The First Annual “Cherry Red Report Holiday Buyer’s Guide: Spanking Implements”

The amazing Amelia Jane Rutherford, in a recent photo from Good Spanking, displaying some classic spanking tools of the trade.

We all know there are so many bottoms. And yet, so little time.

Be that as it may, there are many spanking toys, and various devious devices of derriere discipline to choose from, collect, savor and utilize on your favorite miscreant.

But is your toybox or dresser drawer looking a wee bit empty these days? Don’t get depressed about it. We are here to help.

[Editorial Note: In full disclosure, this Blogger only has a very fine exotic wood “Conair” hairbrush from Target (highly recommended however) in our collection, but we hope to expand that soon with some items included in this blog post.]

A custom “Brat” paddle from Paddle Master Pro gets tested out on Clare Fonda’s Girl Spanks Girl.

In that spirit, we are posting the first ever “Cherry Red Report Holiday Buyer’s Guide” focused on 6 excellent spanko retailers. Certainly this is not an exhaustive guide, and we have purposefully left out the mega online retailers, in order to help promote some of these smaller companies.

Amber of SpankAmber fame gets a dose of old-fashioned behavior modification, and a cherry red backside, courtesy of a hairbrush-style paddle from Rosy Bottom. One of my fav photos.

We hope this helps you navigate through the maze of purveyors of perverted punishment providers. I did not give these gorgeous toys a real-world test on a naughty hottie [not yet at least], so this post is a general overview.

[EDITORIAL NOTE: If you are a spanko retailer and would like to be included in future Cherry Red “Buyer’s Guides,” please send me an email and I will check your site out.]

Please feel free to leave a comment and let us know what some of your favorite spanking toys and retailers are! Don’t be shy folks. I won’t bite and like all bloggers, I love comments 🙂

* * *

Paddle Master Pro

This fine retailer specializes in unique, colorful, washable, and possibly indestructible paddles in 13 different styles (including glow-in-the-dark), offered in a funky assortment of colors, providing what they say are “simply the best in flexible, lightweight paddling implements and

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Cherry Red Guest Review: GBS Spanking Video

We here at The Cherry Red Report plan to periodically feature guest bloggers, guest reviewers and writers and the like moving forward, just to mix things up a tad and make this blog more interactive and interesting, hopefully — and offer better coverage of the burgeoning spanking fetish.

[If you’d like to be a Guest Blogger, Reviewer, etc, shoot me an email. I’m always open to blog story ideas.]

Anyhoo, I recently blogged about these intriguing, hot images from a Girls Boarding School video in the “New Bottoms On the Block” feature, received several emails and comments about the unique spanktastic straddling spanking position, so I thought it deserved more attention.

So in that light, here is a Guest Review of a video called “Smoking Causes Pain,” by blogger MarQe, of the relatively new blog MarQe’s Study. Do check his blog out, and for the love of Pete, leave some comments on these new blogs 🙂

* * *

Cherry Red Guest Review by MarQe:

As an occasional frequenter at the Girls Boarding School, I have always found their content to be of a consistent high quality.

Realistic situations, soundly administered punishments, attractive models and

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Hairbrush Discovery at Target

I love shopping at Target. I know not why. As I typically hate shopping. But there is something about Target that soothes the soul. Perhaps they pump some kind of relaxant into the air?

Perhaps it was the beautiful Conair “Naturals” hairbrush I recently stumbled upon at Target and immediately purchased, while marvelling at its low-cost and rich wood. It is a lovely deep wood with boar bristles. The brush is a perfect flat-backed oval number, made of exotic Pagoda wood and reasonably priced at about $20.

It’s the finest brush I have seen, short of taking out a loan to acquire an overpriced Mason & Pearson brush from the UK. However, I have yet to test this Conair model on a naughty hottie over my lap–any volunteers? 🙂

There is something terribly exciting about the hairbrush — to me, it symbolizes the entire spanking fetish. It’s an icon of our kink. And there was something amazingly exciting that day about buying a spanking implement at Target — a regular shopping excursion suddenly turned hot and erotic. It’s interesting that a common domestic object is so wonderfully and delightfully ‘pervertable.’ Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but a hairbrush….is never just a hairbrush.

Considering that I am a bit thin on my dome, and there is no reason why I would ever buy a brush, I wonder if the cute cashier had any inkling about my purchase that day.

Of Libidinous Blogs & Lavish Hairbrushes

**Let’s Get Libidinous**

All bloggers love comments.

It keeps us motivated and inspired.

The following comment from several months ago is one of my all-time favorite blog comments that I have received. It is from “Cometospk” who has a great Spanish spankblog called “El Despacho Del Spanker.”

Do check out his blog, along with a host of other non-English I’ve included in a fresh and new “Global Spankblog” link list that is on the right side of my blog.

(Despite the language barriers, I really dig many of the the non-English spanking and erotica blogs. And there are heaps of ’em.)

Anyway, he is being too kind of course, but I appreciate his comments nonetheless:

Cometospk has left a new comment on your post “The Artistry of OTK: Pat Hall“:

……As always your posts are setting the proper mood to get libidinous…..

I must say, working on this blog, doing all the exhaustive research, coming up with story ideas, finding photos for posts, the whole spanking/blogging thing is quite, well, libidinous indeed. And if reading my blog gets a reader a bit, say, hot-and-bothered, wow, well, that is fantastic.

li·bid·i·nous (l?-b?d’n-?s) adj.

Having or exhibiting lustful desires; lascivious.

[Middle English, from Old French libidineux, from Latin lib?din?sus, from lib?d?, lib?din-, lust, desire. See libido.]

libidinously li·bidi·nous·ly adv.
libidinousness li·bidi·nous·ness n.


**This Hairbrush is Going to Cost You**

I noticed recently when I created The Cherry Red Report’s “Spanking Book Store, powered by Amazon, I had listed, among the naughty literary treasures and various spankoblia, a high-end hairbrush. A brush that is at a price where I’d need to pay for it in installments.

OK I know it’s a Mason and Pearson (and that means quality), and made of boar bristles and all, but $154? Sheesh.

For that hefty fee, it better brush my coiffure to perfection without fraying a follicle, and punish a miscreant on its own with a built-in battery or robotic brain or some such built-in gizmotron.

The Spanking Artwork of JP

One of the finest illustrators of our little spanking kink/fetish — the work of French artist JP.

These whimsical, wonderful, erotic drawings by Jean-Philippe, who is from Belgium, utilize a universal language. The Cherry Red Report hopes to interview this artist for a future feature story.

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