Mila Kunis Spanks Natalie Portman: New Graphical Creation by the Spanko PhotoShop Master Known as “Mr. Hyde”

Hope everyone had a fantastic cherry red holiday and happy new year!

As seen recently on the famed Chross blog, the tireless spanko graphics mastermind, appropriately named “Mr. Hyde,” strikes again with a fresh new “parody” illo, depicting the lovely and talented hawtness known as Mila Kunis tanning the delectable posterior of the delightful Natalie Portman. *swoon*

I tell you, this is the stuff dreams are made of. Both Kunis and Portman both co-star in the thriller “Black Swan,” which I believe is about the dark underbelly of the hyper competitive ballet world.  Speaking of spanko masterminds, I hope fetish/spanko artist Kami Tora creates a new spanky illo soon–this blogger is going through withdrawal symptoms.

And in other Natalie news, on a side note, according to the tireless blogger The Spank Statement [the single best source for celeb spanky gossip], Ms. Portman was “digitally de-thonged” for an upcoming movie trailer(?!?!). Good lord, the horror….

*     *     *     *     *

:arrow:In other news, Clare Fonda warms up the new year with some steamy spanking scenes featuring gorgeous black models Sydnee Kapri and Kandi Cream, featuring my fav combo platter of tight jeans ‘n’ white panties….And Clare ushers in a new sweetie aboard by the name of Alexis Grace, depicted here as a naughty teenager caught by Mom and punished, after apparently smoking some luscious herb. Cute panties btw! Then in another scene, she gets her mouth washed out with soap. Badgurlie.  Did you know, on a side note, Clare also has a male [F/M] spanking site?

*     *     *     *     *

:arrow:In spanking implement news, the leather craftsmen at The London Tanners are re-designing their website, but in the meantime, they are still in business, YES! …creating some of the finest, thuddiest, ouchiest and so very classy looking spanko implements I have seen — hit ’em up via their blog Notes from the Workshop.

*     *     *    *    *

:arrow:Kinda random thong thought but is the ever naughty Heather Stanton absolutely spankalicious in this film “Bare Bottom Brits” [shot in super high-def] or what…..uh huh…..*dies* Also check out the recently released fab video “The Sarah Gregory Stories” featuring spanko stars Sarah and Chelsea Pfeiffer. Also perv over to “The Annabelle Lee Stories Part 3.” And, there are several free video clips of Annabelle Lee in Part 2 over Here. YUM.

*     *     *     *     *

:arrow:In spanko site news, a new spanking site recently launched, called Marked Butts, that’s worth a look, featuring “amateur” spanking action and apparently heaps of cherry red goodness.  On the artistic front, spanky illustrator Dave Wolfe recently launched his own blog, exhibiting his whimsical and light-hearted take on this fetish.

*     *     *     *     *

:arrow:[Addendum: And please stay tuned my spanky peeps. Have a few exclusive interviews in the pipeline, with several celebs in the spanko biz.]

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Katy Spanks Avril: New Illo from Mr. Hyde

In case you didn’t see this as originally posted recently on the Chross blog, here is a lovely ‘photo parody’ by the tireless Graphics Wizard Known as Mr. Hyde, featuring the swoon-inducing Katy Perry punishing the pouty Avril Lavigne.  Hm…though would it not be equally spanktastic to illustrate Avril toasting Ms. Perry’s posterior?? Discuss.

Katy Perry spanking Avril Lavigne

* * * *

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Drew Spanks Diaz: New from Mr. Hyde

As originally seen on the fine Chross blog, an exquisite new photo parody by the legendary graphics master Mr. Hyde, featuring a divine Drew Barrymore playing butt bongo with the enticing Cameron Diaz.

Can you imagine the cherry red possibilities? I say, Bravo!

:arrow:COMING SOON: Stay tuned for several behind-the-scenes feature articles in the next few weeks on Clare Fonda’s Annual epic ass-tanning schoolgirl fest, Exclusive Education 5, now playing at Girl Spanks Girl. Schoolgirl uni’s? Check! Pigtails? Check! Bratty, rebellious behavior? Check! White panties? Check! Life is good.  We also will be featuring the stunning star of this sizzling film very soon as well.

Lindsay Lohan Spanked: New Graphic by Mr. Hyde

What’s up peeps. The unstoppable graphical mastermind and PhotoShop wizard Mr. Hyde strikes again, with a delicious mouth-watering image of troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan, receiving the kind of red-ass rehab that LiLo really needs.

Take your medicine, Lindsay!  Excellent work, Mr. Hyde.  [Hmm. I’ve lost track–is LiLo now out of jail and in rehab I believe or ?]

I had to shrink the image to fit on the bloggie, so the attached doctor’s note thusly reads: “Cherry Red Rehab Center. For relief of bratty symptoms and general naughtyness. Apply spankings thrice daily. Repeat as necessary.”

And you can find all of Mr. Hyde’s earlier work on Mr. Chross’ fine blog, and many of his past cabernet-coloured creations and punishment parodies grace these pages as well.  Thank you Mr. Hyde and keep up the wonderful work!


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Is Soccer Superstar David Beckham a Spanko ??

