Cherry Red Q&A: Mike from “Spanked in Uniform”

I’m battling the flu, and a week or so ago crashed my new bicycle — in a parking lot. Not even pix of red ass are cheering me up. So sad, I know.

Nevertheless, we will attempt to soldier on, and are pleased to present a short Q&A with Mike from The Netherlands, who runs Real Life Spankings and recently branched out his perversity into the new Spanked in Uniform site.

The site features naughty nurses, bratty policewoman, sassy maids, ornery flight attendants, and of course, schoolgirls. Recently the legendary Amelia Jane Rutherford graced the website with her delightful misbehavior, and bodacious backside, in several tushy-tantalizing scenes.

Mike, as the primary spanker on the site, helps to bring cherry redness to the world. And for that, we salute this tireless corrector of misdeeds.


Hi Mike, Thanks for taking the time to chat with CRR.

You are always welcome.

So ummm are you hiring for your new site? I’m very Toppy.

LOL you always ask me that. Hop on a plane and you are welcome.

Booking flight…now. I know you’ve been the mastermind behind Real Life Spankings for the past 6 years, so what inspired this latest venture — the Spanked in Uniform (SIU) site?

Well actually it was my wife Kelly’s idea.  A few of our models, and myself, wanted to do more fantasy style videos with strong storylines and plots, so Kelly suggested a uniform site. And I came up with the idea to have series like TV series with continuity, good stories, and the five different episodes we focus on.

Capital idea. But must I fedex you some cute cheerleading uni’s, because I’m wondering when we will see some sassy cheerleaders on a site on uniforms and spanking ?

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Of Shadows and Light; SpankoLife; Sinn Sage; And More

Hello spankos. OK back to normal. My server was acting up, but the glitch was corrected. Tech support told me it was “tushy overload” (?) whatever that means.

Jolie spanked at Real Life Spankings

Anyway, I was browsing through the truly massive archives at Real Life Spankings, and this image above featuring the ever exquisite Jolie, who was recently interviewed on this blog HERE, really captured my eye. Just had to frame it. Wonder if I put this print on the wall, and I’m thinking it would go spendidly well with my brand new cherry-red colored couch and chair, which just arrived a few hours ago. I love interior discipline. Decorating, rather.

The sun filtering through the shades likely fooled the camera, and underexposed this tantalizing tableaux of domestic discipline from Real Life Spankings; yet the darkness and the light, the shadows, gives an artistic, alluring quality to this image. Sometimes photography “mistakes” make the best photos. I gotta’ give a shout-out and love for RLS — this site’s diversity of models, their real yet loving hard discipline of hotties, and very frequent updates make for a top-notch site. Heaps of wonderful photos and fast-downloading high-res vids too.  Many outdoor scenes as well. Bravo to Mike and the RLS team.

SpankoLife poster by CherryRedReportIN OTHER NEWS: Have you been to SpankoLife yet? This is an insanely wonderful social networking site designed JUST for spankos. [To the right is a SpankoLife promo badge from the CherryRedReport Graphix Design Lab.]

While the equally wonderful networking site FetLife embraces hundreds of of kinks and fetishes, SpankoLife is purely devoted to spanking. Easy to navigate and fun to use, definitely sign up and start connecting. Who needs FaceBook and Twitter when there is SpankoLife? Actually, I did start Twittering and tweeting, but no clue what I’m doing with my tweets within the twittosphere.

SINN SAGE IS HOME SWEET HOME: Spanking and fetish/adult supermodel Sinn Sage, of Spank Sinn fame, who suffered a very serious head injury a few months ago, is back home !! She has informed this blogger she is getting much better, though  I’m sure she has a long road to full recovery.  She told me all the prayers, emails and kind words from the community “helped her to survive.” We love you Sinn Sage! [I must say her Spank Sinn site, for those who crave and dig erotic, incredibly loving yet sexy-hot spankings, may be the hottest of its kind I’ve ever seen.]

COMING SOON: An interview with the delicious Jenni Mack, who recently made her Spanked Sweeties debut. Please do check out some free galleries of J-Mack HERE and more HERE.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE: The hard-working editorial team at CRR has in the works a blog post which shall feature the spanktastic Erica Corvina, from PunishedBrats fame. Do stay tuned. Other items are in the pipeline include a fun feature on adult flilm star,  mainstream actor, and spanking model Kayla Quinn of BadTushy fame, who was recently featured in an exclusive Q&A on this blog here.

