Happy Spring! CRR Hires Dawn Avril

With spring in the air, The Cherry Red Report is proud to announce that we have added Dawn Avril (above) to our growing team, to help with general spring cleaning and various assministration tasks at our corporate HQ.

It’s still quite nippy in New England, but, allegedly, Spring is Officially here, and not a moment too soon. We really were hammered during the dreary, blustery days of a seemingly endless Winter. To everything, there is a season. But winter just sucks.

But now, iff one listens closely, you can actually hear a bird chirping and chattering. If you scan the ground with a careful eye, you can see a stubborn flower slowly punching through the frozen tundra.

However, the major sign of spring is that the Boston Red Sox kick off their season opener tomorrow in Japan(!) against the Oakland Athletics. Alas, I’m not waking up at 5 a.m. to watch the game live on TV. In other news, how about those Boston Celtics?! Wow.

Now it’s time to put Dawn Avril to work…….

Editor’s Note: For more signs of spring sure to warm you up a bit, perv on over to CRR’s sister site: The Daisy Dukes Report.

A Master of the Pout: Dawn Avril

Is this woman overdue for a spanking ??

Eighties flashback-style super shorty-shorts and classic retro socks.

My goodness, what an image. Perfection in tightttttttt jeanssssss.

Hm mmm…..Way too yummy. I think it’s her pout that gives the amazingly spankable Ms. Dawn Avril the edge over many other cyber hotties. (She’d fit over my lap just perfectly, on a side note.)

Dawn Avril has essentially perfected the pout.

The spankable, naughty, pouty, moody, rebellious look of a naughty teenager.

Yeah, ’tis true. I love Dawn.

For more, perv on over here:
…or perv on over here

Spanko-Sexualizing The World

I just love “spanko-sexualizing” (I think I just coined a new word?) just about everything, including teasingly hot photos of sizzling hotties. My pervy brain always imagines some kind of erotically-charged tanning-toasting undercurrent among these types of photos. Especially when a thong-clad ass and a sudsy car cleansing is involved. Schwing. (click on pix for a closer view.)

If anyone would like to add in their own captions, that would be fab.

In addition to the legendary Kari Sweets at the top of this post, this beauty is Dawn Avril who has the cutest rebellious, naughty pout I’ve seen in recent memory — and who appears to be overdue for a little bit of butt-bongo.

Regarding Ms. Avril’s choice of skimpy underwear, I do know there are some thong haters in the house, at least according to the last thrilling survey I did on panties and spanking (The Cherry Red Report: Thongs vs. Bikini Panties: The Debate Rages On!), but don’t hate the player. Hate the game.

I have no probs with butt-floss.

Anyway, it’s obvious we see spanko everywhere, as many bloggers have already blogged about. That’s cool though, especially in light of a recent scientific survey (no joke) from Australia that says spanko’s are generally in a happier state of mind. Woo hoo! (More on this intriguing news story here: Bare Bottom Blog: Study finds Spankos are happier.

Now if only I had someone to play with! *sigh* My lap runneth empty. But that’s for another blog post.

So what’s next for us spankosexuals?
I say: World Domination.

p.s. As you can see, I do really dig pervy, squirmy… caring but ever old-fashioned Daddy and fresh, naughty daughter, spoiled teenagers, and various other spanking scenarios.

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