Spanky Fiction Christmas Collection

christmas spanking collectionThe good folks at LSF contacted me with some cherry-cheeked news, regarding seven brand new bun-blazing volumes of holiday-themed spanking e-books:

“Like Santa’s elves, we have labored long into the night to produce the LSF Christmas Collection. After much swearing and cursing, pulling out of hair and scoffing of chocolate, seven brand spanking new volumes of Christmas spanking stories are now available, with a total of 266,500 words! This is a fund raising initiative to help support our free resource: The Library of Spanking Fiction.”

For more info, surf on over to the LSF Christmas Collection.

The Unspankable Brat: Original Fiction by Loki Renard

Just in time for Halloween, a gothic, beautiful and unusual spanking story from the wonderfully talented writer Loki Renard — you can read more about Loki on her site Trouble Books, which offers free excerpts and sizzling samples, and more spanking goodness.

Armed with a deliciously original voice, Loki’s fiction covers genres ranging from vampires to historical thrillers and everything in between.  This short story, “The Unspankable Brat,” re-posted with kind permission from the author, most certainly intrigued me — its style perhaps influenced by writers such as H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe.  But with some cherry redness involved.

[Check out some of Loki’s past guest columns on this blog, such as her “Top 10 Tips on Writing Spanking Fiction” and a post on her favest spanking writers.]

As always, your comments are welcome and appreciated. [Also curious if you’d like to read more spanking stories and such on this blog….?]


The Unspankable Brat: Fiction by Loki Renard

This place smells like flowers and embalming fluid. Nobody is at the front desk, but a gentle, familiar song emanating from the rear of the building draws him through the waiting room with its comforting boxes of tissues at the ready for mourners

A young woman flits about placing flowers in arrangements about a gleaming mahogany coffin. He clears his throat, but she seems not to hear him, humming to herself as she goes about her business with a gaiety that seems out of place in this hallowed home of death.

“Excuse me, miss.”

His greeting goes entirely ignored. Unless she is deaf, she is deliberately ignoring him.

“Excuse me, miss – police business.”

She looks up as if hearing him for the first time and drops the flower she is holding.


His brow creases instantly. “Excuse me, young lady?”

“Balls!” She repeats the curse with a gleeful grin.

His expression grows ever more grave. “Is that any kind of language to use in a mortuary?”

“I don’t think he cares what I say,” she gestures cavalierly towards a closed coffin in the corner.

“His family may.” She is subject to a scowling look of disapproval. He is a tall man in a perfectly tailored dark blue suit that clings to his hard lines as if it had been super glued there. His dark salt and pepper hair has been flattened by the hat of office he now holds under his arm in respect for the dead.

“His family June?” She makes a flippant reply accompanied by a tinkling laugh then turns to continue decorating the coffin with white flowers. Her beauty is pale, perfect, calm in repose as she carefully fixes each flower in place.

“Someone should teach you a lesson in manners,” he observes. His palm Continue reading “The Unspankable Brat: Original Fiction by Loki Renard”

Exclusive Guest Columnist: Loki Renard’s Top-10 Tips For Writing Spanking Fiction

Loki Renard’s Top 10 Tips For Writing Spanking Fiction

:arrow:EDITORIAL NOTE: I am honored and delighted to feature prolific spanko writer extraordinaire Loki Renard, in an exclusive and, I hope, informative guest column for The Cherry Red Report.  Thank you Loki !

:arrow:READERS: If you have tips/suggestions on writing spanko fiction you wish to share, we would love to hear it.  Comments and feedback appreciated and welcome as always.]

Hello, I’m Loki Renard from Trouble Books. I’ve been writing professionally in one capacity or another since I graduated college and I was writing unprofessionally for quite some time before that. Spanking has always been an interest and a love of mine.

Like a lot of you, it has fascinated me since I was a small child and I would quite often look up the world “spank” in the dictionary and get a little thrill just from seeing the word so boldly written there. My first stories were stories written for myself, to entertain myself and to create characters and situations which simply could not exist in the real world. From these humble beginnings, worlds of discipline have been created, worlds which I am fortunate enough to be able to share with my readers.

Dave has kindly asked me to write an article detailing my Top 10 tips for writing spanking fiction. I’ve written them with the novice in mind, though I hope they will be helpful to you regardless of your place on the path of the literary spanko.

1. Please Yourself
Don’t try to please everyone. Not all spankos are created the same, and although the basic action of palm on ass might be similar, people’s motivations are often quite different. For example, some spankos love spanking because of the strict, caring intimacy that can arise from such an interaction. Other spankos simply enjoy the idea of someone inflicting serious pain on a hapless bottom without a care in the world. You know what you like, so write what you like. Not everyone will love it, but there will be a sector of the community that do, and those are the people you’re writing for.

2. Let Your Imagination Run Wild
Don’t censor yourself. Sometimes when you’re writing about a personal fetish, it seems embarrassing to share intimate parts of yourself through your stories. Don’t allow the feeling of embarrassment or fear to stop you though, it is when you’re feeling those feelings that your writing is at its most truthful, and at its most powerful.

3. Show, Don’t Tell
SMACK WHACK THUD – No. That’s a lazy way to describe a spanking and, unless used
Continue reading “Exclusive Guest Columnist: Loki Renard’s Top-10 Tips For Writing Spanking Fiction”

Book Spotlight: Spanking The Maid

I remember excitedly discovering this book at my college’s library in the prehistoric pre-Internet era, on a quest for any book featuring the ‘s’ word. Robert Coover, known as a specialist in experimental fiction, offers a strange tale basically, as I recall, of a man who is absolutely obsessed with spanking his maid. This slim volume goes into some detail on that point!

The book is a post-modernistic (?) allegory of some sort, half satire and half comedy, that went straight over my head when I read it in college — though I found it…errm….quite….arousing actually to read.

The following erudite reviewer at has a better grasp though perhaps incomprehensible view on the literary intricacies of this book, though I have not the slightest of what he is rambling about in the following brief dissertation. Free prize to anyone than can decipher this:

“Taking a cue from Raymond Queneau’s “Exercises in Style,” and his own short stories featured in “Pricksongs and Descants,” what would seem to be only an experiment develops into a real commentary on self-reference and post structuralism. Coover’s treatment of the master-slave, dominant-submissive relationship serves to show the sado-masochistic exchange that exists in language when that language becomes “meta” language, or language about language. In this way all “criticism” is “criticized,” begging the question: if meta language is sado-masochistic, what is meta-meta language? The novel also works despite its subject matter– if Coover had chosen some other setting, one could still delight in the way he weaves repitition into an ongoing cascade, each permutation the same and wholly different. Chaos theory as literary genre? Now who’s being sado-masochistic?”

Editor’s Note: Um…….Huh??

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