IN PRAISE OF CANE-IAC: I am now officially armed and dangerous! This blogger recently acquired some “toys” from the fine implement manufacturer Cane-iac, where all items are hand-made. And affordable, too. Hope to blog about them soon. [Related Post: The Cherry Red Implement Buyer’s Guide, featuring 6 cool companies.]


* * *

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A Brief Q&A with the Lovely Jolie from Real Life Spankings

Jolie gets punished hard for real-life transgressions, thongs-down, at Real Life Spankings.

[Editorial Note: Thank you for all the wonderful caption contest submissions in the previous post! Keep them coming, creative spankos! The winner will be announced soon.]

The Dutch models on Real Life Spankings, a popular spanking website based in The Netherlands, continue to desensitize my brain matter into a smoldering, deviant mass of molecular spanko soup. Translation: RLS is a nifty website.

Many of their models have that next-door-girl look; always sport amazing tushies; sometimes end up with real tears; and inherently end up with toasted tails, well-done, served up hot ‘n’ fresh.

The models from RLS come from all walks of life, and I dig the diversity. And lest I forget, they do a good deal of adventurous ass tanning in the great outdoors.

The only thing I do NOT like about this company is that I don’t work for this company as chief spanko scout and head perv. I could learn Dutch and live in Assterdam. Really, I could do that if needed. Been to Amsterdam before–it is a charming city, from what I recall.

Anyway, the editorial team here at CRR thought it would be fun to post a short Q&A with one of the latest butt percussion victims at RLS, the lovely and talented Jolie [No relation to Angelina].

From poledancing for fitness, to thongs vs. bikini panties to her craving for “loving” yet firm discipline, all shall be revealed with Jolie, including a most amazing posterior.

[***Related Post: An exclusive interview with naughty 19-year-old Angel from RLS.]

* * *

Thank you Jolie for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report. It is a pleasure and an honor.

You are welcome!

So how did you end up shooting with Real Life Spankings? I mean did Mike [RLS owner, and primary spanko] find you? or did you find RLS?

My best friend jokingly showed the RLS website to me. And then said that is what I needed. And she was right. I contacted Mike and Kelly, and before I knew it my panties were around my knees and I was getting a red bottom.

Had you been spanked before? If so, by whom?

No. I have never been spanked before I started shooting for RLS, but it has fascinated me for years. The Internet has helped me a lot in learning about spanking.

Would you consider flying to Boston and helping me out at The Cherry Red Report ? 🙂

I have never been to the US so yeah!

I could show you around Boston. BTW, if you were over my lap, I dunno, I think that would be heavenly.


You look quite lovely in those skimpy thongs of yours. Do you typically prefer thong panties, instead of the more traditional bikini panties?

I prefer to wear thongs most of the time. But Mike prefers to have me wear bikini panties, some of the time, for when we are shooting spanking scenes.

If I may ask, is your bottom warm right now from a recent spanking? or is it lily white at the moment?

Well, right now, it is still a bit red right now actually, from the last spanking Mike gave me for wearing way too sexy clothes to my day job. And he spanked me in the nude! I love the way he surprises me sometimes like that though.

Do you have a favorite ‘role’ you like to play [schoolgirl, etc] or are you really being punished for real-life transgressions at RLS?

For the video shoots, yes I do get punished for real life things, but maybe in the future I would love to play the naughty schoolgirl one day in a video. Or a nurse 😉

Nurse? Yum. Feeling feverish…. lightheaded, suddenly…errm….


Do any of your friends know about your interest in the spanking fetish? and your shoots with RLS? or do you keep it private?

My best friends know about it.

What is your favorite way to be spanked?

Over the knee is my favorite.

What is your least favorite way to be spanked?

Well, I think the diaper position is my least favorite for spankings. It’s obviously embarrassing — and revealing, too.

What are your thoughts on the hairbrush? Should all brushes be reserved just be for brushing hair ONLY?

LOL yes definitely! Mike gave me a few hard swats with my own hairbrush as a warning the other day, and it stings a lot!

Jolie, can you share with us some of the naughty things you are getting yourself into right now in real-life?

