Love Our Lurkers Day (LOL)

I know I’m one day ahead of schedule ( I have a crazy work week) but I wanted to blog about the now annual “Love our Lurkers” (LOL) Day scheduled for Friday, October 12, the brilliant brainchild of the fantastic blogger Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts fame.

Get your LOL on, people!

Thusly, if you have not left any comments as of yet on some blogs, Friday (or anytime really) is a fine day to stop on by some spankblogs, say hi, leave a comment, introduce yourself if you’d like — or just leave some feedback on a post.

The ratio of blog visitors to comments left by blog visitors is typically tiny for most blogs–the idea of “Love our Lurkers” day is to change that and make our community of kink more interactive and fun.

It seems to me a misconception by a few blog readers I’ve heard from, that bloggers don’t read their comments or they are unnecessary in someway.

Perish the thought!

Bloggers *love* comments and feedback.

Looking at one’s statistics might be rewarding in a somewhat limited way (“Gee whiz, I’m big in Slovakia!”) but reading some feedback shows folks care enough to post their opinions and take an active cyber-role in the spankosphere.

And at the same time, this motivates and inspires bloggers to keep their blogs going instead of fading into the ether of cyberspace.

Lack of comments is one of the major reasons many blogs die and go to blog heaven.

Also, if have a blog of your own and leave no feedback on other blogs, yet wring your hands and moan about your own blogs’ lack of comments, well, you have nothing to complain about. Take part in the community and leave your feedback on other blogs — you’d be surprised at how the number of comments on your own blog will slowly start to climb as you make connections with similar spankblogs.

More on “Love our Lurkers Day” — According to Bonnie:

Those who participated last year will recall how much fun this event was. This year, we hope it will be even bigger and better.

The idea is that each of us, on one designated day, will post a message inviting our silent readers to leave a comment and introduce themselves. If we all ask, even the most bashful might be inclined to poke their heads up.

During last year’s LOL, 46 spanking-oriented blogs posted messages and they received 919 comments. Better still, we met many, many great people. Quite a few remain regular readers to this day. Several have become successful bloggers in their own right.

This year, we are inviting 141 bloggers to participate!

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