Should School Uniforms Be Mandatory?

After observing some naughty spankosexualized erotica the other day, the editorial team here at The Cherry Red Report started discussing the merits of schoolgirl uniforms in society.

Personally, I think school uniforms i.e. very short plaid skirts and snug tops, should be mandatory in all school systems throughout the entire world. This clearly should be implemented immediately, as perv….errm…I mean, as perfectly displayed by the sizzling Selena on the top left, the legendary Kari Sweets on the top right, and also below by the tartan-clad tart named Chloe:

What are your thoughts on this most crucial matter of attire? Feel free to participate in this scientifically designed poll:

I say bring on the tartan. Bring on the plaid. It brings some semblance of discipline and order to students while allowing Doms like this blogger (now you know why DOM actually stands for “Dirty Old Man”) to live out our innermost school brat fantasies.

Photo above kind courtesy of Girls Boarding School.

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