Well, I am quite lazy and messy sometimes and I like to stay out way too late.

Jolie you are grounded. Forever! What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done–that you were NOT punished for at all ?

Shhhhhhh 😉

lol…Do you think about spanking a lot? and fantasize about it often?

Yes, I do quite a bit. My friends think I am crazy! But I love to be disciplined by a strong (and loving) Man. The loving part is really important to me. I hate seeing girls beaten just because it has to be harder and harder online all the time.

If i may ask, as I know it’s often for punishment, but do you find being spanked arousing and erotic?

Yes of course, I find being spanked quite arousing and erotic although I am not what you would call a pain junkie. A spanking has to be with the right person, and then it blows me away.

Are you originally from The Netherlands or elsewhere?

I am a Dutch girl yes. Born and raised living in The Hague.

What are some of your non-spanking interests and hobbies? vanilla interests and such?

My interests are shopping and sleeping in hahaha. I also poledance for fitness.

What bands/music are you listening to these days?

I like a lot of different music like trance, hardcore, and R&B.

Thank you Jolie, and continue being naughty please!

I will don’t worry and You are most welcome.

* * *

For more info and preview pix, point your browser to Real Life Spankings.

Real Life Spankings Gone Wild: 6 New DVD’s

The good folks at Real Life Spankings in The Netherlands have gone DVD crazy, having recently released 6 intriguing DVD’s of rump-roasting and splendid spanking discipline, which are available for discreet mail-order delivery — or your can watch them online in their member’s section of course.

Mike, the spanko in chief at RLS who was interviewed on this blog HERE, informs us some of their most popular bottoms are featured, including the ever misbehaving Simpa and devilish spankee Angel.

One release is devoted to an RLS speciality: outdoor discipline in the great outdoors; another is focused on hard tear-inducing butt percussion that leaves these sorry spankees having a good cry.

I’m sure their other stand-out spankees such as Kitty will be getting their own dedicated DVD’s in the near future. And Sofia….and Simpa….and Jolie….and the list goes on. And the spanking will go on. As apparently these incorrigible Dutch hotties just never seem to behave.

[Editorial Addendum: Stay tuned for a forthcoming interview with one of the aforementioned naughties at Real Life Spankings–I can say no more at the present time! — and detailed reviews of these DVD’s are in the editorial pipeline.]

* * *


Click on the jump for more preview piccies…

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Sofia: How I Loveth Thee

Those eyes mesmerize my brain into remnants of nothingness.

Some of this blog’s more astute readers might be aware that I have a bit of a thing for Sofia from Real Life Spankings, a fine spanking company based in The Netherlands.

I have also have a bit of a thing for Kitty, Simpa, Stacey, Julie, Angel and the rest of the endlessly misbehaving gang over there in Holland. And I’m terribly envious of RLS owner Mike’s incredibly challenging job. Their latest new models are the exquisite Jolie and the lovely Natalie. And they just released 6 new DVD’s of their most sizzling scenes, which will be blogged about in a future post.

Despite the fact that the only thing I can say in Dutch is “What kind of marijuana do you have here?” I still have hopes — for without hope, what are we? — and I still have dreams.

In fact, despite the global economic meltdown, I’m still employed.

Be that as it may, you also may have noticed that Sofia changed her hair style and color [without consulting this blogger] from a lovely auburn to a bold dark luscious black, looking like the stunning wild-child sister of Uma Thurman’s character in “Pulp Fiction.”

And in recent scenarios on Real Life Spankings, she is spanked for various naughty escapades and most notably, Sofia is caught and punished hard for masturbating i.e. fingers in the honeypot. [gasp!]

Most of you know that masturbation makes your palms grow hairy; it causes your brain slowly and over time to reduce in size to a small fruit; it may cause your naughty bits to shrivel up into useless appendages; and can spark unstoppable urges to watch “The View.” Sad, really.

I’m not sure how I should feel about this right now. . .

That is all.

BELOW: Sofia in her earlier days on RLS with auburn tresses. Which style do you prefer, fellow spankos?

* * *

For more on this site, click below for an array of previews:

* * *

ADDENDUM: The latest new models at RLS:

Jolie and Natalie

She’s No Angel. Or Is She? The Exclusive Interview

Many of you know that Angels are real.

