Get Your Literary Spank On: Three New Non-Fiction E-Books

Heaps of fresh news on the literary spanking front my spanky peeps, for you red bottomed bibliophiles. 

Are you often mystified by the enigma enclosed in a paradox that is a spanking Top’s mind? The unstoppable Devlin O’Neil has a new e-book, his first non-fiction book actually, tackling this cerebral topic, thusly entitled “Spank Her: A Top’s View of This Thing We Do.”

>>Check out Loki Renard’s review Here.

According to the description, “….Spank Her! is an informative, fast-paced, light-hearted romp through Devlin O’Neill’s, more or less, real life world.

“Part opinion piece, part sociological treatise, part psychobabble mega-essay, this book rips the tear-away knickers off the shadowy realm that is consensual adult spanking in the 21st century, with a smile, and a wink, and a kiss on the bottom.”

*  *  *

Cassandra Park spanking bookIf you are looking for the bottoms view of our cherry red hobby, do check out Cassandra Park’s recently released e-book “It’s Supposed to Hurt: Volume 2.”

As the description notes: “Ms. Cassandra Park returns with more fiction, fantasies, and essays … this time from the bottom point of view. [The e-book] includes four short stories, selections of her writing from 2007-2012, pictures, and two special guest opinion pieces.

“You’ll find Sandy’s no-holds-barred look at submission, pain & fear, punishment & discipline play, attending parties, the spanking community, and life in the world of BDSM.

“If you liked Volume I, which was written from the top point of view, “It’s Supposed to Hurt! Volume II” We need to have a little talk…” offers a peak into the mind of Ms. Cassandra’s alter ego.”

*  *  *

new spanking bookSpanking author Vivian has just released an intriguingly titled new e-book out called “What He Wants: A Man’s Seven Secret Spanking Desires.” Vivian is also the author of “How to Get The Spanking You Want” and also the instructional “How to Give a Spanking.”

Vivian writes in her introduction to the book: “Building on the material in the first two books, ‘What He Wants’ contains a powerful and near-magical secret to maintaining a successful spanking relationship.

“It’s a simple, but profound, secret that can turn your partner from a reluctant participant in your spanking desires into a passionate partner who loves to spank you as much as you love to be spanked.”

*  *  *

In other literary news, I have been informed that BlushingBooks is actively seeking talented writers in the F-M spanking fiction genre.  For more info, contact koreymae [at] blushingbooks [dot] com


Author Spotlight: Devlin O’Neil

Prolific spanking scribe Devlin O’Neil, featured at his site A Maid for All Seasons, has some serious, seasoned skills when it comes to steamy, sizzling, squirmy spanking fiction.

Historical Romances. Strict Uncles. Old-fashioned Police Officers. Futuristic Prison Fantasies. Devlin tackles all genres and scenarios with a terrific flair for the unusual and the erotic.

For starters, I highly recommend the hefty tome “A Maid For All Seasons, Part 1 and 2,” weighing in at over 500 pages, which can be purchased at and Borders. Just skimming will, ummm, well, certainly get your panties in a tangle. Several new volumes in this series have been released as well.

I’m also looking forward to checking out his short-story collections, one of which has the titillating title “Uncle Devlin’s Bedtime Stories.”

In addition, this multi-talented spankophile co-authors a “Spanking Advice” column, called “Ask The Spanking Mavens.”

Well, this blogger certainly has some reading to do.

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