Author Spotlight: Devlin O’Neil

Prolific spanking scribe Devlin O’Neil, featured at his site A Maid for All Seasons, has some serious, seasoned skills when it comes to steamy, sizzling, squirmy spanking fiction.

Historical Romances. Strict Uncles. Old-fashioned Police Officers. Futuristic Prison Fantasies. Devlin tackles all genres and scenarios with a terrific flair for the unusual and the erotic.

For starters, I highly recommend the hefty tome “A Maid For All Seasons, Part 1 and 2,” weighing in at over 500 pages, which can be purchased at and Borders. Just skimming will, ummm, well, certainly get your panties in a tangle. Several new volumes in this series have been released as well.

I’m also looking forward to checking out his short-story collections, one of which has the titillating title “Uncle Devlin’s Bedtime Stories.”

In addition, this multi-talented spankophile co-authors a “Spanking Advice” column, called “Ask The Spanking Mavens.”

Well, this blogger certainly has some reading to do.

The Spanking Artwork of JP

One of the finest illustrators of our little spanking kink/fetish — the work of French artist JP.

These whimsical, wonderful, erotic drawings by Jean-Philippe, who is from Belgium, utilize a universal language. The Cherry Red Report hopes to interview this artist for a future feature story.

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