A Few Questions with Lance del Toro

It’s always hella’ good chatting with seasoned spankers in the scene, to get their perspective on the art of discipline.

So we thought it might be nifty to ask a few questions of the wonderfully stern Lance del Toro, who has been featured as a bottom-busting Top for Firm Hand Spanking and industry pioneer Shadow Lane.

He also has such a fab name–I’m thinking of changing my name to, say, something cool like, umm, Dave de la Spanka. . .

:arrow:BTW, do check out Shadow Lane’s latest explicit, awe-inspiring and mouth-watering spanking video, cleverly entitled Bed, Bad and Beyond, which features adult industry superstars Amber Rayne and also Dia Zerva.

Anyway, Lance was involved with the legendary Samantha Woodley, but alas no longer, and Lance politely declined to answer questions on Samantha, to respect her privacy–so this Q&A will thusly be heaps shorter than as originally planned.

Thank you Lance for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to give a shout out to all my fellow spanking enthusiasts!  I hope to see and meet some of them at the 2010 Labor Day Spanking party in Vegas.  I have missed the last couple of parties that Shadow Lane has put on, due to personal reasons but I am looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.

So how’s life these days?

Life is good…Always good;-)  Even when it’s not, it’s still pretty good.

ABOVE: An exquisite image of Lance in action, with the delicious Chloe Elise arched perfectly…pic courtesy of FirmHandSpanking.

Amen to that. So do you consider yourself a born spanko, so to speak, or did the interest for you develop later in life?

Since I can remember–maybe as early as 3?  My Mom’s best friend had a Continue reading “A Few Questions with Lance del Toro”

Brat Zombies: Coming Soon To a Theatre Near You

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend everyone! And thanks for all the awesome comments in the previous caption contest [set a new comment record…woot!]–a winner shall hereby be announced post haste.

Above is a movie poster by the Cherry Red Graphic Design Squad, as what I really want to do is direct spanky films and summer is a great time for thriller/horror blockbusters. Errm so who wants to star in “Night of the Living Brats” ? Anyone? Gonna’ need quite a large cast of bratty undead zombies. . . .

Source Photo: The source image for the movie poster above is a screenshot I captured from CherryRedMovies, which was taken from the steamy spanko film Finishing School Discipline. [Another screen grab I’m in love with from the film is directly above.]

Perv over to especially scenes 4, 5 and 6, which are must-see viewing. One of the yummiest spankees I have seen in recent memory****

*  *  *

Addendum: If there ever is an actual outbreak of brat zombies from hell, below is a mock-up of a survival kit I’m working on in my lab. While your chance of surviving an outbreak might be slim, I think this might boost your chances of making it out alive. [I also created last year a Spanking Threat Level Advisory system, which I think will be useful as well.]

*  *  *

IN OTHER NEWS: To celebrate their 1,000th video, longtime producer Firm Hand Spanking has hired 6 new gorgeous spankee’s. Holla’ ! Click below for lots of free preview vids.

Though my favorite recent update from Firm Hand is the Alison Miller scene in which she’s clad in mouth-watering skin tightttt denim jeans gettin’ the paddle. Makes me dizzy…..Click Here for a recent interview with the amazing Ms. Miller.]

alison miller paddled in skin tight jeans

Let’s Ask Alison: Reader Participation Requested

The Editorial Research Division at CRR has been in correspondence with new Firm Hand Spanking model, and flaming-red haired beauty, Alison Miller. She’s been kind of enough to participate in a short interview for this blog, and was recently featured with some of her delightful pix a few posts ago HERE.

Let’s try something different however. This will only work with reader participation and feedback. Yes, that is you, my friends.

What would YOU like to ask new spanking model Alison Miller?

Your questions can be quirky. and fun. Intriguing and naughty. Serious or not. Spanko related and/or vanilla related. i.e What’s on your iPod right now? Thongs vs. bikini panties? Talk to us about the red hair? How did you get into the otk biz at Firm Hand Spanking? Red Sox or Yankees?

So here’s the plan: If you could leave a comment, or email me, with your question, or questions [please include your first name and where you are from, if you don’t mind].

Then I’ll organize the questions and forward them to Alison and pray we haven’t spooked this lovely minx with overly nutty spanko queries. Thank you!


Cherry Red Hair and Red Ass at Firm Hand Spanking

I had to frame this marvelous photo.

This recent iconic image of new model Alison Miller of Firm Hand Spanking, whose flaming auburn locks and crimson tresses soar, fly and flip gracefully through the air while obscuring her bathbrush wielding Top, really captured this blogger’s attention.

The hair flip thing is always a winner in my book. If I had Twitter, I’d be sending out some tweets on this. These cherry redheads simply drive me bonkers. We all know naturally auburn-haired Amber is a Goddess.

Be that as it may, these brightly colored red-haired brats make one want to redden their wiggling tushies to a matching hue — and matching red hot temperature. Another notable spankee with flaming red locks is Morgan Mae at Punished Brats.

Firm Hand’s website offered a backstory on this imagery: “Pretty senior Alison Miller is signed up for Attitude Adjustment to deal with her behavior problems. She fails to turn up at all one day, and today she is 45 minutes late.

