Whore Spanks Supermodel

Simply a stunning, exquisite image — I have never seen anything quite like this, especially from what I think is a mainstream photographer, a musician with a taste for a little tush, and a naughty supermodel. I am curious what readers think of this image (don’t be shy–leave a comment) 🙂

I don’t recall ever seeing a spankee arched in such a flexible way over a man’s lap. Lots of yoga apparently. The expressions on both are priceless. Expressive and intriguing, erotically-charged.

Chross posted this on his top-notch European spanking blog in a weekly roundup of pix, and he had originally found it on Flickr. Most ubiquitous ‘candid’ photos these days I find sometimes a tad boring–this one captured me immediately however.

But….for the love of tush, what is the story behind this photo? Inquiring spanking enthusiasts wish to know.

The spanker’s shirt emblazoned with “WHORE” just adds another unusual, whimsical element to this powerful photo.

My spidey powers are running low and CRR was unable to launch an official SSI (Spanking Scene Investigation) this week. As a result, from what little info I have from Flickr, I’m going to assume this was a fun shot by a pro photographer who works for a rock band. The spanker is a musician, and the spankee is a pro model named, if I”m not mistaken, BellaDonna? Can I be any more vague. . .

Inquiries to the photographer via Flickr have not been answered — as of yet.

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