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Exclusive Interview: Amber Pixie Wells Spanks Naughty Brats Hard — And Here’s Why

Amber Pixie Wells is gettin’ her spank on. YES! Well, I say, wonderfully spanktastic news.  You may have noticed the legendary spankee and typically cherry red-bottomed Pixie getting all Toppy and spanky in the past few months on PunishedBrats, with … Continue reading

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Christina Applegate Gets Spanked; And More Spanko News

Kelly Bundy, played by Christina Applegate, gets a taste of Mom’s slipper. [PHOTO PARODY BY “MR. HYDE.”] Did anyone NOT dream/wish/fantasize about watching clueless brat Kelly Bundy (played by super-hottie Christina Applegate) get her righteous rear reddened & spanked hard … Continue reading

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A Potpourri of Punished Brats and Blistered Butts

Foto courtesy of Pixie and Punished Brats. Words of inspiring motivational wisdom by this blogger. PunishedBrats is on a roll as of late. New stern Tops. Fresh new gorgeous spankees. Titillating photography. Double bottom blisterings. Luscious glamour photos of the … Continue reading

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Exclusive: Talking Spanko with Paul from Punished Brats

It’s always refreshing to get the perspectives and insights from a Top. A seasoned Spanker. A strict Dom. A Pro Spanko. Most blogs, this one included, are often naturally quite fixated on all the beautiful spankees and bottoms, such as … Continue reading

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Ice, Ice Baby: Of Kami Tora and Pixie

Wonderful new tushy cooling art from Kami Tora, entitled “Jasmine.” In a perfect world, I wish Kami would focus on spanking obviously, but, alas, his kinky interests range far and wide, into some of the most bizarre fetish art I … Continue reading

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Covergirl Pixie

Photo of Amber “Pixie” Wells kind courtesy of Pixie and Punished Brats.

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Pixie’s Perfect Post-Punishment Pink Posterior Pix

Glamour Shots. The unstoppable Pixie of Punished Brats fame is unveiling a Bonus Photo Gallery section for members of Punished Brats, featuring some simply spanktastic photos of their models in non-spanked poses as pouting starlets, sassy cheerleaders, short-shorts(!) 🙂 clad … Continue reading

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