Misty Has a Good Cry at English-Spankers

A teasingly short video clip featuring Misty:

It’s not too often one sees a very firm, disciplinary (yet also simultaneously erotic) spanking video with not only some tearing up from the spankee — but with some real, straight-ahead crying.

“Misty,” a new and quite expressive model with a terrific pout at English Spankers, gets seriously misty-eyed in a recent video on the site (real briefly: the plot involves Misty stealing from her employer–naughty girl!).

Obviously the real tears adds some intriguing realism to this video from English Spankers, the crying sparked not only by her tanned backside, but likely from the embarrassment and scolding as well. Talk about some serious “subspace.”

As she’s fair-skinned and she gets a very firm hand spanking, her bottom develops into a sizzling cherry red hue.

Arched over her disciplinarian’s lap, she also erotically and rhythmically arches her whole body with every sizzling swat.

In addition, when she’s bent over the couch, the glory of her female charms are on full display. And she appears to be, errm, well, understandably, enjoying all the attention.

No nonsense spanking scenes are OK, but for spanktastic erotica that I really dig, it’s simply gotta’ have some juicy, steamy erotic overtones, however subtle, or not so subtle, they may be (or would that be erotic undertones?) Anyway……

((Editor’s Note: For an outstanding blog post about the fascinating issue of crying and spanking, check out Pixie’s article on this topic here: Spanking Pixie: Spanked to Tears.))

CRR chatted with Peter, the spanker in the scene and the man behind English Spankers, to learn more about this tearful affair and get the perspective from the Top.

Wonderful, expressive photo. Thumbs-up on the pigtails.

Can you give me some background on what is it like working with Misty?

She is quite a girl, she said she wanted to be spanked, she was always naughty and very cheeky and that a spanking kept her in line. I was a bit dubious, I told her we only shot girls who were into the spanking scene, we did not use models as our spankings, while not vicious, are for real. She told me that her boyfriend spanked her when she got out of line. So, we had to spank her.

How did you find Misty? Or did she find you?

She found English Spankers on the net and liked the look of our videos, she said they had style and quality. I almost felt that after that I would not be able to see her spanked!

I’ve never seen a girl cry like that in a video….From my relatively-speaking limited experience, I’m assuming that is rare?

Very rare, as she is being spanked she is getting sexually aroused, once the spanking gets to a certain level she bursts into tears, this she says is the very best time for her. She was fine afterwards and as you will see in some of the other video I shot of her she was more than happy to be given the pleasure of being paddled and caned. The video of her being paddled I in fact have not used all the material, while I love it and think it is amazing I think that some people may get the wrong idea, they may not have understood that this girl just loves to be spanked to tears.

Peter shows the patented arm-lock technique.

So she definitely really loves to get a hard and hot spanking?

She is a genuine lover of being spanked, she is the girl you want to go to bed dreaming about and the girl you want to find over your knee when you wake up.

Misty seems to be able to completely let herself go, let herself into the moment.

Yes. That is quite rare, all though we do see it manifest in different ways. Because we only ever shoot girls who want to be spanked, not like so many other sites out there where the girls do it just for the money, we do tend to find girls who get off in their own way.

That video seems much more intense than most spanking material — is that what you were going for from the start? Was it also a harder spanking than most of your vids? If so, why ?

I realized that she was intent on being cheeky, because we go totally in roll play, at any time during this and the other spankings she received she could have said that she would behave herself and she new then that we would stop, she taunted her spanker into continuing, it was in fact me who said that I thought we had a great little film and would she mind if we stopped spanking her at least long enough to let my camera cool down.

The spanking was not that hard, we go as hard as the spankee wants, we are experienced in this and take great care to get to where the girl is, where she is happy and where she is not only aware of the punishment but of the pleasure she is deriving from the punishment.

Up on all-fours over a couch, with Misty not going anywhere anytime soon. Embarrassing indeed.

Yet it is sexy as well…..with the close-ups of her lovely bottom and feminine charms. Do you feel combining eroticism with a strict spanking is important?

Things in the spanking scene have changed over the years. At English Spankers we have made a decision to be more ‘natural’, not to hide those places from view, usually when a man spanks a girl he sees only the bottom, we give him the chance to see the whole picture. Some may find that some of our films are more explicit than they want to see, well we do have to cater for all, we do have some girls who do not want to show off more than their bottom, well we respect that.

I have to say that if you like the beautiful bottom on Misty, you will love it when she is taken to the hay barn and has to undress completely for the cane.

As to our quality, we do now shoot all material in High Def and wide screen. Because of the limit on download speeds, particularly in Europe we do have to reduce the quality a little, the full files would take forever to download. As a producer I look forward to the day when I can re-encode all this great material into full High def and you can see it just the way we do when we are spanking the bottoms.

Thank you for your time Peter!

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