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Exclusive Interview: Amber Pixie Wells Spanks Naughty Brats Hard — And Here’s Why

Amber Pixie Wells is gettin’ her spank on. YES! Well, I say, wonderfully spanktastic news.  You may have noticed the legendary spankee and typically cherry red-bottomed Pixie getting all Toppy and spanky in the past few months on PunishedBrats, with … Continue reading

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Amber Pixie Wells: Cured by Dr. Spankenstein?

As many of you may know, the unstoppable Amber Pixie Wells, of PunishedBrats fame, is back home and on the mend after dealing with some health issues. Thankfully, she’s back to her delightfully bratty, and pixielicious ways. [For more of … Continue reading

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A Super Speedy Recovery for Amber Pixie Wells !

3-29: UPDATE: It appears The Pixie is doing lots better. She updated her blog and says that “all will be well” — and even discusses her new Topping(!) tendencies. 🙂 3-25: UPDATE from David Pierson at PunishedBrats: “Amber Pixie Wells … Continue reading

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A Potpourri of Punished Brats and Blistered Butts

Foto courtesy of Pixie and Punished Brats. Words of inspiring motivational wisdom by this blogger. PunishedBrats is on a roll as of late. New stern Tops. Fresh new gorgeous spankees. Titillating photography. Double bottom blisterings. Luscious glamour photos of the … Continue reading

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Exclusive: Talking Spanko with Paul from Punished Brats

It’s always refreshing to get the perspectives and insights from a Top. A seasoned Spanker. A strict Dom. A Pro Spanko. Most blogs, this one included, are often naturally quite fixated on all the beautiful spankees and bottoms, such as … Continue reading

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Ice, Ice Baby: Of Kami Tora and Pixie

Wonderful new tushy cooling art from Kami Tora, entitled “Jasmine.” In a perfect world, I wish Kami would focus on spanking obviously, but, alas, his kinky interests range far and wide, into some of the most bizarre fetish art I … Continue reading

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Top-10: The Lovely and Talented Juliet

It is with inspired awe, devotion and reverence that The Cherry Red Report features the deliciously naughty and pouty Juliet of PunishedBrats fame in our periodic Top-10 interview series. [In other news, Juliet has been nominated by the staff at … Continue reading

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