Love That Pout !

Clare Fonda spanks Dani Jensen

In honor of Clare Fonda Appreciation Week Month, you see, I was looking at some classic Sweeties piccies and video screen-grabs and just reallyyyy love the pouty expression on this naughty Dani Jensen screen-shot, who is taking an OTK trip over Momma Clare’s lap.  That’s one heck of a pout.  Such a delicious brat!  Unh…..

P.S.  If you dig adult films, you can check out Dani Jensen’s XXX films On-Demand on her CherryRedMovies page.

P.S.S.  Click on the pix below for more extremely yummy Dani Jensen spanking pix:

Clare Fonda punishes Dani Jensen

All pix courtesy of Spanked Sweeties.

——-> In honor of “Clare Fonda Appreciation Week Month,” don’t forget that you can also watch anytime some sizzling Clare Fonda spanking films On-Demand at CherryRedMovies…Yessssss!

Jenni Mack: The Cherry Red Interview

I’m loving all the fun captions that readers are submitting in the previously blogged about caption contest — winner to be announced soon! Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging:

Can someone be considered “too cute to spank?”

Jenni Mack at Spanked Sweeties

Alas, while fresh new spanking model Jenni Mack might fall under that dubious distinction of serious cuteness, and sweetness, she certainly takes a very hard, retro-inspired, vintage-fueled bun toasting.

And this tanning is doled out by her old-fashioned “Mom” on Spanked Sweeties — just her 2nd ever filmed spanking scene. [Sweeties is also Jenniavailable via the Clare Fonda Pass.]

I think we might have a future spanko star in the making. Wooo! And I’m lovin’ it ! [Jenni also has a fantastic blog, wonderfully entitled Journey of a Born Spanko: My Dirty Little Secret.]

Also, do check out the enlightening in-depth interviews on the Sweeties site conducted by the unstoppable Clare Fonda, with both J-Mack and her spanker, and pro Domme and 24/7 DD partner, Miss Chris.

They live the lifestyle.

Jenni spanked by Mom over the knee

This very intriguing 1950’s-style Mother-Daughter scenario from Spanked Sweeties features Jenni’s real-life domestic discipline partner, Miss Chris — as a result, the chemistry and intensity of this parental punishment scene is certainly undeniable.

And it’s very real as it’s inspired by a real-life incident as well — check out the Q&A below for the details of their beautiful relationship. It’s something quite special.

Jenni and Miss Chris, a real-life DD relationship

In the video, Jenni’s very fresh mouth sparks a dose of serious behavior modification from Jenni’s super conservative, Catholic Mom —  the seasoned hand of Miss Chris [an amazing Domme!] does a number on poor Jenni’s girlish white bikinis and taut, bare posterior.

And pity the poor soul, when that dastardly kitchen spoon was unleashed by Miss Chris.

The CRR Editorial Team had a chance to talk with this most lovely, truly delightful lifelong spanko about the spanking industry; life with Miss Chris; vintage clothes; Twitter, and more.

Thank you kindly J-Mak for taking the time out of your day to chat with The Cherry Red Report !

I must say I really love your saddle shoes in this Spanked Sweeties vid–was that your idea?

Yes! We got these and many of our role-play costumes in various antique shops in Arizona. These were a special find that were tucked away in a cabinet with a pink poodle skirt I also bought! They have a real vintage-girly vibe that I feed off of whenever I wear them.

What was it like shooting for Sweeties? And was this your first filmed spanking shoot?

Shooting for Spanked Sweeties was an absolute blast and a very sore process, but I loved every minute of it. My Dominant, Miss Chris, and I have a huge uniform fetish, so when I learned that I was able to play my favorite role, that of a naughty school girl brat complete with Catholic uniform, I was all over it!


Clare Fonda was so very sweet and fun to hang out with. I now know why people call her ‘”Momma Clare”! This was actually my second time filming for a spanking company, my first of which was Shadowlane back in June of 2008.

