New Brats on the Block

So many bottoms. And so many brats. Yet so little time. Thusly, here is a sampling of some spanktastic news.

Briefly, in website news, if you are into bodacious, gorgeous black booty, check out the intriguing new Big Booty Spankings — it’s fantastic to see more diversity in the scene. [Related Posts: Black is Beautiful and Black Bottoms at BadTushy.]

And if you dig chicks in prison getting punished, and who doesn’t, perv on over to the completely redesigned Bars & Stripes for free video previews and fotos.

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In new brat news, the hard-spanking, tear-inducing Dallas of Dallas Spanks Hard fame is releasing a spanking video featuring the British beauty and supermodel Martina Warren, who has graced the cover of Penthouse as “Pet of The Year.”

According to Dallas, Ms. Warren gets her perky bottom blistered and of course slathered up with Dallas’ special vitamin-E oil. Perv on over to Dallas Spanks Hard for more preview pix.

That is Ms. Warren’s scorched tushy above, and lily-white behind directly below…..

* * * * * * *

The always delightful Chloe makes her tushy tanning debut today on BadTushy, getting her righteous bottom paddled red hot at the hands of the stunning Francesca Le, of GoodSpanking fame. Below is a preview pic of the spanking goodness, featuring some incredibly cute panties which will inevitably get peeled southwards. . .

* * * * * * *

In other spankastic news, how the good folks at PunishedBrats, and all sites for that matter, continue to find such lovely spankees and naughty miscreants remains something of a mystery to this blogger. OK now who wants some candy? Or rather, should I say eye-candy. . .

An exquisite pro-shot photograph of candy-coated new spankee Tina Tink. Never in history have M&M’s looked so alluring.

PunishedBrats welcomes to its team the charming beauty of pro model and hot spankee Tina Tink [also pictured directly below], and the girl-next-door cuteness of Amanda Rose. On a side note, I must say my current major weakness on this site is the breath-taking Erica Corvina.

TINA TINK: Tina receives some behavior modification therapy, brat-style.

* * * * * * *

AMANDA ROSE: Can someone be too cute to spank?? Apparently not at PunishedBrats.

* * * * * * * *

Our European friends over at Girls Boarding School recently unveiled an incredibly spankable new model: Simone. You will want to click over to this FREE GALLERY of schoolgirl Simone. Enjoy.

* * * * * * *

And lest we forget, Katie Angel, who is no stranger to spankings, recently made her skin-tight jeans-clad debut on Clare Fonda’s Spanked Sweeties and you can check Katie’s sample pix HERE. The Sweeties site is also accessible via Clare’s multi-site pass.

* * * * * * *

Jolie brings her tight rear and skimpy red thong to Real Life Spankings. I’ve run out of superlatives….[Related Post: She’s No Angel: The Interview.]

Cherry Red Guest Review: GBS Spanking Video

We here at The Cherry Red Report plan to periodically feature guest bloggers, guest reviewers and writers and the like moving forward, just to mix things up a tad and make this blog more interactive and interesting, hopefully — and offer better coverage of the burgeoning spanking fetish.

[If you’d like to be a Guest Blogger, Reviewer, etc, shoot me an email. I’m always open to blog story ideas.]

Anyhoo, I recently blogged about these intriguing, hot images from a Girls Boarding School video in the “New Bottoms On the Block” feature, received several emails and comments about the unique spanktastic straddling spanking position, so I thought it deserved more attention.

So in that light, here is a Guest Review of a video called “Smoking Causes Pain,” by blogger MarQe, of the relatively new blog MarQe’s Study. Do check his blog out, and for the love of Pete, leave some comments on these new blogs 🙂

* * *

Cherry Red Guest Review by MarQe:

As an occasional frequenter at the Girls Boarding School, I have always found their content to be of a consistent high quality.

Realistic situations, soundly administered punishments, attractive models and

Continue reading “Cherry Red Guest Review: GBS Spanking Video”

Spanking On Your iPod?

It was only a matter of time before tech-savvy erotica producers created titillating adult content suitable for mobile devices, from Blackberries to iPods. May sound silly at first, but mobile content is clearly a burgeoning, multi-million dollar market.

