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The First Annual “Cherry Red Report Holiday Buyer’s Guide: Spanking Implements”

The amazing Amelia Jane Rutherford, in a recent photo from Good Spanking, displaying some classic spanking tools of the trade. We all know there are so many bottoms. And yet, so little time. Be that as it may, there are … Continue reading

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Hairbrush Discovery at Target

I love shopping at Target. I know not why. As I typically hate shopping. But there is something about Target that soothes the soul. Perhaps they pump some kind of relaxant into the air? Perhaps it was the beautiful Conair … Continue reading

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Cherry Red Spanking Implement Update

There’s a relatively new player on the scene, an intriguing company called Cane-iac, which makes all sorts of naughty spanking toys, including custom paddles with snazzy graphics — even a custom one for this blogger. Some of their bottom-sizzling products … Continue reading

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Rosy Bottom Vintage

Wonderful vintage-style image from one of my favorite sites, Rosy Bottom, purveyors of funky and retro and whimsical, yet practical, spanko implements and toys and other naughty stuff. They cleverly added some dialogue and photoshopped one of Rosy’s delightful vintage-inspired … Continue reading

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