“There’s a paddle, cane and brush in Ms Wallace’s office, but it’s the smarting, bottom-clenching bath-brush that goes to work on her tight denim-clad rear, which is swiftly bared for 52 swats.”

* * *

Here’s another similar image below of Alison Miller working the flying red hair maneuver, once again obscuring her Spanker in this yummy image. It’s possible the lovely and talented wildcat Beverly Bacci might have the patent on this classic move. Anyway, do not try this at home.

* * *

Check out the latest, sizzling spanking films Now Playing at CherryRedMovies


Six Fresh Flaming Fannies Forthcoming From Firm Hand

In the midst of the global economic maelstrom, many companies are announcing long-feared hiring freezes, massive layoffs and cutbacks. But Firm Hand Spanking will have none of it. None of it whatsoever!

Firm Hand has announced they have secured the services of six new spankable naughties that have never been seen on any other website — with more new models in the pipeline — with the first new model, red-headed beauty Allison Miller (pictured above), debuting November 7.

Do scoot over to their refurbished website, which now offers an array of sample videos for your viewing, and teasing, pleasure.

On a side, totally random note, Firm Hand’s most popular models would make one heck of a spanktastic law firm: Woodley, Whitaker, Rutherford, and McGowen. Has a nice flow to it, no?

* * *

Firm Hand released the following statement:

Firm Hand has been busy recruiting a bevy of brand new spanking talent, and persuading them to shoot for 10 days straight.

Says Firm Hand’s Melissa Canning: “None of these girls has shot for a spanking site before, they’re exclusive to us, so we got some great action and even better reactions.”

Director Samantha Woodley gives her hot new talent vote to Alison Miller, a flame-haired Lindsay Lohan lookalike with an attitude to match and a bubble butt made for spanking. “She’s going to be totally popular with spanking fans.”

Samantha’s favorite is Michaela McGowen spanking Justine Adams: “They’re simply stunning together!” But the endurance award goes to lovely Cindy Wallace, who topped five of the six newbies and came out smiling.

* * *


For those looking for some awesome, earlier footage of famous Firm Hand models such as Samantha Woodley and Amelia Jane Rutherford, check out these two quite yummy ‘n’ hot videos [originally shot for Strictly English], now available in pay-per-minute format.

One is a classic schoolgirl shoot called “Samantha Woodley: An Exemplary Student” and the other is a documentary-style production, featuring a screen test, fascinating interview and some good, hot spankings, simply called “Amelia Jane Rutherford, Volume 1.”

Click on the links for preview stills and more info, and free 15 minutes to check ’em out and give this on-demand, per-per-minute theatre a a try. Would love to know what you think.

Samantha Woodley is Engaged; Dave’s Hopes Dashed

As initially reported on Shadow Lane, and subsequently on Spreview, one of the true sweethearts and beauties in the spanking world, Samantha Woodley, “America’s Spanking Sweetheart” of Firm Hand Spanking fame, is engaged! Congratulations!!

The blessed man is the ever classy Lance del Toro (is that a movie star name or what), who has displayed his seasoned disciplinary hand in red-bottom themed films for spanking powerhouse Shadow Lane — and has starred in films with Ms. Woodley. [see below.]

From all of us here at The Cherry Red Report, we wish you and Lance all the very best and tons of happiness….and happily glowing bottoms.

I was thinking it might help the cause if I too had a cool, movie star inspired name. Thusly, I am thinking about changing my name to a snazzier one. Let’s see here…errm…….ok how about “Olivier de la Spanka,” which has both an international flair and a romantic, kinky ring to it. Wish me luck.

That’s all for now,
Olivier de la Spanka

Pictured Below: The beguiling Samantha Woodley and delightfully stern Lance Del Toro in a simply gorgeous publicity still from Shadow Lane’s “Sting Operation, Part 2.” This is a match made in spanking heaven.

Flying the Friendly Skies at Firm Hand Spanking

I don’t think I have ever had the notion or fantasized about spanking an airline flight attendant. Is it just me?

Perhaps because at 10,000 feet, we are more concerned with trivial affairs such as surviving the actual flight itself and living to tell about our journey, rather than arguing over the mini peanuts snak-pack with a sassy stewardess.

Be that as it may, Firm Hand Spanking came up with a novel scenario pictured here, with Samantha Woodley donning a spiffy blue airline outfit, complete with cute cap, in an intriguing video called “OTK Air,” also starring the irrepressible Michaela McGowen.

In “OTK Air,” we have a caring yet old-fashioned flight captain takes matters into his own hands with some hot spanking action and in-flight tanning. Never seen anything quite like this before.

The photos from this video are beautiful and offer some delightful realism as well….Subsequent scenes from “OTK Air” feature some airline flight attendant training sessions gone terribly wrong with Samantha in jean short-shorts(!) and Michaela (pictured right) in a bikini and white short-shorts (have they been reading The Daisy Dukes Report for inspiration?), facing up to the leather strap and hairbrush.

* * *

Please keep your ass in an upright position…..and enjoy the flight.
Captain Dave, Cherry Red Airlines

All photos, except Dave’s private plane, are courtesy of:

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