Cherry Red Interview: A Q&A with Spanking Model Lottie Kinsade

Hello spankos. I must admit the CRR Editorial Board was sadly unfamiliar with the beguiling Lottie Kinsade until a reader recently suggested I feature her on the blog.

Capital idea, as this 20-something spanko from the UK is truly and indeed quite delightful.

Lottie’s first spanking shoots were with Northern Spanking, and she gets her blog on at Lottie’s Spanking Place. She’s also one of the featured models on the new site Spanked in Uniform. I’m gonna skip my periodically overlong, meandering, sometimes rambling intros and just get right to the Q&A. As always, comments are welcome and appreciated.

Thank you kindly Lottie for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report. What’s the weather been like recently in the UK these days?

Ooh I do love talking about the weather! Well, it’s still pretty cold, and I hear its going to get a bit colder and we may have some more snow on the way.

Your bio on your blog says you are into “general mischief making.” Hmm! Care to elaborate? Does that include “bratting” ? Fresh behavior and the like?

As a terribly naughty schoolgirl, Lottie gets a dose of some tough love, OTK-style, on the new site Spanked in Uniform.

Well i guess I do like to be a bit naughty but in a good way, mostly just teasing and being playful and I suppose I do let my ‘inner child’ out sometimes too! I’d say Im a good girl really rather than a brat!

I read on your blog you are in University–just wondering how that is going and what you are studying? If I may ask, does anyone help keep you line these days, for, say, naughty behavior or low grades or what-not?

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