Spanko Ninja: OTK Techniques, Part 1

Have you ever been in discipline situations when you feel you need to be a Spanko Ninja to deal with a stubbornly squirmy brat, hold her down while keeping that perky bottom arched up nicely? YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


Most spankosexuals are quite fond of the time-honored over-the-knee position for various disciplinary needs; however, in regards to restraining a squirming Bottom OTK, what are the most popular techniques?

Much has been blogged and written about various implements and positions, but what about actually restraining the Bottom in the appropriate position ? Remember: Never underestimate your Bottom’s ability to covertly and speedily sneak out of a spanking.

Therefore, we can learn much from the centuries of knowledge behind Brazilian jujitsu, Krav Maga techniques from Israel, general Karate techniques — in addition to the primary Kung Fu restraining methods.

PLS do not try these at home. UNLESS you are a certified spanko. And KNOW what you are doing. THANK YOU.

I thought I’d use a few absolutely classic and vintage (mid-90’s) pix to illustrate some techniques. (Feel free to submit your own techniques if you’d like to do so.)

Double Leg Grasp: Spankee is retrained by the Top locking both her legs together, resulting in an embarrassingly exposed spankee who is not going anywhere for a bit.

Classic Arm Bar: (see image above and below.) The most widely used technique, utilizing a wrist or hand pin. Simple and effective. As always, please use caution in any Spanko Ninja techniques.

(Notice how the tangled jeans and panties assist in the arm bar technique.)

The Panty Pull: Here we observe a thong expertly utilized for leverage to restrain the spankee. Also known by some spankosexuals as the “Wedge Lock.”

The Brazilian Butt Bongo: This is a more complicated style and technique which takes more practice. Please use caution when employing the Bongo. Here we see a Thigh Lock-And-Hold combined carefully with a Reverse Elbow Bend. Typically seen in more serious spanking situations.

Next month: Spanko Ninja Techniques, Part Two
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