Exclusive Interview: Amber Pixie Wells Spanks Naughty Brats Hard — And Here’s Why

Amber Pixie Wells is gettin’ her spank on. YES!

Well, I say, wonderfully spanktastic news.  You may have noticed the legendary spankee and typically cherry red-bottomed Pixie getting all Toppy and spanky in the past few months on PunishedBrats, with the Pixienator deliciously taming incorrigible brats and busting butts.

Amber Pixie Wells spanks hard

We here at Cherry Red HQ are so used to seeing Pixie over a lap, and were simply fascinated to know more about how and why she started tanning tails; her thoughts on switching and spanking; her favest roles to play; Pixie and Lilly Anna’s private spanking sessions, and more. But is she still a spankee at heart?

:arrow: As always, your comments and feedback are welcome and encouraged 🙂 [Also curious to hear if you prefer seeing Pixie as spankee or spanker? or enjoy both? And if you enjoy switching roles as well?]

Thank you Pixie for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report! I recently saw some gorgeous pix on PunishedBrats of you spanking the exquisite Mischa [pictured above] in a schoolgirl scene. What was that scene like? What was the scenario?

I had a blast getting to spank Mischa.  She is so reactive and fun.  I had the role of substitute school disciplinarian who usually administered punishments at the elementary school.  Even though Mischa was a naughty high school student, I felt an elementary style over the knee spanking would do her a world of good as well.

She kicked and flailed as I warmed her backside and then, to make sure the lesson really hit home, I had her sit bare bottomed at a school desk and write lines.  I hate writing lines so I couldn’t help but smirk as I ordered someone else to do so.

You wrote on your blog earlier in the year: “For the longest time I said I was 100% bottom and had no desire to top. But yet recently I did a switching scene with Lily Anna [pictured at right] for Punished Brats and I thoroughly enjoyed it.” So basically, I was wondering what sparked your decision to do this discipline scene with Lily Anna, to be a spanker/a Top, and how did you feel about the whole experience?

I’ve been receiving requests for a very long time to switch and take on the role of a spanker as well as spankee.

Of course as soon as I did so, there were those that were very upset to see me in a new role, but I know it’s impossible to please everyone.

I agreed to switch mainly because I wanted to increase the variety a bit on our site.  Have to shake things up once in a while.

Being such good friends with Lily Anna, I knew that I would feel relatively comfortable in spanking her and could leave the rest of my nervousness for Continue reading “Exclusive Interview: Amber Pixie Wells Spanks Naughty Brats Hard — And Here’s Why”

Christina Applegate Gets Spanked; And More Spanko News

Kelly Bundy, played by Christina Applegate, gets a taste of Mom’s slipper. [PHOTO PARODY BY “MR. HYDE.”]

Did anyone NOT dream/wish/fantasize about watching clueless brat Kelly Bundy (played by super-hottie Christina Applegate) get her righteous rear reddened & spanked hard by her TV Mom, on the popular 90’s-era sitcom “Married with Children” ?? How apropos she’s getting the slipper, as her Dad’s character on the show was a hilariously moronic shoe salesman.

***Big thanks to graphics master Mr. Hyde for creating this photo parody for The Cherry Red Report. [More of Mr. Hyde parody’s featured on this blog can be found HERE.]



***EXCLUSIVE EDUCATION, PART FOUR: Clare Fonda’s 8-ass schoolgirl spank epic EE4 hits Girl Spanks Girl today [or via Clare Fonda Multi-Site Pass].


The film features the seasoned disciplinary tanning trio of Lana, Snow Mercy, and, of course, the unstoppable Clare Fonda.

clare fonda\'s spanking epic EE4

****And yes, the rumors are true…I have a thing for compact cutie Ashli Orion. She’s second from the right in the EE4 pic above, and according to Clare Fonda, “emerged as the biggest little brat in the shoot” though in real-life she’s a true sweetie.

[Check out this second sample belt spanking from Mom gallery HERE. File under: Yum].

Ashli on Spanked Sweeties

Ashli is incredibly vocal, squirmy, bratty, sassy and a major handful on Spanked Sweeties. She almost shimmied right off Clare’s seasoned lap. And I love those retro, old-school striped socks, which are a welcome site on the Spankernet.  The pink bikini panties.  Oh, and that bottom. . . .

