Happiness Is A Rosy Bottom

The editorial staff at The Cherry Red Report has seen a variety of “implement” sites, with spanking ‘toys’ that are often more appropriate for hardcore B&D than a boudoir or bedroom, and at times lacking the fun and eroticism, and romance, of our kink. So where does on shop for “tools of the trade” that won’t scare away your fellow spankophile, and that you can leave lying around without freaking out your vanilla friends?

Thankfully, we have the excellent, retro-styled Rosy Bottom web site to remedy the situation. Feeding off their great motto “Happiness Is A Warm Bottom,” this top-notch company offers a bottom-numbing array of sexy, classy, vintage-style hairbrushes, as well as exquisite sizzling straps, playful paddles and rump-roasting rulers that would look fine in any schoolroom or Headmasters office — or a bedroom, for that matter.

They also offer lovingly-arranged gift sets, in addition to some light bondage gear, fetish jewelry, vintage greeting cards, and other fun, funky and cool items.

One of Rosy Bottoms well-known customers is the ever-intriguing and stunning Amber of Spank Amber fame:

“Two of my favorite things are pinups and spankings. When I found Rosy Bottom, I was so excited as she has combined the two. What could be better? Not only are her products beautifully made and designed, but they have a nice sting to them that isn’t too severe, and leaves my bottom rosy and on fire just how I like it!”

Lauri from Rosy Bottom was kind enough to spend a few minutes chatting with The Cherry Red Report.

Can you give us a bit of background on your products and company?

Rosy Bottom is unique, because it was created by a woman with women in mind. A lot of folks want to add play to their lives, but the traditional toys can be scary. I wanted toys that would make women smile. I wanted toys that would trigger that same emotion that putting on a pair of stockings and lacy bra triggers before a date. Many of our toys are designed to be left out in plain view, and only you know what that pretty implement is really for. Rosy Bottom is about romance and beauty. Don’t get me wrong, men are a large portion of my customers. Men love when the women they are with feels beautiful and sexy. Men are the true romantics.

What inspired you to create these products and your website in the first place?

I wanted pretty toys. There were none. I wanted affordable toys, not cheap toys. I wanted a Shabby Chic house with white walls, roses and white furniture and there was no way that was going to happen, so I started making toys with that lovely 1940’s vintage feel. I love working with my hands, so once I made one toy, the rest followed easily. I am a slightly twisted Donna Reed type, so it has been easy to find spanking toys in the most unusual places :).
The website was natural to me. My background is working on the web for years, and I was key in creating a kinky card site and marketing an online adult toy store. When you are working for someone else, you always have in the back of your mind how you would do it if it was yours. That is how RosyBottom came about.

The site has a wonderful romantic and retro feel. Why is that including those themes are important to you and your audience?

I am just in a Romantic phase of my life. I was just so caught up in my jobs, and life, that I slowed down and just looked for beauty in life. I took time to stop and smell the roses so to speak. For me, the whole vintage feel takes me to a time where I imagine life to be slower, and passionate.

I use a lot of pinups, because you can look at some of those old illustrations and just imagine what they were thinking. To me it was just a time when it was OK to be sexy, flirty, playful, cheeky, a Damsel in Distress, soft, romantic and a whole lot of things. I think it is my way of saying that it OK to be that way now.

What is your most popular spanking item?

The overall most popular item is the Rattan Cane. Whether it is on the web, or a spanking or fetish event, the canes are the top seller, especially the 11mm cane. It is the easiest to control, and leaves the best stripes. People know their canes, and at events I have folks balancing them in the middle on their fingers! They are also a natural skinned rattan, and are meant to be a one person cane for that reason.
Why are the canes the most popular?

The price and quality. A lot of work goes into making one cane. I didn’t want to spend $40 for a good cane, so I found the BEST rattan supplier in the world near me, so I can sell them for $20. I pick out each piece of rattan. I make them nuts because I go through bundles of rattan looking for just the right pieces! They are always asking me what I use all the rattan for. Like I am going to tell them!

Among spankophiles, I would guess the classic hairbrush is the most popular?

Among spankophiles, it is definitely the Classic Wooden Oval Hairbrush. I keep mine on the table next to my bed, and it always makes me smile. The words “Go get your hairbrush,” just gives any bottom butterflies in their tummies. The House Ruler is also very popular.
My personal favorite is the Great Leather Strap. It really feels good for about one minute, then it hurts like the dickens. I don’t know, that really plays with the mind, but in a nice and curious sort of way. It makes a really scary sound and leaves nice lines too. If you are into that of course.
How do you, well, test your products out, dare I ask?

With my boyfriend of course! 🙂 He is English and spanking is very much part of our relationship. We have tested every new toy. How is that for adding spice?
I also ask folks who spank and are spanked a lot to test them out for me too. Everyone plays differently, so I think it is important to get my products in the right hands, and used on as many bottoms as they can be. Dallas of Dallas Spanks Hard is one of my favorite toy testers. They get a lot of use from Dallas. He and Sierra are great.

I recently met Amber from Spank Amber she has been wonderful at giving me feedback. I am jealous of where my toys have been with Amber! The girls at Real Spankings have tested for durability. They spank hard! Really hard!

I get a lot of feedback from my customers too. That is the best thing about Rosy Bottom, the people I have met along the way and those I will meet in the future, because many have become my friends.

Thank you Lauri for your time and your kindness in sharing your inspiration and thoughts on Rosy Bottom spanking toys.

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