The First Annual “Cherry Red Report Holiday Buyer’s Guide: Spanking Implements”

The amazing Amelia Jane Rutherford, in a recent photo from Good Spanking, displaying some classic spanking tools of the trade.

We all know there are so many bottoms. And yet, so little time.

Be that as it may, there are many spanking toys, and various devious devices of derriere discipline to choose from, collect, savor and utilize on your favorite miscreant.

But is your toybox or dresser drawer looking a wee bit empty these days? Don’t get depressed about it. We are here to help.

[Editorial Note: In full disclosure, this Blogger only has a very fine exotic wood “Conair” hairbrush from Target (highly recommended however) in our collection, but we hope to expand that soon with some items included in this blog post.]

A custom “Brat” paddle from Paddle Master Pro gets tested out on Clare Fonda’s Girl Spanks Girl.

In that spirit, we are posting the first ever “Cherry Red Report Holiday Buyer’s Guide” focused on 6 excellent spanko retailers. Certainly this is not an exhaustive guide, and we have purposefully left out the mega online retailers, in order to help promote some of these smaller companies.

Amber of SpankAmber fame gets a dose of old-fashioned behavior modification, and a cherry red backside, courtesy of a hairbrush-style paddle from Rosy Bottom. One of my fav photos.

We hope this helps you navigate through the maze of purveyors of perverted punishment providers. I did not give these gorgeous toys a real-world test on a naughty hottie [not yet at least], so this post is a general overview.

[EDITORIAL NOTE: If you are a spanko retailer and would like to be included in future Cherry Red “Buyer’s Guides,” please send me an email and I will check your site out.]

Please feel free to leave a comment and let us know what some of your favorite spanking toys and retailers are! Don’t be shy folks. I won’t bite and like all bloggers, I love comments 🙂

* * *

Paddle Master Pro

This fine retailer specializes in unique, colorful, washable, and possibly indestructible paddles in 13 different styles (including glow-in-the-dark), offered in a funky assortment of colors, providing what they say are “simply the best in flexible, lightweight paddling implements and

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Are Leather Belts Sexy and Yummy?

This month’s Cherry Red Report “Guest Blogger” is EmeraldEyes (‘Em’ for short) who does some terrific and prolific blogging at her site, The Domestics of Life.

Em has a bit of a, well, errmm, shall we say a thing for leather belts, so I asked her if she could kindly elaborate on this intriguing topic, as she finds this implement, as she so candidly reveals, quite sexy and ‘yummy.’ Feel free to leave your comments, feedback and reactions and such on Em’s comments below! (Illustration at top is from Endart and the below photo is from RealSpankings).

“I think belts have been involved in women’s spanking fantasies for a long while now, I know they definitely have been in mine! I love everything about them to be honest, and sure they hurt when used as punishment. But they don’t have to, if being used in an erotic way. And there is nothing sexier, than a leather strap being stroked across ones creamy derriere!

It isn’t just the feel of the belt though, that I personally like about it! The smell is delightful (if leather), and the sound when it is being unbuckled and slipped from the waist is so very sexy indeed! I love it when my man doesn’t say a word, but just begins to undo his belt which lets me know I am about to be spanked. It sends shivers throughout my body, and immediately makes me ‘moist’ between the legs!

Sometimes he only needs to begin undoing his belt, and I know I have to straighten up my act or else…It works perfectly everytime, and the great thing about a belt is: a man can wear his ‘spanking implement’ whenever, wherever without anyone batting an eye lid.

You asked me if I associate the belt with a father figure, I don’t although I know others will. I was hardly spanked as a child, and even though my father wears a belt I never saw it as anything sexy (that would just be weird!) However I watched movies where men took their belts off, and used it on their women. It seemed like a very ‘husband/wife’ thing to do, and so I only craved it more within my own relationships.

You also asked do I prefer an old fashioned hair brush, or the belt? Well damn, must I pick? First of all I like almost ‘every’ old fashioned spanking implement you can think of, depending on the severity of how it is used obviously.

But I haven’t had as MUCH experience with the hair brush, as I have with the belt. I am hoping this will change, and what I’d really love for a wedding present is an old fashioned hairbrush to keep on my dressing table 😉 However I would still have to say, for now, the belt is winner to me. The hair brush doesn’t make sexy noises when it is being handled *grins*.

Also what do you reckon cowboys spank with? 😉 Love cowboys yum yum!”

Thank you Em for taking the time to share your thoughts with The Cherry Red Report.
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