I am a bit of an exhibitionist, so filming any spanking scene knowing that thousands of viewers will see my bare bottom turning crimson really turns my crank in the best way! It’s such a rush and I love spanking and doing role-plays, so it all works out.

Can you tell me more about the scene you were playing out ? And how did everything go during the filming?

The scene was a 1950’s role-play of a Mother disciplining her daughter for using cuss words in Catholic school. This was decided after our interview with Clare Fonda, also featured on the Sweeties site, in which Miss Chris and I discussed the things in real life I had been disciplined for.

I am not allowed to cuss in any way, shape, or form. I was disciplined for this over a year ago in April and until that scene we shot for Sweeties, I had not said a single bad word.

jenni mack bare and over the kneeYou may wonder what type of discipline I received to achieve those results…let’s just say I didn’t sit for a week. I am now terrified of a certain little leather implement called a tawse, and its good friend Mr. Ivory Soap! For the shoot, I received permission to say a few cuss words in order to re-enact some of our real life discipline that had taken place prior. I really did not want to say these, but I was forced to during the scene, so the discipline you see was quite real for me.

During the shoot I was spanked with a hand, hairbrush, and a nasty wooden kitchen spoon, a new ‘toy’ Miss Chris had just purchased, and was anxious to christen on my bare bottom.

She ended up breaking the spoon over me during the shoot, which was actually very funny because She did the same thing during our shoot for Shadowlane. I got to brat quite a bit during the filming, and really let my mouth run, which tends to get me in enough trouble on its own.

If I may ask, what kind of relationship do you have with Miss Chris?

Miss Chris, who I refer to as Ma’am, and I are in a 24/7, D/s discipline relationship. We live together and She has a bottom to spank any time She wants, and I’m a brat, so it works out. She takes care of any discipline I may need for real-life issues.

Jenni get spanked with Mom\'s spoon

I am primarily a goody-goody so, actual punishment spankings are few and far in between. We like to play a lot and She will give me a ‘GG’ or Good Girl spanking quite often. We are both discipline buffs and into anything Victorian, including their style of Corporal Punishment. We share a similar mindset and approach to spanking and discipline. What we have is very special and I love Ma’am very much! I am very thankful to have Her in my life!

Did you get spanked by Clare Fonda?

I did not get spanked by Clare Fonda for this shoot. I watched her give out a few hard spankings though and take one, so I know she’s a tough cookie!

Miss Chris and I were actually talking about this the other day and I said I wouldn’t mind trying it out with another female Top who was well known in the industry. So, maybe for the next shoot this could be an option! Ppsssssst! Clare, did you hear that?? 🙂

I have only had the desire to bottom to Miss Chris and I really enjoy only submitting to Her. Not playing with other people has always been my choice because of that desire and the fact that I am very shy (believe it or not).

Jenni Mack otkMiss Chris has always encouraged me to explore (safely) and to find out what I like and don’t like via the spanking scene. With Her support and guidance I am slowly feeling more comfortable branching out and potentially playing with other female Tops in the future.

Did you shoot for Clare’s other sites as well?

Miss Chris and I also did a shoot for Clare’s Spanked Call Girls site in which I played a budding lady of the night who is caught by her mother in the act! Miss Chris gave quite the spanking to me,  in addition to Sarah Gregory (who played my prostitute mentor), and to ‘Mama Clare’ for the whole set up.

It was a roar of a good time. I got to wear some fishnets and a cute pair of leather short shorts for the shoot with red snake skin heels…just some little things I had lying around at home. . . .and play in the role of a girl who I am not at all like. I admit I liked playing the deviant call girl role because it’s such a naughty thing to be in real life.

You are so beautiful and wonderfully cute. Do you think some people are simply, well, too cute to spank?

after the spanking

Yes! Absolutely! Especially a beautifully cute girl whose not in the least bit a brat and who did something that Ma’am does not know about yet……*wink* Just kidding Ma’am! Though, I will probably pay for that remark one way or another!

