New Sizzling Spank Art from Kami Tora

What’s up my fellow spanky peeps.  The legendary fetish and spanking artist Kami Tora strikes again with his latest work, entitled “Self-Spanker Caught.”  Hm…any self spankers out there? If so, have you been caught in the tushy-tanning act ? Do tell.  Anyway, this illo of course features Kami’s signature “wet at both ends” stylistic, sizzling awesomeness.

:arrow:Read an exclusive cherry red interview with Kami Tora, the man I have dubbed “The Renoir of the Red Ass.”

We are rockin’ like Dokken here at CRR — do stay tuned for fresh new exclusive interviews we have in the editorial pipeline, new site news, an interview with a custom paddle maker, and so much more cherry red goodness.

Royal Blush: The Latest From Kami Tora

Hot off the press from famed fetish and spanking artist Kami Tora.  Hope Kami plans on illustrating an entire cherry red-themed 52-card deck….as I’m always in the mood for a friendly game of, say, Blistered Butts Blackjack or Texas Spank ’em.  Anyone wanna’ play?

:arrow:Check out this sizzling Kami Tora playing card, posted last year.

New from Kami Tora and Clare Fonda

:arrow:Famed fetish illustrator extraordinaire Kami Tora, whom I call the “Renoir of the Red Ass,” strikes again, this time with an ass-sizzling, explicitly pervy FemDom image.

[Click here for another previously posted Kami F/m classic.] I know I infrequently post red male ass material, but I’m open-minded, and an equal opportunity spanko. As I like to say, it’s all good as long as it’s cherry red. [Perv over here for an interview I did with Kami.]


:arrow:Now playing at Girl Spanks Girl: Exclusive Education 5 from Clare Fonda: the yearly spanko saga continues with yet more rebellious schoolgirls [will they ever learn??] getting their tight tushies sizzled to a cherry red hue via hand, hairbrush, and paddle.

Clare Fonda’s annual spankextravaganza, Exclusive Education 5, is now being released on Girl Spanks Girl.

EE5 is also available via the multi-site Clare Fonda Pass. The first image features new petite stunner April O’Neil learning the time-tested ways of discipline, at the seasoned hand of hard-spanking Lana, and directly above a fab pic of Katherine St. James getting her righteous behind blistered good ‘n’ hot.

The butt-bongo festivities feature 10 sassy lasses learning that with Clare Fonda, the homework is the hairbrush. [Need more Clare? Check out the Clare Fonda section at CherryRedMovies.]


:arrow:Feed your fetish, and watch spanking now, On-Demand at CherryRedMovies.

Debbie arches perfectly in “American Spanking Classics Vol. 1”

Unleash your inner spanko, and watch what you want, whenever. Try it for free, then just pay-per-min for spanko awesomeness. . . . .There’s also heaps of mainstream adult film, as well as classic porn from the golden age, along with every possible niche and kink you could think of. Enjoy.

New Spanking Art by Kami and Cc; And A Few Other Cherry Red Spanko News Nuggets

I thought I’d get bloggy with it and post a quick spank art post, and a few news items, to celebrate the cherry red goodness of life, and the arrival of spring.

Above: A brand new and delightful illo from Kami Tora entitled “Fender Bender.”

Below: The spanktastic Cc made me a lovely cherry-red themed illo. Thank you Cc! !

* * *

:arrow:Need some more cherry redness in your life?

Perv on over and check out the latest new and vintage red-ass releases at CherryRedMovies. No memberships, nothing to join, just pay by the minute.

Click this link HERE for 20-minutes for free to try it out. I’m digging it, as I can instantly watch the exact bottom blistering scene I want, with no worries whatsoever.

This video on-demand site features such spanktastic stars as the exquisite Amelia Jane Rutherford, Sierra Salem, Clare Fonda, Kailee, Samantha Woodley, Chelsea Pfeiffer, and many more.

Watch what you wanna watch, when ya wanna watch it, featuring studios ranging from California Star to Raven Hill and heaps more. Easy. And it’s fun.***

:arrow:Need some red-ass reading material? Forget Barnes & Noble — just check out the pulse-pounding spanking fiction by the unstoppable and prolific Loki Renard at her website Trouble Books. And lots ‘o yummy samples there.  Highly recommended.


:arrow:Need some new tushy? Check out the latest stunning Sweetie from Clare Fonda, who brings us Aiden Ashley. There’s another gallery HERE. Momma Clare is home and she’s not too happy! Some of the yummiest tight jeans pix at Sweeties since Alannah Rae made her debut. Enjoy.


:arrow:Need to brush-up on your spanking skills and knowledge? I know I do! Seasoned spanko veteran Tasha Lee has written “Hot Crossed Buns: A Beginner’s Guide To Spanking” (Vol. 1)available now via this link at This is on my must-read list.

The Renoir of the Red Ass: An Interview with Spanking and Fetish Artist Kami Tora

Pulse-quickening, pulsating punished posteriors. Sizzling, steamy and well-spanked. Humorous and hot. And quite often wonderfully cherry red. . .

Those are some of the reasons I call fetish and spanking illustrator Kami Tora the “Renoir of the red ass,” whose fantastic, scarlet hued, drippingly feverish spanking artwork has graced these cherry red pages many a time.

Simply put, he is one of the best spanking illustrators I have seen. And there’s something I dunno, indescribable, about his work that, well, just makes you feel good about being a spanko.

But who really is Kami Tora ?

Let us journey behind-the-scenes and inside the mind of Kami Tora, learn of his muse, his inspirations and techniques, styles of spanking art, his thoughts on anime and manga, other fetishes besides spanking that he draws, and more. [Related Post: Kami was featured in an interview focusing on 5 of his pieces on CRR in this September 2007 article.]

**On a side note, I also want to say a special thank you to Kami Tora.  Via correspondence over the past few years, he has been very cool and gracious, humble and kind to me. And for that, and for his stunning artistry, I am most grateful.**

Thank you Kami Tora for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report. It is an honor and a pleasure.  So Kami Tora means “paper tiger” I believe? Why did you choose that name? and what does it mean?

I thought Paper Tiger had a good double meaning, since I draw a lot in a manga style, but I’m not Japanese. And of course I draw on paper. The word “kami” has a few other meanings in Japanese, including “God,” which sounds even cooler, but I’m too humble to use “God Tiger.”

Well I thought of a new nickname for you: the “Renoir of the red ass.” What do you think?

Heh, well I would never consider myself actually among super artists (old or modern), but I’ll admit my work resonates with true connoisseurs, heads of state, and the raincoat crowd.

lol and the spanko blogger crowd….So when and how did you first get into drawing the spanking fetish?

I can’t really remember. Probably, I was doing an “ecchi” (softcore) pic, and Continue reading “The Renoir of the Red Ass: An Interview with Spanking and Fetish Artist Kami Tora”

What Baby Wants: New Kami Tora Artwork

When Kami releases a new piece, this brings me happiness. Hot off the press, the latest cherry hot illo from the amazing Kami Tora — this masterwork is entitled “What Baby Wants…..Baby Gets.”  Absolutely suitable for framing.  Stay tuned: interview with Kami will be published soon.

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