Ashli Orion

“Stop squirming–you are NOT going anywhere.   Time to warm up this sassy backside, Ashli. . . . .And you are certainly lucky your Dad is not home….”

Ashli on Spanked Sweeties



Speaking of old-school sport-socks, look at this exquisite photo of the amazing Pixie, of Punished Brats fame, rocking the 3-stripe socks. In fact, the entire ensemble is fab.  I think I’m seeing short-shorts….. Pixie? Do you not rock? Yes. You do.

Also congrats to spanko blogger Rad, who made his pro Dom debut on Punished Brats.  [Rad writes one of the finest spanko blogs, RadSpace, that I have seen] The P-Brats preview pix look simply splendid.

Here’s a dapper Rad in action below, with the wonderful Lilly, flying tresses and all:

rad spanks lilly on punishedbrats


***JOIN THE REVOLUTION — SpankoLife: If you haven’t perved over to this sweet site called SpankoLife, please do.  Or spankings will commence shortly!  If every spanko joins this social networking portal, we are gonna’ take over the world. OK?  Life is good on SpankoLife. ‘Cuz who needs FaceBook?

***SPANKING BY THE MINUTE: I keep procrastinating about featuring some bloggage on hard-to-find movies from my sister site: the on-demand, pay-per-minute video site CherryRedMovies. But I have some intriguing titles in mind.  Little nuggets of red-tailed goodness, if you will.  Stay tuned.


A Potpourri of Punished Brats and Blistered Butts

Foto courtesy of Pixie and Punished Brats. Words of inspiring motivational wisdom by this blogger.

PunishedBrats is on a roll as of late.

New stern Tops. Fresh new gorgeous spankees. Titillating photography. Double bottom blisterings. Luscious glamour photos of the PB models. The return of Juliet. Beverly Bacci’s silky tresses flying through the air. Chloe’s classic bratting. The squirming Sarah Gregory. And much more.

While my personal tastes often veer off into more highly sexualized spanking erotica, PunishedBrats has found a solid niche in this industry with straight-ahead spankings and classic, creative scenarios along with a wonderful sense of humor and good-natured fun. [and quite red bums.]

Pixie: an exquisite new self-portrait

I’ve always loved a wonderful after the spanking photo, the one included here exhibiting the sizzling effects on Pixie of a paddling popping session with Veronica. Wonder if Pixie was sent to her room after her spankin’ ?

Love the pout as well. And of course the PJ’s tangled at the ankles. Well-done!

The Cherry Red Report has blogged on this topic with Pixie before, most notably HERE where you can see some exquisite pink-themed post punishment photos.

On a side note, Pixie is becoming quite the photographer–her glamour shots and nature photography are top-notch.

Speaking of pink, how about Juliet’s tight pink panties, pictured above right, arched over Chelsea Pfeiffer’s, of Good Spanking fame, seasoned lap? Delightful.

Anyway, we asked Pixie for her thoughts on the photo at the top of this post:

“I was thinking about how my bottom felt like it was on fire! Even Continue reading “A Potpourri of Punished Brats and Blistered Butts”

Exclusive: Talking Spanko with Paul from Punished Brats

It’s always refreshing to get the perspectives and insights from a Top. A seasoned Spanker. A strict Dom. A Pro Spanko.

Most blogs, this one included, are often naturally quite fixated on all the beautiful spankees and bottoms, such as the spanktastic Morgan Mae pictured at left, squirming over the lap of Paul Wilson.

I’m also fascinated on how a pro Top gets these apparent dream jobs in the first place. So we decided on a short interview with Paul [pictured here as the Spanker in all photos] who is a new addition to the tail tanning team at the Punished Brats website.

We discussed topics ranging from his preferred “camera-friendly” spanking techniques to who is the brattiest model he has disciplined.

I must say I find Paul’s story in getting this cinematic spanking gig pretty inspiring. Currently, my day-job involves toiling away in a cubicle in a windowless, possibly haunted basement that was formerly a bomb shelter with a manic-depressive, control-freak of a boss. But I digress. . .

* * *

Thank you Paul for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report!

Thanks a lot for having me. I’m a long-time reader, so it’s an honor!

So how did you end up with what seems to be a dream job at Punished Brats? And how did you find out about this opportunity in the first place?

I saw an ad on the website, so I wrote to them. I was quite pleasantly surprised when I got an email saying they were interested.

