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Just emailed over some interview Q’s to Ludella Hahn, so stay tuned for a special Q&A feature wicked soon.  Speaking of interviews, I’d love to interview adult film star, and lifelong red-ass enthusiast, Tom Byron.  As of yet, no luck.  Working on an article with the tireless Mike from SIU.  Also in case you missed it, do check out the Cherry award winner for hottest/sexiest spanking scene.

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In other bun blazing news, check out the new Cherry Red Archive of Spanking Interviews;  also, my other blog Spanking4Men is currently featuring a special guest columnist on his Top 10 Male Celebrities Who Need to Be Spanked — and Why.

Male spanking blog: spanking4men.com

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Big thanks to artist Franco for sending this sizzling illustration to The Cherry Red Report.

I believe this is the first sub male art ever posted on the blog!:shock: Would love to get your feedback–feel free to take the scientifically designed poll below.

As we are an open-minded site interested in the fascinating variations of the spanking kink, and as we have received requests to feature some posts about male spanking, do stay tuned for a more in-depth feature on this intriguing artist whose embrace of the eroticism of hot spanking — well-tanned male behinds, that is — is second to none.

[This blog in no way condones the spanking of any student for reading this blog during class. Now wait a minute. Hm…..On second thought, we do condone it. Commence rump roasting.]

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