And now the spanko tech whizzes over at Girls Boarding School have created a bonus site providing mobile device-friendly spanktastic content – the site is offered free to anyone who joins one of their sites in their growing network.

My question is: does anyone have the desire to view spanking erotica, or erotica in general, for that matter, on their iPod, Crackberry, or Cell? or Microsoft Zune? (does anyone actually own a Zune who will admit to it?)

p.s. Sadly and I can’t believe coming clean on this regrettable Mac experience, but I finally submitted and bought an iPod Classic 80Gig — however, I had to slunk back to the Mac store, head hanging in shame, and return it, mumbling as I did so, as my Mac is so old, and its operating system is so out-of-date and cranky, it would not synch with the iPod. The horror……

Angie: A Tribute

I wanted to blog about one of my all-time favest videos featuring “Angie” who only made a couple of films for the Girls Boarding School people; this one has the mundane title of “Detention Room.”
Be that as it may, I say: Bravo!

It’s quite stern yet, here’s the important part, deliciously sexy in a subtle way. Angie is very reactive and very vocal and seems realistic.

It is dynamic–there is a struggle for control–ain’t that what it’s all about? Control, and the lack thereof.

Angie is amazing and so “into it.” Excellent Top as well, lots of scolding and perfect otk positioning.

Older. And younger. I dig the age difference between Angie and the stern Professor, which adds to the dynamic.

The fact that her pants are tangled around her ankles, and that she’s not totally in the buff, clad in that pink T-shirt, well, that makes it ironically more erotic. Gotta’ love her spanktastic outfit–yummy stuff.

Ironically, this vid is from Girls Boarding School, of which most of their material is not my speed i.e not that erotic in my opinion, and tad too serious for my tastes. This film weirdly has this 10 minute intro of 2 people talking in hallway about what? no idea. Presumably about Angie’s detention issues, but I’ve never sat through that nonsense.

Fast foward to Angie wriggling around in her tight white pants and baby-t….

Oh happy day…..

* * * *
A few more pix for y’all……..

All pix and the video clip kind courtesy of:


My Next Job? Professor at Girls Boarding School

Welcome to the Girls Boarding School!

Follow the rules, or talk to the ruler.

Gorgeous image. Waiting. . .

Guess GBS is aware of my ‘thing’ for tight jeans. . . .

This tight perky bottom measures up perfectly.

It’s a challenge picking some of my favest images from the Girls Boarding School — well, it is a tough job but someone has to do it, though their most popular model (featured in this post) is probably the lovely Linda.

Loaded with daily(!) updates, the Girls Boarding School (GBS) is a serious, no-nonsense site, with quite the eclectic collection of spanking scenes, high quality videos and very high-res pix. If you are into no-nonsense, old-school, straight-ahead spankings, with less of a focus on erotic undertones, they have it covered.

The staff at CRR agrees their hottest models are Linda, Lisa and Angie (who will be spotlighted in a future post).

You won’t find detailed plot lines here or humorous banter–it’s all business at GBS.

Implements utilized run the gamut from carpet beaters to firm hands to straps and such.

Pictured directly above is the beautiful Linda in the classic plaid skirt from one of their most recent updates.

The tightjeans/ruler images are less recent Linda images, but simply exquisite.

All photos courtesy of:

Lisa’s Luscious Lickings

At the Girls Boarding School, an intriguing European spanking mega-site, a few models really stand out on the spankability scale, one of them being “Lisa.” You won’t find detailed plotlines at this site, but you will see some flaming fannies and old-fashioned tannings of all sorts.And her outfits? I’m no fashionista, but I oh so love those ‘boyshort’-style bikini panties, the short-shorts of course, the skimpy white skirt–hot attire for a hot spanking.

I shall shut up now, and let her tush spank, errm, I mean speak for itself.

For more on Lisa and Girls Boarding School, point your browser here:

Of Short-Shorts and Belt Strappings

All Pix courtesy of GIRLS BOARDING SCHOOL.

“Drinking? Sneaking out when you were grounded, wearing skimpy jean short-shorts? Go and get my belt, young lady. Now.”

Hmmm mmm! Girls Boarding School offers us a provocative taste of the belt. Always a pleasure to see a leather belt and snug shortshorts in the same image series. I find this hot as heck.

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