Spanking Magazines I Wish Were Actually Real

How are you my spanky peeps?  Hope everyone in the snow storm’s path in the U.S. is  safely hunkering down for this mega storm, effecting approx two thirds of the country. So let’s warm you up a bit, shall we? You see, well, I simply love creating faux or parody graphics, movie posters, magazines, spanko revolution propaganda posters, comic strips, etc in regards to this little fetish of ours: not the most original concept, but, I just enjoy it.

Here are a few “not real” red-ass magazine editions, but certainly wish they were available for perusing! [BTW, hope you read the news re: ShadowLane once again publishing a real magazine called “The Art of Spanking”–yes!]  Anyway, let me know if you’d like to see more silly graphics and such like this?  Above we have one of my favest all-time Rosaleen Young images in the history of the universe, pic sourced from the Spanking Online folks, squirming over Elizabeth Simpson’s seasoned lap [oh, those red pj’s…pigtails too….*swoon*], and below the delicious source pic is a screen-grab I took from a steamy British spank vid called “Best of English Discipline Vol 8”….featuring one of the yummiest spankees I have ever seen; her reactions and mannerisms reminds me of Rosaleen Young actually. Alas, I know not her name.

* * *

Heaps of new spanky titles over at CRM for your viewing pleasure–hope you enjoy…..You can watch 20min for free if you want, and give it a whirl:

Freshly updated...the best in pay-per-minute spanking goodness.

Memories of Rosaleen Young: The Ultimate Spankee

Published author. Lifelong submissive. Glamour model. Spankee extraordinaire. Bondage/fetish/adult model. Nobel Peace Prize nominee. Intelligent, articulate and beautiful, with a bottom that should be insured by Sothebys.

Be that as it may, she left the scene several years ago for reasons that remain murky at best. I’m guessing she was burned out and was tired of literally putting her bum on the line everyday. [Will she ever return, you might ask? My sources tell me no. She is not planning a comeback. *sigh*]

For some reason, I imagine her, say, at Oxford going for her PhD in Postmodern Literary History, and currently looking back at her adult/fetish years with a mixture of hopefully fondness and joy.

Is there anyone more missed, and more blogged about in tributes and articles, in the spank scene than Rosaleen Young? You can even still watch the archives with tons of movies and photos of Rosaleen via the Spank My Bottom web site, which is part of the Spanking Online network as well as their multi-site special Spank Pass — it’s as if she never actually retired and is more popular than ever.

She does have a literary flair, a gift for the written word as well. Her erotic tales in “Fantasies of a Young Submissive” was published to great acclaim in 2003 — a collection of her original fiction and poetry.

So we at The Cherry Red Report wanted to know what it was like to work with her. So we asked spanking star, wonderfully candid and very funny blogger, and all-around hottie Elizabeth Simpson, who is wonderfully both a Top and Bottom, her memories and thoughts of Ms. Young.

Ms. Simpson was Rosaleen’s stern spanker (talk about a dream job) in many spanking videos and in the photos posted below.

There is a multitude of classic RY images, from luscious spanking to more hardcore bondage, floating about the Web — regarding her spanking work, almost all are F/f as that is what she preferred, though I have a handful of the rare M/f if you’d like to see them in a future post, let me know.

Anyway, it was hard to pick a short sampling, but hope these give you a taste of Rosaleen Young. After each photo, Elizabeth offered us her thoughts and memories.

**[Dear Friends: Feel free to leave your thoughts on Rosaleen Young in the comments box. Comments as always appreciated and encouraged.]**

Let’s start with one of my personal favorites: this wonderfully maternal cherry red drop-seat pajama pic. This entire image series is amazing. A true classic:

I do remember making this movie very well. Rosaleen was in her red drop seat PJs and acting like a major brat. She was superb at playing this kind of domestic role.

It’s no real mystery this scene gave me a buzz in more ways that one — if you get my meaning. I really enjoy being in control sometimes and especially if it’s in a domestic setting, it makes it feel very real.

Another nice thing about this movie and photo(s) was how it was only Rosaleen’s bottom that was exposed. Makes it worse I think that bottom hanging around stark naked. And looking at that pic I remember

pulling her head back and having her big bare bottom in front of me …. wont tell you what i felt like doing (yet 😉

* * *

This was me definitely in super strict mode. Rosaleen dressed perfectly in her school uniform. Her bum really looks very pert in those tight knickers getting peeled down.

And actually looking at this photo again, as I have not seen it in a long while, gives me a buzzzzzz. Would love to spank her bottom again — sadly she has fled the nest. Nice schoolgirl spanking shot that.

* * *

Ah yes. I do recall this one, and for some reason it was a very colorful movie. Bright clothing etc. Reminds me a naughty brat on the summer holidays suddenly being dragged in doors by Momma to get her rump soundly spanked for swearing or doing something else she shouldn’t have being doing outside.

Nice to think maybe her “mates” would have over heard her spanking. And then my delight at sending her out again clutching her throbbing bottom. Nasty LOL — think I need an ICE BATH (Or a shrink J))))

* * *

Waiting. The moment before the impact. HORRIBLE! Been there, done it, felt it. I hated the lecture before hand especially if my bottom was already on display. It’s kind of GET ON WITH IT FOR GODS SAKE!

Same I think also for Miss Rosaleen Young. She was as I said superb and sadly missed by many in the scene. Suffice to say she got nothing less that a well deserved and severe thrashing in that movie.

* * *

My comment for this photo would have to be: “Well young lady you only have yourself to blame and when I have finished smacking your bottom

You can take off these pants and go fetch my cane … its high time we got you well and truly back into line, my girl!”

[We here at The Cherry Red Report do love the way Elizabeth’s mind, and firm hand, works! Thank you Elizabeth for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report.]


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