Heya, wait, so Beckham’s a spanko?? Well I guess I didn’t get the memo. . . Hm. The mind simply reels at the possibilities. [Anyone want to suggest a caption???]

Anyhoo, we are honored and thrilled to once again feature the inimitable master of digitized graphical design wizardy, Mr. Hyde, with his latest cherry red themed PhotoShop fantasy creation: soccer uber-star David Beckham spanking Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham, which this blogger had suggested to Mr. H would make a fabtastic spanko graphical parody.

And so it is indeed!  Thank you very much Mr. Hyde.


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Exclusive! Brand Spankin’ New Mr. Hyde Photo Parody: Football Star Tom Brady Spanks Supermodel Gisele

tom brady spanking gisele bundchen

Hello spankos!

So anyway, you see, I was throwing around some M/f parody ideas and what-not with spanko graphix wizard Mr. Hyde.  And without further ado, and also, lo and behold, my suggestion regarding the iconic New England Patriots quarterback Tom “Call Me Tom Terrific” Brady and his ubiquitous, globe-trotting super-model wife, Gisele Bundchen, ends up as the latest spankalicious creation from Mr. Hyde.:eek:

When Mr. Hyde’s red ass-fueled, spanko-charged imagination runs wild, no celebrity’s posterior is safe from his powerful and pervy photoshop mastery.

Regarding the parody above, when Brady blew out his knee in the first 15-minutes of the first game of the season last year, I always wonder how distracting it must be to be married to a party-hopping Brazilian supermodel who’s net worth is $150M. And who is also a goodwill ambassador to the United Nations, bless her soul. And who is now taking helicopter flying lessons not too far from CRR headquarters.

And sometimes it seems like Mr. Brady spends more time modeling $3,000 suits in Vogue Magazine and dazzling the red carpet at Paris fashion shows than working out on the gridiron; be that as it may, naturally, he is having yet another Hall of Fame season this year. That’s why he is Tom Terrific. And I’m just a ‘lil blogger named Mr. Dave. *sigh*

Anyway, a big Thank You to Mr. Hyde–I love your sense of humor, and the good, old-fashioned fun you bring to our little kink.

BONUS ILLO: And here’s another photo parody masterwork features singer and pop tart Ashlee Simpson playing butt percussion with uber-celeb Lindsey “Just Call me LiLo” Lohan, that I first saw on Mr. Chross’ fine blog.  Simpson spanking LiLo? Hmm! Perhaps they had a spat?  I guess I didn’t get the memo! Nevertheless, file under: Yum.


Christina Applegate Gets Spanked; And More Spanko News

Kelly Bundy, played by Christina Applegate, gets a taste of Mom’s slipper. [PHOTO PARODY BY “MR. HYDE.”]

Did anyone NOT dream/wish/fantasize about watching clueless brat Kelly Bundy (played by super-hottie Christina Applegate) get her righteous rear reddened & spanked hard by her TV Mom, on the popular 90’s-era sitcom “Married with Children” ?? How apropos she’s getting the slipper, as her Dad’s character on the show was a hilariously moronic shoe salesman.

***Big thanks to graphics master Mr. Hyde for creating this photo parody for The Cherry Red Report. [More of Mr. Hyde parody’s featured on this blog can be found HERE.]



***EXCLUSIVE EDUCATION, PART FOUR: Clare Fonda’s 8-ass schoolgirl spank epic EE4 hits Girl Spanks Girl today [or via Clare Fonda Multi-Site Pass].


The film features the seasoned disciplinary tanning trio of Lana, Snow Mercy, and, of course, the unstoppable Clare Fonda.

clare fonda\'s spanking epic EE4

****And yes, the rumors are true…I have a thing for compact cutie Ashli Orion. She’s second from the right in the EE4 pic above, and according to Clare Fonda, “emerged as the biggest little brat in the shoot” though in real-life she’s a true sweetie.

[Check out this second sample belt spanking from Mom gallery HERE. File under: Yum].

Ashli on Spanked Sweeties

Ashli is incredibly vocal, squirmy, bratty, sassy and a major handful on Spanked Sweeties. She almost shimmied right off Clare’s seasoned lap. And I love those retro, old-school striped socks, which are a welcome site on the Spankernet.  The pink bikini panties.  Oh, and that bottom. . . .

Ashli Orion

“Stop squirming–you are NOT going anywhere.   Time to warm up this sassy backside, Ashli. . . . .And you are certainly lucky your Dad is not home….”

Ashli on Spanked Sweeties



Speaking of old-school sport-socks, look at this exquisite photo of the amazing Pixie, of Punished Brats fame, rocking the 3-stripe socks. In fact, the entire ensemble is fab.  I think I’m seeing short-shorts….. Pixie? Do you not rock? Yes. You do.

Also congrats to spanko blogger Rad, who made his pro Dom debut on Punished Brats.  [Rad writes one of the finest spanko blogs, RadSpace, that I have seen] The P-Brats preview pix look simply splendid.

Here’s a dapper Rad in action below, with the wonderful Lilly, flying tresses and all:

rad spanks lilly on punishedbrats


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