Dad & Daughter Paddle Making Team

When I heard that fellow spankblogger Maria’s Dad was hand-crafting custom paddles for her business, Whack Me Paddles, I was intrigued and had to immediately launch a Cherry Red Report “SSI” — inspired by the TV show CSI, this is SSI: Spanking Scene Investigation.

Essentially, it’s a Dad and Daughter paddle-making partnership, with Dad producing paddles in his woodshop and Maria doing the marketing and, umm, quality control. How cool is that? I think this may be a first.

I asked Maria, who also has her own spanking blog called Funny Brat Girl’s Spanking Adventures, about how this paddle business got rolling.

Actually if you can believe it, I asked my Dad to make the paddles. He has a beautiful skill when it comes to wood and so I asked him to make one for me. It kind of snowballed from there. Now we have paddles coming out of our ears!! At any rate, I did tell him about my fetish and being the cool Dad that he is, he was OK with it. Just as long as he doesn’t have to “see” me getting it. But he does know that I am a HUGE part of the quality control and testing *wink* of each paddle.

Most of the Whack Me Paddles are made from Oak, Walnut, the highest grade of Pine (which makes the paddle very light for the spanker), and Poplar wood.

My Dad actually did all the artwork on that cherry paddle. And the other paddles now that I think about it. The cherry paddle was a one of a kind paddle we did for last year’s Shadowlane spanking party.

Anyway, as you may have read on my blog, I tend to get spanked quite often. Spanking is definitely the highlight of my life!!

Thank you Maria for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report.

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