Motivational Posters, Series #4

All images in this post are kind courtesy of Bad Tushy.

The overriding theme of this series is fairly self-explanatory. Feel to print, frame on your wall and get motivated and inspired.

All of these super high-res images are from Bad Tushy, whose ace photographers really know how to capture that magic moment. I think these pix are incredible.

Also you might want to check out Clare Fonda’s Kara Prepare Yourself site, which offers tons of anal-erotic play of all sorts and varieties. Click here for more on this site:

(By the way, it’s a lot more accurate bottoms-up. . .right?)

On a site note, there’s an adult erotic toy company called I believe Blowfish that sells a buttplug shaped like a thermometer — now

that is multi-tasking.

Motivational Posters

I was inspired to create these (and I have a few more in the pipeline) by those endlessly annoying, over-the-top motivational posters found everywhere from executive offices to cubicles; fortunately, I find this frame-worthy, spank-inspired style a lot more intriguing. (Please click on the picture for a larger image).

(top image courtesy of Girls Boarding School. Vintage image below: source unknown).

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