Did you have to go on a job interview, send them your resume, do some tryouts/screen-tests and such ?

Actually, it was more like jumping in at the deep end. I corresponded with Pixie [pictured at right] via email before talking with David [the company’s owner] on the phone. The phone conversation with David was essentially the interview. He has the final say. They had other applicants before me, so by the time I wrote, they had a pretty good feel for the market. Once a date was set for the shoot, it was all systems go!

Heya, do you think they might offer me a gig? :-))

I think anything is possible Dave, but you’d have to thumb-wrestle me for it!

Hehe….What was your first scene that you filmed with Punished Brats? I think with Pixie? And what was that experience like?

Continue reading “Exclusive: Talking Spanko with Paul from Punished Brats”

Ice, Ice Baby: Of Kami Tora and Pixie

Wonderful new tushy cooling art from Kami Tora, entitled “Jasmine.”

In a perfect world, I wish Kami would focus on spanking obviously, but, alas, his kinky interests range far and wide, into some of the most bizarre fetish art I have ever seen. Not my thing at all. More spanking pls, Kami Tora!

So how do you cool down a steamy, sizzling, well-tanned bottom? As pictured above, a handy ice-pack is one option.

The lovely and ever thoughtful Pixie, of Punished Brats fame, has a wonderful, informative posterior care primer on this bottom soothing topic. [BTW–Pixie has one of the coolest blogs in blogland.]

Also big congrats to Pixie to raising over $1,000 through her blog via her “Cause for Paws” initiative, with 100% of donations going to a local animal shelter.

This is a fantastic model of using our blogs to help those in need. We all can find inspiration and ideas from Pixie’s charitable work.:smile:

* * *

Speaking of Punished Brats, they have a new bottom, and have secured the services of a leggy brunette by the name of Vanessa Vix. Can’t wait to see more.

New spanking model Vanessa Vix squirms delightfully over the seasoned lap of a smartly-dressed David Pierson. Love those tangled panties at her ankles.

CRR asked David Pierson for the lowdown on Vanessa Vix:

“Well, this was her first spanking shoot. She was adorable. Reminded me of the first time we shot with Sarah Gregory.”

**A Few Related Posts:

Pixie’s Perfect Post-Punishment Pink Posterior Pix

Glamour Shots. The unstoppable Pixie of Punished Brats fame is unveiling a Bonus Photo Gallery section for members of Punished Brats, featuring some simply spanktastic photos of their models in non-spanked poses as pouting starlets, sassy cheerleaders, short-shorts(!) 🙂 clad brats, and so much more.

The pic above with Pixie and Juliet striking a pose is just a small taste of what Pixie is working on.

They look like two defiant, naughty teenage daughters waiting for Dad to get home. Uh oh. . . .

Pixie told The Cherry Red Report:
“It was a lot of fun shooting with Juliet just as it was with Beverly last month. It’s much more relaxed [in a photo shoot] than when we are doing a standard video shoot and are so focused on lines and the impending doom for our bottoms. There’s more time for chatting, giggling, and acting silly which is always fun. And of course, at the end of the day we come away with some pretty cool photos.”

Think Pink with Pixie. Pixie also featured recently on her blog, SpankingPixie, some absolutely picture-perfect, post-spanking photos featuring a completely perfectly pink Pixielicious ensemble. On a quick side note, Pixie’s blog is one of the finest spanking blogs that I have seen due to its creativity, insight and intelligence.

Anyway, we have perfection personified in these post-punishment pink posterior Pixie pics. Say that 5 times fast.

These images really capture a moment, a feeling, a passion that we all share for whatever reason. They are mysterious and erotic and compelling. OK, so tell me how you really feel…

Well, why exactly do I like these images so much?

Um….well….in addition to the fact that I have a little bit of a spanking fetish, we have a perfect post-punishment, bottoms-up pose. Pouty yet intriguing expression. Pink-hued, pert, perky posterior arched up a bit. Snug pink boyshort panties. Pink socks. And we have Pixie, of course. Perfect.


Pixie wrote recently in her blog:
“I was in a pink mood this morning. Pink t-shirt. Pink panties. Even pink accents on my socks. My boyfriend thought that since I’m so color coordinated, my bottom ought to match my outfit too! I think it had far more to do with the fact that I often like to run around the apartment sans pants than anything related to color schemes, but I’ll give him credit for creativity.”

* * *

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