The Brand New Sorority Girl Spank Fest!

spanking otk
Sassy schoolgirl spankette Christy Cutie.

“……A new and massive Spanking Sorority Girls epic with 8 sorority girls who are ordered to be nice to new, rich schoolgirl Chanell Heart…The sassy schoolgirls girls gang up on Chanell and spank her; however, Miss Snow catches them. All are punished via over-the-knee spankings with hand and hairbrush — then the 3 worst girls receive the wooden pledge paddle….”

sorority girlsArticle reprinted with permission.  Text written by the Cameraman, who runs the Clare Fonda Network.

sorority girls spanking
Gorgeous sorority hotties — playing now, exclusively at Spanking Sorority Girls.

Each year I talk a lot about the annual multi-school girl shoot on Girl Spanks Girl — the legendary Exclusive Education series. And it makes sense.  Tons of hot ladies getting spanked, usually as misbehaving schoolgirls. And this year it will be the tenth episode in the series.

chanell heart spanking
Ebony beauty Chanell Heart (right) taunts misbehaving Alex Reynolds while she’s getting spanked…

However, what seems to be going under the radar is the sizzling schoolgirl shoot, playing now at Spanking Sorority Girls, which I have been doing the past few years.  The big scene, featuring 8 sorority girls, tends to be a little shorter than the Exclusive Education series scenes, but they are still long and full of just as many schoolgirls. This year the story focuses on ebony stunner Chanell Heart, who Miss Snow introduces to the sorority.

sorority spanking 2
Lana Lopez learns it can be painful being a sorority girl at a school for wayward girls……

This was Chanell’s first ever spanking shoot, but she did a great job.  And she was subbing for Tori Black, who left the set just before we started shooting.  No pressure. But Chanell was amazing (I just shot her again a few days ago) and very believable as the bratty rich girl who gets gang-spanked by the other sorority girls, which leads them all to some serious punishment.

sorority spanking 4
Snow Mercy, as the teacher, supervises all the disciplinary proceedings.

After the shoot, Chanell admits to having a blast “spanking all those girls.” And of course the sorority epic must end with someone receiving the large wooden pledge paddle – in this case it was Christy Cutie, Alex Reynolds and Koko Kitten.

sorority spanking 5
Of course, Christy Cutie most certainly will need a hard paddling.

A side note – some of the photos you see in this post are do not appear in the gallery – they are exclusive to this post. They were taken with a wide angle lens by the second camera operator that day and I thought it would be fun to save them for the blog.

Another side note – Koko was sad that her friend Veronica Ricci (one of Spanking Sorority Girl’s recurring stars) could not make it to this shoot, so it was her suggestion that she receive a whack with the paddle on Veronica’s behalf. So we worked that into the story.

For more info, surf on over to Spanking Sorority Girls.

All sites mentioned in this article are also avail via the better-valued multi site Clare Pass.


Why Does Spanking Turn Us On ? Written by Red Rump

red rump spankingWhy Does Spanking Turn Us On ? by Red Rump

Excellent article written by fetish artist and spanking enthusiast Red Rump, originally published by Simply Sexy.  Re-posted with permission.

As always, your comments and feedback are welcome and encouraged.

For spanking enthusiasts, even the mention of the ‘S’ word can trigger the libido. Spanking fetishes go hand

spanking art
Red Rump is one of the finest FM artists working today.

in hand with active imaginations — and as an artist, I believe that art is one of the most potent sparks to human imagination.

Put art and spanking into the same mix, and pow! It’s an ideal coupling, and spanking/corporal punishment artwork abounds in huge volumes, as even a casual search of Tumblr will demonstrate.

Why is there such a proliferation of spanking and C/P art out there? I suppose the question should really be—what is it about spanking and ritualized corporal punishment that appeals to some people on a sexual level? And I don’t believe that has a simple answer. It is often not a purely masochistic impulse.

Continue reading “Why Does Spanking Turn Us On ? Written by Red Rump”

Celebrity Guest Blogger deMandie Rae: 5 Reasons Spanking Turns Me On!

Enjoy this superb, thought-provoking and informative cherryred guest blog post by the unstoppable fetish star, pro Domme and sex educator deMandie Rae, who is currently shooting sizzling spank action films for Punished Brats.  I think this guest post is one of the best explanations of the spanking fetish that I’ve read in a long time….think you’ll agree.

demandie rae

Written by deMandie Rae

5 Reasons Spanking Turns Me On!

While spanking is one of my more lighthearted fetishes, it is also one of my favorites. One of the questions I get asked the most is why I love spanking so much. I suppose it is time to reveal what exactly it is about getting spanked that does it for me.

1. Giving up control: My everyday life is filled with responsibilities, like most people. I have a very demanding schedule that often consumes my days. I don’t have a lot of Continue reading “Celebrity Guest Blogger deMandie Rae: 5 Reasons Spanking Turns Me On!”

Guest Blogger Spanking Sarah: Top 10 Model Debuts

Armed with large hands and a stern style, the unstoppable Sarah of Spanking Sarah fame certainly knows how to cherry redden gorgeous bottoms.  Enjoy her special cherry red guest column below!

Guest Blog Post Written by Sarah

We like to have new faces on our sites — sometimes the ladies have never been spanked before, some have never been filmed, some go onto make a lot of movies and some decide never ever to get spanked again!