They have little glowing halos and white wings. They fly around gracefully, watching over us in the name of all that is good in this world.

Be that as it may, the following interview is with one Angel whose halo apparently has fallen off, as she is no stranger to being adorably naughty — and getting lots and lots of loving discipline and bottom-steaming spankings.

So we here at The Cherry Red Report thought we’d do a little interview with Angel, one of the naughtiest lasses at Real Life Spankings, who is all of 19-years-old.

Angel is a real-life naughty teenager who is quite articulate about what sparks her cravings for a spanking.

RLS is a Dutch spanking producer and one of the best in the business. They are also among the friendliest folks in the spanking scene, while creating terrific, sizzling, real-life spanking content, many with unusual locations and spanking positions.

The mastermind behind this company is Mike, who is also the primary spanker. [Yes–he has a dream job.] This Dutch disciplinarian’s mission, if he chooses to accept it, which he has, is to keep all of his gorgeous spankees in line. God love him for trying.

* * *

First off, thank you very much Angel for taking the time to chat with me. It is a pleasure and an honor.

So errm…..would you ever consider moving to New England and working right here for me at The Cherry Red Report blog? *grins…*

Sure! Send me a plane ticket! 🙂

It’s in the mail! So how did you first end up making spanking videos for RLS?

I saw their website and I was surprised they were Dutch so I contacted them because that is exactly what I am looking for — a strict disciplinarian who will spank me when I am naughty. Mike [the primary spanker in just about all of their videos] is a very good disciplinarian. He is very strict but also loving and kind and He really cares about us even though we are very naughty most of the time.

I love how you said he’s loving and kind with his discipline–that to me is the essence of this whole fetish.

Had you ever been spanked before shooting for RLS?

My father spanked me when I was a little girl but I have been fantasizing about spanking for years.

Tell me about your first shoot, with you being in front of a camera and crew? Were you nervous? excited?

I was very nervous but Mike is very professional and put me right at ease. The spanking hurt but it was also very exciting.

Yum. What is your favorite way to get spanked?

Over the knee. I like being the naughty little girl getting spanked.

No surprise there. And what is your least favorite position to get punished?

Bending over for the cane. Ooooouuuuuch! Mike caned me a few days ago for trying a joint. 18 strokes and it cured me of that I can tell you!

I’m sure! A more difficult question here I think: what do you like about getting spanked ? Why do you think you, I’m assuming, love and crave it?

That is complicated really. I am very naughty sometimes and I just need someone to correct me and spank me. I like that feeling of someone caring enough about me to spank me when I step out of line. It makes me feel safe and loved. And I do love the feeling of a well spanked red bottom (blush).

Wonderful 🙂 How do you like working with other naughties such as Stacy, Simpa, etc ? And are they as naughty as you are ?

Victorian birching.Well, I haven’t met Stacy yet, but Simpa and I are good friends. We are both equally naughty and we have been spanked a few times together. The last time was the Victorian birching. OUCH!

[That is Angel and Simpa in the birching pic on the left.] Birching? Yikes. Speaking of implements, do you think the hairbrush should just be for combing hair only? 🙂


In terms of scenario ideas, do you come up with those, or is it primarily you getting your bottom warmed for real life transgressions?

We get spanked for things we do wrong in real life. No fantasies, but sometimes we may act out one of our fantasies which is really cool!

RLS has done some really intriguing outdoor shoots. Has Mike spanked you outside in the woods yet, apparently in the middle of nowhere?

Yes he spanked Julie and me in the woods for being silly and spending all our money on shopping and we didn’t have enough for busfare. So we called and he picked us up. Not to go home though. He took us into the woods and spanked and switched us soundly over the hood of his car!

Fortunately some lone hiker didn’t walk right into that video shoot. In regards to your behavior, does it actually improve from a good, hot spanking? though I’m guessing your naughty teenage behavior continues…..

It does improve but it quickly goes downhill again because I am just soooooo naughty. Sometimes I do things on purpose if I need a good spanking again….shhhhhh.

I definitely had that feeling. OK I won’t tell–I promise! Anyway, I think my favorite pic [see photo directly below] of you, and one of my favorite all-time spanking photos, is the Daddy-style scene where you are over the knee in those quite snug, pink pj’s on the bed, thongs tangled at your thighs — what were your thoughts during that shoot?

