Kitty’s Cherry Red Spanking

Photo above, and below text, from Real Life Spanking web site:

As you know, we are an interactive site and the girls are punished for real life things. This is one of them. Dave from the cherryredreport is going to post an interview with a few of our girls and he sent Kitty some questions to answer.

The naughty minx did not reply and Dave waited weeks for the answers.

A naughty kitty learns a good lesson. [One of my favorite spanking photos.]

I stepped in and I went over to Mark and Kitty’s apartment and gave her a good OTK spanking per Dave’s request while Mark gleefully watched.

This one is for you Dave!”

Classic photo: Kitty gets spanked for smoking.

* * * *

I was as surprised, and perversely delighted, to see the graphic at the top of this post, and accompanying video as anyone, posted on the Real Life Spankings web site. Surreal. I must say I never thought myself or this blog would be involved as the plot of a spanking video. But it happened.

Brief backstory: On a whim I sent one of the sites’ spankee’s, Kitty, a few questions via the site’s members forum — I usually don’t feature interviews with spankee’s and models as several other sites have that covered very well — and interviewing someone via email is not ideal by any means; nonetheless, I emailed Kitty. Yet I never heard back from her.

So after a month or two and follow-up emails to Kitty as well as the site’s owner, she finally responded with some responses, albeit quite brief ones.

Anyway, Mike asked me how she should be punished, I responded in turn, though I thought he was just joking around with me. I thought wrong! Kitty basically got an OTK spanking for procrastinating and they turned this into a cute vid — wish I could have the cute Kitty over my lap instead. Meow! 🙂

Hi Kitty. How did you end up working in the spanking video business ?
I met Mike and Kelly [the site owners] through their website and they give me just what i need!

Before you started getting your bottom tanned on video, had you ever been spanked before, or no?
Yes when I was a little girl and playfully by an old boyfriend.

What is it like working with Real Life Spankings?
They are very nice, and it is great working with them, although my bottom will disagree with me. [Editor’s Note: We think your bottom agrees with you quite nicely.]

So did the smoking-related spanking you received in an earlier video help you to stop smoking — or not really?
No comment because if Mike reads this I might have another stinging bottom again. [Editorial Note: I have a feeling Mike is reading this.]

You have been featured in some scenes with the beautiful Simpa, another spanking model on RLS. What is like working with her?
Sim is very sweet and lovely to work with but she is soooooo naughty! [Note to Self: Learn Dutch and move to The Netherlands. Check to see if Mike is hiring.]

So is there much of a spanking scene in The Netherlands?
The BDSM and fetish scene here is much bigger then the spanking scene, but the spanking scene is growing.

If I may ask, what are your other interests besides spanking?
My other interests are music, shopping and watching soccer and going out for a drink with my friends, but not too much drinking, because if Mike knows it, I will get a stinging bottom again. [This Kitty is just asking for it.]

On a random note, what are you listening to these days?

These days I really love to hear the song “Bleeding Love” from Leona Lewis and also “Me Love” from Sean Kingston.

Thanks for your time Kitty!

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