Who Is That Masked Man? Why, it’s The Phantom!

Ray Moore, the esteemed illustrator who pioneered the influential comic strip “The Phantom” starting in 1936, may have had a little bit of a kink for this whole spanking thing.

And when superheroes spank, they apparently spank with serious high-powered intensity. Sometimes even kryptonite is involved.

Armed with their superhero powers and impressive disciplinary prowess, naughty heroines or evil-doers are often left nursing a superpower-punished posterior.

(Editor’s Note: Speaking of superheros and such, I used to have a crush on Wonder Woman when I was a little kid. After watching her live-action show after school on I think Channel 56, my first crush was a TV superhero (played by Linda Carter) clad in that red and white skimpy outfit. Remember those wonder-bracelets she would wear and kick everyone’s ass into next week? I kissed the TV set. No joke. No wonder I have relationship issues to this day.)

The delightful cheerleader images below, among my favorites (actually anything involving cheerleaders and spanking, I say, Bring It On!), may quite possibly be from the pen of the same “Ray Moore” but we at The Cherry Red Report can not confirm (nor deny) that at the present time.

(I’m thinking it’s not the same Ray Moore. . . . .)

Any alert readers who have more information on this artist below, please contact CRR, Attn: Graphics Dept. Thank you!

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