I LOVED IT! It was one of my fantasies to be spanked by a strict Daddy and Mike agreed to film it. Yummm I watch that video lots!

That makes two of us. Would you consider yourself primarily submissive? or might you ever spank one of your lovely yet naughty colleagues?

I like being spanked by Mike but who knows…

Fair enough. Well, after much careful consideration and serious thought, I have come to the obvious conclusion that you would fit most perfectly over my toned thighs, Angel.

All I need to do know is quit my job, learn Dutch, and move to Holland. Easy, right?

hahaha 🙂

So do you get any strange requests from fans of the site? fan-mail and such ?

Sometimes we get strange requests in our member forum but they are mostly what the members like me to wear for the next spanking or what I should be spanked with. One member did ask me to marry him which was very flattering.

I would ask you to marry me, but we’ve only just met and I don’t even know Dutch — yet. On a side note, what are some of your non-spanking interests and hobbies and passions?

My dog. I have a beautiful Sharpei dog called Bongo. And I love shopping!

Sounds great Angel. I want to thank you again for your time, and keep (mis)behaving!

You are welcome! And I will, don’t worry.:eek:

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Kitty’s Cherry Red Spanking

Photo above, and below text, from Real Life Spanking web site:

As you know, we are an interactive site and the girls are punished for real life things. This is one of them. Dave from the cherryredreport is going to post an interview with a few of our girls and he sent Kitty some questions to answer.

The naughty minx did not reply and Dave waited weeks for the answers.

A naughty kitty learns a good lesson. [One of my favorite spanking photos.]

I stepped in and I went over to Mark and Kitty’s apartment and gave her a good OTK spanking per Dave’s request while Mark gleefully watched.

This one is for you Dave!”

Classic photo: Kitty gets spanked for smoking.

* * * *

I was as surprised, and perversely delighted, to see the graphic at the top of this post, and accompanying video as anyone, posted on the Real Life Spankings web site. Surreal. I must say I never thought myself or this blog would be involved as the plot of a spanking video. But it happened.

Brief backstory: On a whim I sent one of the sites’ spankee’s, Kitty, a few questions via the site’s members forum — I usually don’t feature interviews with spankee’s and models as several other sites have that covered very well — and interviewing someone via email is not ideal by any means; nonetheless, I emailed Kitty. Yet I never heard back from her.

So after a month or two and follow-up emails to Kitty as well as the site’s owner, she finally responded with some responses, albeit quite brief ones.

Anyway, Mike asked me how she should be punished, I responded in turn, though I thought he was just joking around with me. I thought wrong! Kitty basically got an OTK spanking for procrastinating and they turned this into a cute vid — wish I could have the cute Kitty over my lap instead. Meow! 🙂

Hi Kitty. How did you end up working in the spanking video business ?
I met Mike and Kelly [the site owners] through their website and they give me just what i need!

Before you started getting your bottom tanned on video, had you ever been spanked before, or no?
Yes when I was a little girl and playfully by an old boyfriend.

What is it like working with Real Life Spankings?
They are very nice, and it is great working with them, although my bottom will disagree with me. [Editor’s Note: We think your bottom agrees with you quite nicely.]

So did the smoking-related spanking you received in an earlier video help you to stop smoking — or not really?
No comment because if Mike reads this I might have another stinging bottom again. [Editorial Note: I have a feeling Mike is reading this.]

You have been featured in some scenes with the beautiful Simpa, another spanking model on RLS. What is like working with her?
Sim is very sweet and lovely to work with but she is soooooo naughty! [Note to Self: Learn Dutch and move to The Netherlands. Check to see if Mike is hiring.]

So is there much of a spanking scene in The Netherlands?
The BDSM and fetish scene here is much bigger then the spanking scene, but the spanking scene is growing.

If I may ask, what are your other interests besides spanking?
My other interests are music, shopping and watching soccer and going out for a drink with my friends, but not too much drinking, because if Mike knows it, I will get a stinging bottom again. [This Kitty is just asking for it.]

On a random note, what are you listening to these days?

These days I really love to hear the song “Bleeding Love” from Leona Lewis and also “Me Love” from Sean Kingston.

Thanks for your time Kitty!

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