Cherry Red Exclusive! Chatting with Jamie Foster aka: Clare Fonda on Cougar Porn, Man-Pets, Spanking Erotica, Stand-up Comedy & More!

Hot cougar Jamie Foster XXXIt’s so freakin’ fabulous to feature you once again on my website! You announced your retirement from the spanking scene way back in 2012 — in order to transition into mature cougar hardcore porn — but appear to have made a return to the spanko scene. But let’s get to that shortly….

Firstly, I must apologize in advance for my long-ass questions, but it’s been a while!

Anyway, I’m perving on all your smouldering personal websites, and they are hawt AF, like your hardcore/MILF/mature/cougar/live cam 5-year old website Jamie Foster Strips, CuteCougar, and even your own new, very funny, very explicit reality TV

jamie foster mature MILF cougar porn star
That is one smokin’ hot cougar.

show “Cougartown 818,” hosted by PornHub, which is kick-ass — that I just discovered on your Twitter the other day.

And you are even getting your blog on at JamieFosterXXX. 

I’m also seeing your hardcore work playing on ManyVids. In addition, adult webmasters can help promote your epic epicness via CougCash.

So anyway, what sparked your decision several years back to blaze your own trail into the hardcore porn world?

Your recently wrote on your Twitter that “it’s a great time to be alive and into taboo porn.”

I really got into hardcore porn to make money by doing something considered sleazy. It caters to my rebellious nature. Also, I had my own site with Jamie Foster Strips and I knew by doing mainstream porn, I could get more members on that set, as in “Where else is this woman?”

Jamie Foster Cougartown 818 playing now on PornHubWhat was the genesis for your own PornHub-hosted reality-style onlinle TV show “Cougartown 818” ???

I watched episode 1, and the show is lit like a mofo in the 818! It’s been called by one media outlet: “a quirky comedic look at her life in the San Fernando Valley, doing porn and pushing 50.”

“Cougartown 818” is just something I had to do. As you may know, I am a stand-up comedian of 20 years — and I see so much that is funny and weird in my life and I love to show that off.

The last two years I have had a show called Hello Cougar where I was having sex with younger men off Craigslist and filming the before and after interviews. It was both sweet and sick…..

Continue reading “Cherry Red Exclusive! Chatting with Jamie Foster aka: Clare Fonda on Cougar Porn, Man-Pets, Spanking Erotica, Stand-up Comedy & More!”

5 Questions with New Spanking Model Dorothy Burnett

dorothyWe are pleased to present 5 cherryred questions with new spankette and fetish/webcam model Dorothy Burnett, who recently starting shooting some wicked hot spank films with Northern Spanking. perplexed

collage northern spankings

1. So how did you end up having blue hair? :–)

I’ve wanted brightly colored hair since I was really little since I was always interested in anime. In anime the main characters have bright hair colors so you can instantly tell they are important! I’ve been dying my hair since I was 14 years old.

2. What is it like working with the Northern Spanking team?

I absolutely adore everyone!! I’ve been longing to be introduced to this world for as long as I’ve known Alex and I’m so happy that we were able to have so much fun together.

I like Paul very much but I am more shy with men, while I feel that I can be more open and myself with Alex (Reynolds).

And I also have spent more time with Alex so we are much closer! Rafa, who recently started working with Northern Spankings as cameraman is one of my very best friends. I think he enjoyed watching me get spanked a little too much… I definitely have had some punishment coming for a while!!

3. Any fantasies that you’d like to film in the near future?

I love anything fun and like to explore things that are a little bit weird. As for something I would like to film… Since I am new there are so many possibilities and I would love to explore many things!

4. What’s your favest implement and least fav?

Well I only had just had my first spanking not long ago… from my limited experience I would have to say that so far I loved the intimacy of a bare hand.

And I think I had a really good first time. I was definitely sore for a few days and had some lasting marks but the rush of excitement made me a bit fluttery and I would like to see if I can push my limits even further next time. I did not distinctly dislike anything!

5. What are some of your non-spanking vanilla interests?

As I mentioned earlier ANIME! It’s like my morning coffee. I like to start my day with it. Video games are even better since they make you use your brain. I am very submersed in that sort of culture and love drawing, and petting stingrays. I am also studying contortion and want to one day become an aerialist.

For more info, visit Northern Spanking!! 🙂

Exclusive! An Interview with SpankingToons


Thank you SpankingToons for taking the time to chat with The CherryRedReport. I must say, I love your art — it has a fresh original look, combines good humor, sexy fun and your illos are just, well, wicked hawt.  

Thanks a lot, man! It is very appreciated 🙂

Do you focus mainly on F-F in your spanking work? And would you ever consider a M-F or other niche down the road?

