Prepare Yourself for “On the Bare” by Fiona Locke

Literary news from the likes of a skilled writer as wonderfully and refreshingly talented as Fiona Locke is quite exciting.

Even if we have to wait 6 months (!) or so to drool enjoy and savor this new book. *sigh*

In a change of pace from her previous work, the glorious and classic semi-autobiographical “Over The Knee,” Fiona’s new project, “On the Bare,” will be an anthology of terribly naughty short spanking fiction, available in April of 2009.

Fiona Locke told CRR that she hopes the new book hopefully has something for everyone: “There’s a couple of school caning stories, a judicial punishment story with a spanking machine and also one featuring Peter and Angie from ‘Over the Knee.’

“I even wrote a haunted house story, which is something I’ve always wanted to do. I’m really proud of the collection and I had a blast creating such bratty and outrageous protagonists – so deserving no vanilla would intervene to save them.”

Be that as it may, I’m not sure if I can wait till the Spring to dip into this anthology. Heya, Fiona, any possibility we can speed this publishing process up a bit? 🙂

We here at CRR may need to console ourselves by delving into the

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Book Spotlight: Fiona Locke’s "Over the Knee."

This popular spanking memoir by Fiona Locke [now in its second printing] perhaps may be the definitive book on our little kink — wonderfully written, intelligent, insightful, and erotic.

I must admit that I have skimmed the titillating passages (err…that would be the entire book!) but I have yet to do a regular, full-scale complete reading. So stay tuned for a complete review.

More info at the author’s website and the book is available through By the way, how wonderful is that book cover image? Word is that is Fiona on the cover.

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