PunishedBrats Introduces New Hottie Joelle

Miss Chris teaches Joelle a firm lesson about lying and smoking the herb, with a good, old-fashioned, over-the-knee spanking.

What up my spanky peeps? Well, I say, spring is coming! I can feel it. The first Boston Red Sox baseball game is in 23 days…I have some fresh and tasty exclusive interviews in the pipeline….Charlie Sheen has gone absolutely bonkers….And the good people at PunishedBrats recently unveiled their latest incorrigible, bodacious Brat, a young and beautiful lass new to the scene by the name of Joelle. Armed with a gorgeous posterior and a sassy attitude, she is constantly earning herself a brat-busting tanning session.

Using my money to grow pot in my basement, and bake pot brownies?!? You'll be sleeping on your tummy tonite, young lady. . .

This supah’ hawt scene has several of my favest winning things, you see, including the truly outstanding spanker Miss Chris, who spanks and scolds with seasoned grace, playing I think her firm “Aunt” in this delightful domestic scene; a gorgeous new minx clad in snug jean-shorts; Joelle’s perky bottom slowly developing into a glowing, cherry red hue, her skimpy shorts and bikinis panties..umm… bunched up in a useless tangle at her ankles. Errrmm……..is it getting warm-ish in here or is it just me?

I'm gonna tan some sense into this sassy bare behind, Joelle....

File under: YUM.   Here’s a little teaser video clip. To see the rest of Joelle’s punishment, visit PunishedBrats:

New Brats on the Block

So many bottoms. And so many brats. Yet so little time. Thusly, here is a sampling of some spanktastic news.

Briefly, in website news, if you are into bodacious, gorgeous black booty, check out the intriguing new Big Booty Spankings — it’s fantastic to see more diversity in the scene. [Related Posts: Black is Beautiful and Black Bottoms at BadTushy.]

And if you dig chicks in prison getting punished, and who doesn’t, perv on over to the completely redesigned Bars & Stripes for free video previews and fotos.

* * * * * * *

In new brat news, the hard-spanking, tear-inducing Dallas of Dallas Spanks Hard fame is releasing a spanking video featuring the British beauty and supermodel Martina Warren, who has graced the cover of Penthouse as “Pet of The Year.”

According to Dallas, Ms. Warren gets her perky bottom blistered and of course slathered up with Dallas’ special vitamin-E oil. Perv on over to Dallas Spanks Hard for more preview pix.

That is Ms. Warren’s scorched tushy above, and lily-white behind directly below…..

* * * * * * *

The always delightful Chloe makes her tushy tanning debut today on BadTushy, getting her righteous bottom paddled red hot at the hands of the stunning Francesca Le, of GoodSpanking fame. Below is a preview pic of the spanking goodness, featuring some incredibly cute panties which will inevitably get peeled southwards. . .

* * * * * * *

In other spankastic news, how the good folks at PunishedBrats, and all sites for that matter, continue to find such lovely spankees and naughty miscreants remains something of a mystery to this blogger. OK now who wants some candy? Or rather, should I say eye-candy. . .

An exquisite pro-shot photograph of candy-coated new spankee Tina Tink. Never in history have M&M’s looked so alluring.

PunishedBrats welcomes to its team the charming beauty of pro model and hot spankee Tina Tink [also pictured directly below], and the girl-next-door cuteness of Amanda Rose. On a side note, I must say my current major weakness on this site is the breath-taking Erica Corvina.

TINA TINK: Tina receives some behavior modification therapy, brat-style.

* * * * * * *

AMANDA ROSE: Can someone be too cute to spank?? Apparently not at PunishedBrats.

* * * * * * * *

Our European friends over at Girls Boarding School recently unveiled an incredibly spankable new model: Simone. You will want to click over to this FREE GALLERY of schoolgirl Simone. Enjoy.

* * * * * * *

And lest we forget, Katie Angel, who is no stranger to spankings, recently made her skin-tight jeans-clad debut on Clare Fonda’s Spanked Sweeties and you can check Katie’s sample pix HERE. The Sweeties site is also accessible via Clare’s multi-site pass.

* * * * * * *

Jolie brings her tight rear and skimpy red thong to Real Life Spankings. I’ve run out of superlatives….[Related Post: She’s No Angel: The Interview.]

