The Artistry of OTK: Pat Hall

There is a new enticing illustrator on the spankosexual scene with a nifty, shiny new spankblog, that is certainly worth keeping an eye on and adding to your ever-growing blogroll: Mr. Pat Hall has some delightful drawings on his new blog: Drawing Her OTK.

The other cherry-red bottom focused artists who are currently active in the scene that really intrigue the editorial staff at The Cherry Red Report are just a handful: the whimsical, fun artistry of Endart and the often retro-themed art from The Spirit.

There is also the highly skilled Patty, who draws in a classic, romantic style. Lest I forget, there is of course Brian Tarsis who has done tremendous work for Shadow Lane.

(Several amazing artists have unfortunately dissapeared from the scene: an artist named “Eve” and the more widely-known “Sassy Bottoms.”)

Anyway, CRR chatted briefly with Pat Hall about his art and inspiration.

What has inspired and motivated you to get into drawing spanking imagery?

The motivation to actually draw pictures and put them on the Internet comes from the great spanko community. There are so many friendly, smart and talented people all over, it’s hard to see all of that going on and not participate in some way. For something that is supposedly taboo, many members of the spanko community participate in the way of sharing, openness and respect that I wish I saw in more accepted areas of society. It’s always thrilling to see someone enthusiastically share your kink.

Who are your biggest influences, artistically-speaking?

The classics, certainly. Peter Paul Reubens, Norman Rockwell. As far as spanking art goes, it probably begins and ends with Dan DeCarlo for me.

Where do you get your ideas for these ‘naughty’ illustrations?

I’m a born spanko, as they say — one of those guys that has spanked (at least playfully) just about every female friend he had for as long as he could remember. As such, I’m always entertained by the various dynamics of a spanking situation. The feeling of viewing or spanking, or that moment when the spankee is over the knee and waiting for it, but the spanking hasn’t begun..etc. The stages before and after a spanking are filled with various emotions and dynamics. Trying to capture and communicate one of those feelings is always the inspiration for a drawing.

The major spanking artists that come to mind are Endart and The Spirit. Do you like those two? Any others working today, or older artists, that you really admire?

I actually don’t know that much about spanking art, and artists. I’ve seen many nice pieces, but often they are uncredited or colored over by someone else. So if I get some names wrong, I totally apologize. Paula Meadows and Barb (I think O’Toole) have done some impressive
stuff. Funbun is really inspiring because of his energy and prolificness. I like the celebrity flair that Endart will use, but I haven’t seen a lot of Spirit’s stuff. They might kick me out of the
spanking art guild if I didn’t mention Serpieri and Milo Manara.

Do you also enjoy vintage illustrations, vintage comix and such?

That’s probably my favorite stuff, actually. Vintage work just seems so perfect. Perhaps because old movies, photos, comics and postcards are the genesis of spanko awareness for a lot of people. I think the inversion of the vintage icons also has something to do with it. The longer and more prudish the skirt is, the more we can appreciate a peek under it.

Thanks for taking the time with me, Dave. For those that really enjoy the art, I’m glad I can bring that to you and contribute in my own way.

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