A Few More Q’s with Syren de Mer

syren de mer spanking
Mother knows best…….Syren de Mer scolds and spanks, from left to right, Jenna Rose, Veronica Ricci and Kay Richards. Image courtesy of SpankedSweeties.

CRR shot a few more questions over to spanker extraordinaire Syren de Mer, who has wonderfully starred in pulse-quickening, wicked hot spank scenes for Girl Spanks Girl in the “Governess Rules” and “Returns!” series and most recently, for the domestic discipline site Spanked Sweeties, playing the strict Mom to naughty girl, and former Penthouse Pet, Jenna Rose, et al.  (These sites are avail via the better valued multi-site Clare Pass.)

What was it like working in this latest cherry-cheeked scene for Spanked Sweeties, featuring 3 brats at once: new Sweetie Jenna Rose along with seasoned spank veterans Veronica Ricci and Kay Richards?

It’s always a pleasure! I love Veronica and Kay! And having Jenna with us was icing on my cake.

syren de mer spanking

Indeed! When you are working with such a tantalizing triumvirate of tannable tails, how Continue reading “A Few More Q’s with Syren de Mer”

Chatting with Christy Cutie…and Her Booty

spanking christy cutie OTK
Christy’s classic pout, and posterior, are the stuff spanko dreams are made of.

Christy Cutie is simply amazing. Spanking star and a super cool person, too! We here at CRR are mesmerized by C-Cutie’s many spanking shoots, and asked her a few Q’s on her recent wicked hot shoot with the fantastic Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking site.

christy cutie spanked

So what’s it like shooting a spank vid with the legendary Chelsea Pfeiffer?

Working with Chelsea is always fantastical fun! She’s super sweet and we always have lots Continue reading “Chatting with Christy Cutie…and Her Booty”

A CherryRed Interview with The Camerman on the South of France Schoolgirl Spanking Shoot

When we here at CRR HQ found out the latest installment of the Exclusive Education schoolgirl series, playing now at Girl Spanks Girl, was shot in the South of France, we had to know more.

Exclusive Education 8, featuring Snow Mercy, Veronica Ricci, Missy Rhodes, Koko Kitten, Buffy Buffington, and Nikki Rouge

So we asked the chief Cameraman a few cherryred-related questions on this sizzling schoolie spankfest. . .The tireless Cameraman produces all the sites in the Clare Fonda network.

Thanks much for taking the time! So how did you end up shooting EE8 in the South of France?

Snow Mercy and Nikki Rogue approached me with the idea, actually. Snow has been part of this Exclusive Education epic series on Girl Spanks Girl for some time (since episode 3 I believe) and Nikki has appeared in it as well.

They had some too good to be true deals for shooting in France and while the cost was Continue reading “A CherryRed Interview with The Camerman on the South of France Schoolgirl Spanking Shoot”

A Few Quick Q’s with Syren de Mer

syren de mer
The stunning Syren de Mer  has starred wonderfully as the exquisitely strict Governess, in both must-see videos: “Governess Rules!” and “Governess Returns!” films for the Girl Spanks Girl website. Also avail. via the better-valued Clare Pass. We asked this stunning syren a few quick cherryred-related questions…

Hello Dave!

Hello there! *swoons* 🙂 🙂

Ok, here we go…finally…Lol And thank you so much for your wonderful compliments! I am a Mom so, I do have practice in the scolding aspect — and I have experience in the BDSM lifestyle which gives me knowledge of the correct way to spank.

Indeed! As a seasoned adult film star, how did you get involved with this spanking shoot for the Girl Spanks Girl site?

I was originally booked about a year ago for this type of fetish and to tell you the truth I’m Continue reading “A Few Quick Q’s with Syren de Mer”

A Brief Chat with the Legendary Clare Fonda, Along with Some Very Hawt Pix That You Will Enjoy

Clare Fonda aka: Jamie Foster

The cherry red blog had a wicked brief chat with Clare Fonda [aka: Jamie Foster] who unfortunately no longer works in the spanky biz, but is quite actively involved in various other pervy pursuits and fetishes, while also reppin’ the 818.  She also hooked me up with a few exclusive and deliciously hot eye candy piccies 🙂

We all miss you, and I’m stoked to hear you have a lot of super cool endeavours going on and such…So how’s it all going with your new website(s)?

clareI actually only have one new website and it’s a lot of fun.  It’s called Jamie Foster Strips which is my latest and it’s an ENF site – that’s “embarrassed naked female” for those who didn’t know.

And I didn’t know that term existed — I just knew I liked these types of scenes. I was calling it the “huMILFiation” genre.

The Naughty Diaper Girls site is still fun with new models on all the time. Just had gorgeous Addie Juniper wetting her jeans on there.

And there there’s my clips store: Cute Cougar. It’s filthy and often silly.

What’s a typical day like working at the BDSM club called the Sanctuary in LA? if there is such a thing as a typical day….

I will tell you that a typical day is busy —  it’s a great club, and I have seen a lot of my old Continue reading “A Brief Chat with the Legendary Clare Fonda, Along with Some Very Hawt Pix That You Will Enjoy”

Exclusive! Behind the Scenes with Spanking Star Christy Cutie

christy cutie spanking star
Image courtesy of Assume the Position Studios.

We are stoked to feature a special bloggystyle post on the amazing spanking starlet Christy Cutie, with Ms. Cutie providing the behind-the-scenes scoop on 10 different pix from various producers of the red ass variety.

Christy is a self-described born spanko with an unstoppable penchant for provoking seasoned Tops to tan her bodacious bottom to glowing hot hues of cherry red hotness.

In a nutshell, Christy has one tough tush. And she also has a blog which you can find Here.  And many thanks to Christy for taking the time to participate in this fanny-flaming  feature.

1. Over Clare Fonda’s knee on Spanked Call Girls, also available via the Clare Pass

clare fonda spankedcallgirls christycutie

Spanked Call Girls is one of the first big spanking sites that I ever shot for. I was soooo ridiculously excited to be shooting for one of Clare Fonda’s awesome websites! And I was even more excited to be shooting with Clare Fonda herself. . .

In fact, this scene was one of Clare’s last spanking shoots EVER! I was honored to be a part Continue reading “Exclusive! Behind the Scenes with Spanking Star Christy Cutie”

Cherry Red Exclusive: A Few Q’s With Gianna Love

gianna love punishedbrats spanking

We are stoked to feature a brief Q&A with Gianna Love aka: “G-Love,” who is a beautiful new spanking model whom you can find getting her bodacious bottom lit up to a glowing hottttt hue of sizzling cherryredness, exclusively on Punished Brats. I find the scenes where Ms. Julie Simone goes to town on G-Love’s bottom, armed with a super-sized hairbrush, especially pulse-poundingly hot.

We also asked P-Brats head-honcho David Pierson how the Gianna shoots went and what it was like working with G-Love: “Just the dark comedy nature of it. Surprised the fuck outta me. And Gianna is very cute and resilient. . . A total pro.” 

Thank you Gianna for taking the time for a brief cherryred chat. So can you tell us how you Continue reading “Cherry Red Exclusive: A Few Q’s With Gianna Love”

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