Pixie’s Perfect Post-Punishment Pink Posterior Pix

Glamour Shots. The unstoppable Pixie of Punished Brats fame is unveiling a Bonus Photo Gallery section for members of Punished Brats, featuring some simply spanktastic photos of their models in non-spanked poses as pouting starlets, sassy cheerleaders, short-shorts(!) 🙂 clad brats, and so much more.

The pic above with Pixie and Juliet striking a pose is just a small taste of what Pixie is working on.

They look like two defiant, naughty teenage daughters waiting for Dad to get home. Uh oh. . . .

Pixie told The Cherry Red Report:
“It was a lot of fun shooting with Juliet just as it was with Beverly last month. It’s much more relaxed [in a photo shoot] than when we are doing a standard video shoot and are so focused on lines and the impending doom for our bottoms. There’s more time for chatting, giggling, and acting silly which is always fun. And of course, at the end of the day we come away with some pretty cool photos.”

Think Pink with Pixie. Pixie also featured recently on her blog, SpankingPixie, some absolutely picture-perfect, post-spanking photos featuring a completely perfectly pink Pixielicious ensemble. On a quick side note, Pixie’s blog is one of the finest spanking blogs that I have seen due to its creativity, insight and intelligence.

Anyway, we have perfection personified in these post-punishment pink posterior Pixie pics. Say that 5 times fast.

These images really capture a moment, a feeling, a passion that we all share for whatever reason. They are mysterious and erotic and compelling. OK, so tell me how you really feel…

Well, why exactly do I like these images so much?

Um….well….in addition to the fact that I have a little bit of a spanking fetish, we have a perfect post-punishment, bottoms-up pose. Pouty yet intriguing expression. Pink-hued, pert, perky posterior arched up a bit. Snug pink boyshort panties. Pink socks. And we have Pixie, of course. Perfect.


Pixie wrote recently in her blog:
“I was in a pink mood this morning. Pink t-shirt. Pink panties. Even pink accents on my socks. My boyfriend thought that since I’m so color coordinated, my bottom ought to match my outfit too! I think it had far more to do with the fact that I often like to run around the apartment sans pants than anything related to color schemes, but I’ll give him credit for creativity.”

* * *

10 Questions with Pixie from PunishedBrats!

Striving to enhance our high journalistic and investigative standards at CRR, we unveil this highly scientific, highly periodic feature from The Cherry Red Report, called “10 Questions With….” — a short, snappy, fun interview feature with various stand-outs in the spanking scene.
Pixie as a country-girl in yummy cherry-print panties. Splendid and spanktastic!

The deliciously cute and spankable Pixie, of Punishedbrats fame, is simply absolutely fabulous, a wonderful spanking model, and most importantly, a very cool, kind and generous person. Pixie has been Most helpful in helping a certain newbie blogger with helpful hints and friendly suggestions. Thank you Pixie for your kindness.

In addition, we recently found out her suitcase (used for traveling to various otk shoots) proudly boasts two ‘cherry’ luggage tags: this is my kinda of gal! I find her traveling tips (bring at least 30 panties for a spanking shoot!) quite interesting, to say the least.

In addition to checking out Punishedbrats, do point your mouse over to Pixie’s Spanking Blog/Journal, which I highly recommend for behind-the-scenes insights into Pixie, as well as the spanking community at-large.

10 Questions with Pixie

Bikinis or thongs? (cherry print i’m guessing?) 😉 Bikinis (yay for cherry print!) except when I need to avoid the dreaded visible panty line.

Strangest place you’ve been otk? The aviary at the zoo. And in case you’re wondering, yes it was bare bottom.

Hairbrush or belt? Belt! I love leather.

Favorite color: cherry red? or hot pink? Cherry red. The redder the better.

Favest role to play? (i.e. cheerleader, schoolgirl, etc) I love almost any role where I get to wear a uniform. Schoolgirl is a timeless classic.

Which (female) celeb. do you think most needs a tanning? There are so many that could use a good spanking, but I’ll say Nicole Richie.

Favorite mainstream movie with a spanking scene? Frontier Gal. I love how passersby keep stopping to have a look. I wish more movies today had such good spanking scenes.

Spanking stories? or photos? Photos. I love to see the interaction between spanker and spankee and make up my own story.

Daisy dukes? or tight jeans ? Daisy Dukes. I like to think they make my legs look longer.

Corner time? or bed time? Bed time. Make me go to bed before sundown if you have to, but please don’t make me stand in the corner!

Thank you so much Pixie for taking the time to chat with CRR !

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