I will always stick to F/F, it is my favorite! I also feel M/F and F/M have plenty of artists Continue reading “Exclusive! An Interview with SpankingToons”

Cherry Red Exclusive: Gigi Allens On Spanking Male Ass

Not only is Australian stunner Gigi Allens a top-notch spankee, as seen, for example, on SpankedSweeties, Ms. Allens knows how to give what she gets, as evidenced in several sizzling FemDom scenes playing now at Clare Spanks Men, which is also available via the multi-site Clare Pass.

gigi allens spanking
GET over my knee. Now!

So we asked Gigi Allens a few questions on spanking male ass. [In case you missed, check out a previously posted cherryred interview with Gigi.]

How do you compare the experience of spanking a misbehaving guy vs. spanking a naughty female?

I suppose that I sometimes get a little bit more excited about spanking a male as opposed to a female. Only because it breaks the stereotype of men being the dominant player.

And I do love asserting myself as a strong, empowered female. That being said, we are only playing with societal stereotypes here…


Do you have a different technique, and does it make you personally feel/react differently, as a Top? as a spanker?

Usually when I spank a female I am slightly more caressing and gentle in between spanks. A few different techniques I like to implement basically include what I would dub the Continue reading “Cherry Red Exclusive: Gigi Allens On Spanking Male Ass”

Exclusive! An Interview with Spanking Star Gigi Allens !

gigi allens spanked otk

From working as a strict Domme to starring in adult films to getting wicked hot spankings on multiple sites within the Clare Fonda Spanking Network, including a deliriously delicious debut on the domestic discipline site Spanked Sweeties, the gorgeous Gigi Allens, originally from Australia, is on track to rock the spanko world & adult biz. 

We here at CRR chatted with Gigi, learning about her penchant for potato chips, Duran Duran and, of course, smouldering hot, well-spanked bottoms.  BTW she loves to spank, too!

gigi allens spanking
Will Gigi Allens ever learn to be a good girl?    And by the way, “Momma” Clare Fonda is most definitely back in the spanking biz, as seen here in a classic Mom-Daughter domestic discipline scene, playing now only at Spanked Sweeties, with naughty daughter Gigi Allens getting punished, tiny shorts tangled at her ankles.  Bad gurl Gigi is in 3 smouldering domestic scenes for Sweeties, two of which she’s rockin’ tiny daisy dukes, and she’s interviewed as well about her real-life spanking experiences.    Def. a must-see!!

Thank you Gigi for taking the time to chat with the Cherry Red Report!

That’s no problem at all…happy to do it 🙂

gigi allensI was reading about your background, and understand you have previously worked as a Domme in a dungeon in Australia — what was that experience like?

Some of my fondest memories are of working in the Dungeon here in Sydney, Australia. It was such an amazing melting pot of people — both the lovely Mistresses who worked there and the clients who came in.

I started in the Dungeon quite young so I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn about BDSM and discover who I was sexually in relation to BDSM in such a wonderful environment.

Unfortunately the last dungeon I worked at, Salon Kittys, closed down about a year ago after having been in business for 27 years.

When did you first discover that you had a strong interest in the spanking kink?

My interest in spanking and punishment as a whole certainly stems from childhood. My parents, rightly or wrongly, were strict disciplinarians. This evoked in me an urge to Continue reading “Exclusive! An Interview with Spanking Star Gigi Allens !”

A Cherry Red Interview with Willow May

willow may sweetiesNot even yet 20 and already an established fetish/bondage model and employee at The Dominion in Los Angeles, the lovely Willow May recently made her spanking debut at the deliciously hawt domestic discipline site Spanked Sweeties.  

The first scene is a Mom/Daughter tail-blazing scenario, and the second M-F scene re-enacts one of her Dominion sessions–and she’s interviewed also about her spanking experiences.  (Sweeties is also avail via the better-valued, multi-site Clare Pass).  We asked Ms. May a few cherry red queries…..

Thanks for taking the time to chat with Cherry Red Report! So how long have you been working for The Dominion in LA? And what kind of roles do you play there?

I have been at The Dominion for two months. I love it! I have played the naughty Continue reading “A Cherry Red Interview with Willow May”

15 Questions with Briella Jaden

briella jaden fetish model

We are stoked to present a cherryred Q&A with fetish/bondage star Ms. Briella Jaden, who filmed 4 different wicked sizzling scenes for Spanked Sweeties — all domestic discipline scenarios that left Briella well-punished by her Mom, Dad and Granny, and taught a good lesson — her bodacious bottom glowing red ‘n hot.  She’s also interviewed on the site about her real-life spanking experiences.  BTW: Sweeties is also available via the better-valued multi-site Clare Pass.:)

Briella’s no stranger to spanking: she’s worked with the FemDom site, Clare Spanks Men, she’s played a naughty stripper on Sarah Gregory’s site, and also recently shot a hard discipline scene with Bun Beating Fun.

briella jaden spanked

Thank you Briella for taking the time to chat with the Cherry Red Report! I have read that Continue reading “15 Questions with Briella Jaden”

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