In no particular order, here are my favorite Top Ten models who have made their spanking debut at Spanking Sarah, English Spankers...or Red Stripe Films.

Kiki is Divine. From English Spankers.

1.  Kiki Divine.  The lovely Kiki made quite a few films with us before deciding spanking just wasn’t for her. The most famous film being the self spanking shower Continue reading “Guest Blogger Spanking Sarah: Top 10 Model Debuts”

Celebrity Guest Blogger Clare Fonda: 5 Good Reasons To Get Back Into Spanking Besides the Spanking

clare fonda spanking with a hairbrushThe unstoppable, indefatigable, always hilariously candid “Momma” Clare Fonda kinda/sorta semi-retired from the spank biz, but is kinda/sorta back and is lined up for several spanking shoots with the Cameraman this year (who is now skillfully running this red-ass empire) for the Clare Fonda Network of spank action hotness. 

Momma Clare’s first smouldering shoot in a while was a recent Mom/Daughter bun-blazer with Casey Calvert and Veronica Ricci, that is playing now at GirlSpanksGirl, and we are stoked to see more of Momma Clare in the very near future….

Disobey Clare Fonda at your own peril.   Graphic by CherryRedReport

In this exclusive cherry red guest blog post, Clare runs down the top 5 reasons to get back into spanking, besides the spanking itself.

As her chief video/photog man, The Cameraman, is now running the day-to-day biz operations, it’s fab to have Clare busting ass again!

Written by “Momma” Clare Fonda

5 Good Reasons to Get Back into Spanking, besides the Spanking, Itself

1. Food– The food on the shoots when the Cameraman is running them is way better. In my house it was tap water and rice cakes.

What can I say — I’m not a foodie, but after long scenes spanking ass, I do really appreciate the sushi platter the Cameraman picks up at Trader Joes.

2. Girls– I get along super well with 99.9% of the models. Veronica Ricci is on set a lot and it’s always great to see her.  Another perk for me is when they will also shoot for my sites naughtydiapergirls and jamiefosterstrips. These shoots will be busy but I hope not for too long cause Momma Clare does not like that!

Naughty daughter Casey Calvert, clad in drop seat PJ’s, hands her Mom the hairbrush, as Veronica Ricci is about to get her ass lit up. Playing now at GirlSpanksGirl.

3. Locations–  The Cameraman shoots in several West Valley homes and the best thing about that is that they are not my home!

I do not have to clean up or shuffle my dogs to my ex boyfriend’s house.  And it’s so great just to show up and shoot and then go home to the dogs who missed Mummy.

4. Wardrobe– It’s fun to dress up all strict sometimes. Some of my dresses have been dying to be worn in a spanking video.

This is a chance to look like the Mom I never wanted to be in real life! You know how some people say they like other people’s kids and then “give them back” at the end of the day? Well I like to play a Mom for a couple of hours, get a check and fuck off!

Clare Fonda5. Boys– The Cameraman has said I will be spanking some guys as well for Clare Spanks Men.  And Kade? I hope you are reading this cause no one can take a spanking like you and we were a great mom/son team. It’s time for a Kade comeback for sure!

I just don’t encourage guys to sign up for shoots if they are pussies. The only pussies I will be spanking are the ones on the girls — see you on set!

clare fonda spanking pass

Cherry Red Exclusive: Guest Blogger & Fetish Model deMandie Rae on Spankings, PunishedBrats, Tears & More

mandie rae

deMandie Rae is a beautiful fetish model, lifestyle player, pro Domme, sex educator and now spanking model — and most certainly deLovely.  And deMandie recently joined the top-notch crew at Punished Brats for several smouldering spank shoots, which will be posted soon on PunishedBrats, and Ms. Rae was kind enough to give CRR the intriguing behind-the-scenes scoop.

Written by deMandie Rae

I’ve been creeping Punished Brats photos for a long time and when the infamous Mr. Pierson approached me about shooting with them, I jumped at the chance. When we talked on the phone he mentioned he’d like to take the website in a new direction and do something a little darker.

demandi rae spankingWell, darker is right up my alley. Even though I am adorable, cute, and upbeat, my favorite forms of play are not. I prefer psychologically intense, humiliating, and painful scenes. I revel in my own tears and enjoy being pushed out of my comfort zone.

We were excited but there was some concern about how the audience might feel about being so “awful” to a nymphet such as myself. It then dawned on me that we could combine the two!

Why not let Daddy give me a cutesy, barehanded, school girl type spanking and then let me endure some more sadistic punishment.

Thus, “Three Strikes” was born. The premise of which is that I am a very bratty (I didn’t even have to act for this part!) teen who has been Continue reading “Cherry Red Exclusive: Guest Blogger & Fetish Model deMandie Rae on Spankings, PunishedBrats, Tears & More”

CherryRed Guest Blogger: Michael Valentine’s Top 5 Tips For Working on a Spanking Video (And Being Invited Back!)

Michael Valentine displays his OTK spank style to glowing red effectiveness.

I’m deeply flattered that Dave has asked me to write a second blog post about my experiences performing in spanking videos for Punished Brats.

But I must confess I’m somewhat intimidated by the topic he suggested. Given my very recent arrival in the scene, it seems presumptuous to offer advice; however, I know from Continue reading “CherryRed Guest Blogger: Michael Valentine’s Top 5 Tips For Working on a Spanking Video (And Being Invited Back!)”

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