LOL….What other sites have you worked with, and/or what sites, or folks in the scene, would you like to shoot with in the future ?

I have had the pleasure of working with Eve and Tony from Shadowlane for their film ‘Mischief Makers 3’ where I played a bratty collage girl along with my fellow brat friend Sarah Gregory, and my Dominant, Miss Chris, as our discipline wielding Head-Mistress.

Currently my Dominant and I are working on a home grown film, which is based on a year in the life of a 1950’s Mother and her daughter where the remedy for a sassy young brat was a good old fashioned over the knee bare bottom spanking. This is an ongoing project that we hope to wrap up soon and it will eventually be available for purchase in Miss Chris’ web-store at

I have been a big fan of Chelsea Pfeiffer, Northern Spanking, and Punished Brats since being a teenager and discovering the naughty world of spanking online, so to work any of them would be a lot of fun! I would love to work with Clare Fonda again for any of her wonderful sites!

She was very sweet and by the looks of it, she can give (and take) a hard spanking! Shadowlane was my first ever public spanking in front of a group of people and a camera, so to be able to return to the root of where I began with this would be delightful. Being able to bottom and brat with Pixie, Chloe Elise, or Beverly Bacci would be awesome too!

On a somewhat random sidenote, I just started twittering on Twitter. Sending out some tweets in the twittosphere.  Do you twitter?

I have never twittered and for the longest time I never knew what that was! It was so funny when my friend asked me if I had ever twittered. I was like, “I don’t do bird calls!” I might go and check it out now that you’re the second person to ask me!

I don’t follow a lot of the social networking sites simply because I do not have the time. I do follow and love Fetlife, but other than that, I tend to keep up by reading blogs and e-mailing. [Editorial Addendum: Jenni Mack has since joined the growing social networking site for spankos: SpankoLife] 🙂

On a musical aside, what’s on your iPod right now?

The last song I played on my iPod was by Katie Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl… and I liked It.” Anything from Stevie Nicks to Sean Paul to Rock and Roll I have on my playlists. I like everything, including Opera — but not country.

Thank you so much for your time Jenni Mack! You are a true delight.


EDITORIAL ADDENDUM: Clare recently filmed another lovely newbie, Candle Boxxx, also in a firm Mom & naughty teenager daughter scenario. Click here for some free galleries of the butt blistering of Ms. Boxxx.

EDITORIAL ADDENDUM, PART DEUX: Lest I forget, the petite pixie Mina Meow is back for another shoot with Clare.  I’m a long-time Mina Meow fan.  Stay tuned for a future Q&A with the legendary Ms. Meow, who’s also a pro fetish/bondage model.

Late Home? Mom Spanks: New Art by Klauth

New art entitled “Late Home” by the ever intriguing artist “Klauth,” whose enticing art has been blogged about on these pages before HERE. Though I was not quite sure what was happening in this drawing, so I asked the artist himself who told The Cherry Red Report:

“As always I’m happy that you like my work! Here the girl is supposed to be Continue reading “Late Home? Mom Spanks: New Art by Klauth”

New Tushy Alert: Kissy Capri at Spanked Sweeties

Introducing the long-awaited, highly-anticipated debut of Kissy Capri at Spanked Sweeties.

Sweeties is an intriguing site as it not only offers hot spanking, but quite candid, detailed interviews with these beauties on their spanking experiences — both past and present.

Clare Fonda, who just launched a brand-new anything-goes spank site called Spanked Call Girls, has only been teasing us poor bloggers about Ms. Capri for the past 3 months or so. It’s about time, Clare! Sheesh! Be that as it may, it appears it was worth the wait.

Thusly, it’s lovely to see Ms. Capri draped unceremoniously over Clare’s seasoned

Continue reading “New Tushy Alert: Kissy Capri at Spanked Sweeties”

The Fantasy World of Klauth

Beguiling new artwork from one of my favorite illustrators: the always original artist known as “Klauth.” This highly-detailed fantasy piece, entitled “Mom’s Last Gift,” leaves much to the wild imagination. For more Klauth features on CRR, point your browser HERE or HERE. Enjoy!

