a card carrying member. Worked on many feature films, commercials and TV shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer for 6 seasons. Worked with Oliver stone, Continue reading “Of Surfing, Singing and Spanking: A Q&A with Dallas”

New Brats on the Block

So many bottoms. And so many brats. Yet so little time. Thusly, here is a sampling of some spanktastic news.

Briefly, in website news, if you are into bodacious, gorgeous black booty, check out the intriguing new Big Booty Spankings — it’s fantastic to see more diversity in the scene. [Related Posts: Black is Beautiful and Black Bottoms at BadTushy.]

And if you dig chicks in prison getting punished, and who doesn’t, perv on over to the completely redesigned Bars & Stripes for free video previews and fotos.

* * * * * * *

In new brat news, the hard-spanking, tear-inducing Dallas of Dallas Spanks Hard fame is releasing a spanking video featuring the British beauty and supermodel Martina Warren, who has graced the cover of Penthouse as “Pet of The Year.”

According to Dallas, Ms. Warren gets her perky bottom blistered and of course slathered up with Dallas’ special vitamin-E oil. Perv on over to Dallas Spanks Hard for more preview pix.

That is Ms. Warren’s scorched tushy above, and lily-white behind directly below…..

* * * * * * *

The always delightful Chloe makes her tushy tanning debut today on BadTushy, getting her righteous bottom paddled red hot at the hands of the stunning Francesca Le, of GoodSpanking fame. Below is a preview pic of the spanking goodness, featuring some incredibly cute panties which will inevitably get peeled southwards. . .

* * * * * * *

In other spankastic news, how the good folks at PunishedBrats, and all sites for that matter, continue to find such lovely spankees and naughty miscreants remains something of a mystery to this blogger. OK now who wants some candy? Or rather, should I say eye-candy. . .

An exquisite pro-shot photograph of candy-coated new spankee Tina Tink. Never in history have M&M’s looked so alluring.

PunishedBrats welcomes to its team the charming beauty of pro model and hot spankee Tina Tink [also pictured directly below], and the girl-next-door cuteness of Amanda Rose. On a side note, I must say my current major weakness on this site is the breath-taking Erica Corvina.

TINA TINK: Tina receives some behavior modification therapy, brat-style.

* * * * * * *

AMANDA ROSE: Can someone be too cute to spank?? Apparently not at PunishedBrats.

* * * * * * * *

Our European friends over at Girls Boarding School recently unveiled an incredibly spankable new model: Simone. You will want to click over to this FREE GALLERY of schoolgirl Simone. Enjoy.

* * * * * * *

And lest we forget, Katie Angel, who is no stranger to spankings, recently made her skin-tight jeans-clad debut on Clare Fonda’s Spanked Sweeties and you can check Katie’s sample pix HERE. The Sweeties site is also accessible via Clare’s multi-site pass.

* * * * * * *

Jolie brings her tight rear and skimpy red thong to Real Life Spankings. I’ve run out of superlatives….[Related Post: She’s No Angel: The Interview.]

The Return of Meow

Welcome back, Ms. Mina Meow.

Oh happy day! Simply jolly good news to blog about. It’s always a pleasure to see a lovely spanking model triumphantly return to the spanko scene.

When we last heard from “Lil Meow” and her perky, petite posterior, she was deliciously squirming across the seasoned lap of Dallas, of Dallas Spanks Hard fame, in a steamy, over-the-knee butt tanning video from several years ago.

But the Meow is back.

And better and naughtier than ever.

Now known as “Mina Meow,” Ms. Meow has been featured in three bottom-sizzling videos on Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking web site, with more in the pipeline.

Perhaps Meow could do a video with “Kitty” of Real Life Spankings? That would be, errm, well, pawsitively purfect.

The news on Mina Meow reminds this blogger of the exciting return of Francesca Le [The Triumphant Return of Francesca Le] and also the comeback of Cherry [The Cherrylicious Return of Cherry].

You can take the player away from the game, but you can’t take the game away from the spanko.

Chelsea Pfeiffer offered The Cherry Red Report the inside scoop on Mina Meow:

“I think she’s an amazing woman. I’m always astounded at how small she is, although she does have a very bouncy little tushy. She’s very petite and sweetly submissive, but don’t let that fool you. She’s a little toughie.

“By the end of the ‘Chelsea Spanks’ sessions, she was taking my largest paddle on her tiny bum, no problem. I’m a small boned woman and my hand covers an entire bottom cheek for her. And, okay, I’m going to brag. As much as she can take a spanking, she insists that even by hand alone, I’m a hard spanker. Not as hard as Dallas, of course, but hard nonetheless.

“Oh and she got her name from friends because she loves cats and makes little cats sounds as she putters about the house doing her daily chores. Very cute! Especially to someone like me, who is also a cat lover. (I have four cats.)”

Must be Cheleas Pfeiffer’s experienced and magnetic lap that magically draws these yummy models from retirement and obscurity and back into the cherry red spanko zone.

God love ya Chelsea!

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