Shadow Lane Spanking Photo of the Week

The stunning adult film superstar Amber Rayne gets it good and hard from the unstoppable Dia Zerva in the mouth-watering and wicked hot Shadow Lane film “Bed, Bad and Beyond.”   Watch a free Amber Rayne spanking video preview.
amber rayne getting a spanking in shadow lane videoCheck out Shadow Lane’s completely revamped site for instant access to heaps of delicious high-end spank action erotica.  Shadow Lane has been around since 1986 and they certainly know how to create fabulous, and red-assed, cherry-cheeked spanking films.

shadow lane spanking erotica*  *  *

P.S.  Brand new spankette Willow May just debuted on the domestic discipline site SpankedSweeties, so stay tuned for some forthcoming blog coverage of lovely Ms. May. Before Willow, recent highly spankable Sweeties included the naughty Poppy and the misbehaving Briella.

willow may spanked sweeties
Mom’s home and not happy with her girl, Willow May…Because F is for fanny-flaming spankings. Playing now only at Sweeties.  Also avail via the Clare Pass.


The Naughty Houseboy: Shadow Lane Pic of the Week

A simply superb OTK image from the fanny-flaming film “Spanked Houseboy,” courtesy of the newly revamped Shadow Lane website — check out their site for instant access to this film, and for tons of high-end spank action erotica, featuring M-F and F-F titles, as well as sizzling FemDom action. You can also search by model and category on their new site.

Check out more pix from this cherry-cheeked film in a free gallery.

shadow lane femdom

Pictured above, Shadow Lane founder Eve Howard certainly knows how to spank and punish…

Visit Shadow Lane to watch this video instantly, and get access to tons more high-end spanking erotica.

shadowlane spanking banner

New CherryRed Feature: Shadow Lane Photo Of The Week!

To help celebrate the completely revamped and redesigned wicked cool new Shadow Lane website, I thought I’d try a weekly “pic of the week feature”….in the future, stay tuned for videos, too!  This is of course the legendary Amelia Jane Rutherford in “Arthur Spanks Amelia, Part 1” with Amelia gloriously looking her usual stunning, yet deliriously naughty self. 

Check out the new Shadow Lane website site to watch this classic video instantly, along with heaps more, with new cherry-cheeked titles being added all the time.

shadow lane spanking
Dig good, hard and hot, firm spankings?  This video is must-see, my spankky peeps!  Visit Shadow Lane to get instant access to the entire film, and heaps more spanky goodness.

A quick synopsis of the film: “The new music instructress at Braemar Prep is in big trouble with the head master. After spanking 13 pupils in the first 3 weeks of term, one indignant parent has pulled his daughter out of school. Held accountable amelia jane rutherfordfor her profligate use of spanking by Mr. Cameron (Arthur Sire), Miss Saint Clair (Amelia Rutherford) protests that she thought it both permissible and customary to spank naughty students.

“Mr. Cameron chides her for her ignorance of Braemar Academy protocol, which requires parental permission before subjecting any pupil to corporal punishment. Miss Clair is stunned, but willfully defends her compulsive spanking practices as fundamentally sound. Mr. Cameron doesn’t bother to disguise his anger at the arrogant British girl’s losing the school a student and risking its reputation, but proceeds at once to spank the leggy blonde until she cries real tears.”

Visit Shadow Lane for instant access to tons of high-end spanking erotica: Celebrating the romance, and hotness, of old-fashioned discipline.

shadowlane spanking erotica

Spanking Video of the Week: Tribute to Georgia Gold

Going into the way-back machine, I remember discreetly buying this vid via mail-order from ShadowLane on VHS(!) and, to this day, the scene featuring Georgia Gold, and spanker Nick Phoenix, is one of the yummiest vids I have ever seen, from the film Double Feature #1 — deliciously firm with that electrifying undercurrent of wicked hawtness. Georgia’s stunning bottom, framed by those snug white panties…*sighs*….Directed by the legendary Eve Howard and Butch Simms, and playing now at CherryRedMovies. [Also check out Shadow Lane’s latest 90-minute compilation video spankfest, featuring 21 gorgeous spankees.]