For Klauth’s explanation of this piece, scroll down.

* * *Editorial Note: If you dig spank art, swing on over to the massive Veralsi’s Spanking Showcase, featuring a member’s section with, as of this writing, 35,367(!) images, and counting* * *

Klauth offers some background on this illustration, as originally seen on Anime OTK:

This young bride, just while going to the altar, had her skirt caught on some kind of branch, and she remained with her butt completely bared…not enough: just a moment before, answering to a little criticism from her mother, she had the bad idea to get smart with her, saying she was finally free to do whatever she wanted.

“I should have done this long time ago – said her mother – …but I think I’m in time to put things right. Take off that skirt, you little brat.”

“Now, while people around begin to whisper and laugh in a low voice, pointing to her red buttocks, she wished she had not answered to her mother quite like that. . . ”

The Voyeuristic Urge of a SpankoSexual

Aren’t we all voyeurs really? When ya get right down to it? Does the idea of peeking through the proverbial keyhole to witness a good, hot spanking appeal to you? It sounds exquisite to me.

I love this voyeuristic angle, especially the above striking photo which truly gives you the sense, the perspective, the feeling of sneaking in to view some butt blistering.

This photo features Lena Ramon and Chloe Elise courtesy of GirlSpanksGirl. These images are from Clare Fonda’s ass-scorching domestic discipline epic called “Call Me First,” which also stars the lovely Sarah Gregory. I think Lena Ramon is playing the firm Mom here? Ouchies.

[In other news, casting has begun for Clare Fonda’s continuing schoolgirl spankfest saga–EE3: Exclusive Education, Part Three. Stay tuned for the latest. For more sweetness, check out Clare’s flagship site: Spanked Sweeties.]

* * *

The second photo below features new spankee Angel — who I believe is a real-life naughty teenager at 19 — getting a tanning in a classic Dad spanks naughty Daughter scenario courtesy of Real Life Spankings. What a delicious photo from the good folks at RLS. They also have recently featured some very unique outdoor bottom tannings recently, and a double-otk spanking that is intriguing to say the least.

Anyway, I can imagine myself hearing the spanks, and then cracking the door just a tiny bit, and seeing this gorgeous view of her pink bottom matching her pink pjs.

Thoughts, comments, etc welcome as always.

Naughty Space Pirates Get Their Booty Punished

This original fantasy/sci-fi piece is by Italian illustrator “Klauth,” as seen on the art forum AnimeOTK, and features some unique pirate booty tanning in a domestic discipline, Mom & Daughter setting. And yes the are supposed to be pirates from outerspace who believe in old-fashioned behavior modification, with some high-tech assistance.

You will want to click on the image to enlarge and check out the details and some nifty visuals to ponder. Ever seen anything like this before ?

CLICK TO ENLARGE. Original Art by “Klauth”

Anyway, just when I think I’ve seen it all with this fetish, ya’ ain’t seen nothing yet.

Or perhaps you know you sometimes get a bit weary of it at times ? A little spanko burn-out? But then I see something completely fresh and original like the above illo, that captures the imagination and titillates the soul — and feeds the fetish.

I didn’t pick this fetish. I think it picked me. But it needs regular feeding. And great art, such as the unique visions of Klauth, works quite well.

Do you like this illo? Do you not like it? DON’T BE SHY MY FRIENDS. COMMENTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME. If you haven’t noticed, I really love when folks leave comments and feedback. 🙂

[Like this artist? Another sizzler from Klauth was featured recently in the post called “The Art of the Spank.”]

[Editorial Note: This blog in no way condones the spanking and discipline of naughty, spoiled space pirate daughters by their old-fashioned space pirate Moms. Thank you.]

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