I See Sweeties: A CRR Exclusive

This Just In: A new spankee by the name of “Kadence.”

Leave it to the lovely and wonderfully strict Clare Fonda to find the most spankable sweeties around.

Clare Fonda’s impressive Spanked Sweeties site unveils a new model by the name of Kadence who is certainly easy on the eyes.

Though I wonder if Clare will be so easy on the delightful perky posterior of Kadence?
Clad in such scintillating skimpy jean shorts, perhaps I should feature Kadence at some point soon on The Daisy Dukes Report. . .

Pretty panties getting the obligatory panty-warming.

I am certainly looking forward to seeing a lot more of this spankee — arched and squirming over a lap.

For more on Kadence, surf on over here:
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