Almost forget, here’s another Georgia Gold classic, featuring both Cheslea Pfeiffer and Alexis Payne as sadistic rehab nurses who try to cure their incorrigible charge the old-fashioned way, in the must-see Nurses Know Best.

Cherry Red Book Spotlight: Kink and the City

Hello fellow spankos. We have some publishing news from lifelong spanko and talented scribe John Smith, who has recently penned “Kink and the City: An Englishman in New York,” a humorous, autobiographical chronicle of his journeys and adventures through the spanking and fetish/kink scene in Manhattan and elsewhere.

Perv over to for more info and to read some of the rave reviews the book has garnered.

John told The Cherry Red Report: “This effort was deliberately written, first and foremost, to amuse…I also wanted to write about the truth that this delightful ‘niche’ of ours is populated with some genuinely nice and fascinating people (not just nutters and unsavoury types), essentially saying to the world, kink/spanking doesn’t have to be dark, forbidding and scary.”

From the book’s inside cover:

This is the true story of John Smith. A man who discovered that unsuspectingly renting a room from a professional Dominatrix at the tender age of sixteen tends to influence character development. Years of playing in the London spanking and fetish scene followed until one day, unexpectedly, his fun and games came to an end. Now, almost a decade later, he’s moving to Manhattan and determined to seek out other like-minded people to share his interests once again. Kink and the City is the hilarious account of what happened next…

In other cherry red news……


Spanko erotica pioneers Shadow Lane have just released for on-demand viewing an awe-inducing 90-minute compilation of 21 spanko starlets getting their bouncing buns lovingly toasted, called “No Ifs, Ands–Just Butts!” From Sierra Salem to Samantha Woodley, from Amelia Jane Rutherford to Abigail Whittaker, this is one spanking film that is a must-see, for sure.

According to Shadow Lane: “In response to popular demand, Shadow Lane presents a big, juicy, hour and a half compendium of bare bottom spanking close up, featuring our most glamorous and shapely submissives, receiving the corporal punishment they deserve.” Watch it now at CherryRedMovies. [If you haven’t tried this pay-per-minute spanking video site out yet, newbies can try it out and watch 20-minutes for free, with access to thousands of new, and rare, spank films. Yes!]


The tireless Clare Fonda has just unveiled a beautiful amber-haired minx to the Spanked Sweeties site, by the name of Lynn Leona, for both some old-fashioned domestic spanking as well as candid interviews about her spanko background and history. [Sweeties can also be accessed via the multi-site Clare Fonda Pass.]

Here are a few sneak peak pix. Enjoy 🙂

A Major Publishing Event From Shadow Lane: “The Art of Spanking” Volume One

We have breaking news! This just in: Spanking erotica pioneers Shadow Lane have announced today that they are publishing a 63-page magazine called “The Art of Spanking, Volume One.”

This is their first magazine publication in 10 years, featuring a heaping dose of steamy sizzling spanking photo sets and delicious artwork and articles, including unreleased illos by master illustrator Brian Tarsis. And it’s wonderful to see scene superstar Samantha Woodley grace the cover of the first issue.

I have so missed the days of having an actual magazine to curl up with that focuses on the adult spanking fetish; thusly, we here at CRR HQ are super psyched about this publishing news.

And it was because of Shadow Lane [btw you can watch their classic spanking movies on-demand Here], that I first realized I was “not alone” with these cherry red interests, and remember nervously sending away for their classic magazines that left me intrigued, amazed and feeling good about being a spanko.

So it’s epic awesomeness to see them publishing an actual, old-fashioned magazine yet again.

:arrow:Here is more info directly from Shadow Lane:

“Shadow Lane’s first publication in ten years heralds our reentry into the world of spanking magazines.  In the 1980’s, Shadow Lane was the driving force behind the enormously popular Spank Hard; in the 1990’s, we reinvented the corporal punishment publication genre with the artistically designed, editorially substantial Stand Corrected.

“Many enthusiasts agreed that Stand Corrected was so informatively upbeat, and rendered with such a light and subtle tough that it was the first publication to actually leave it’s readers “feeling good” about being into spanking.

“We now present our most elegantly designed collector’s piece ever, our own ART OF SPANKING, featuring our most exquisite photography shot over the last ten years, with an evocatively playful running commentary on the actions portrayed, the poses struck and the attitudes expressed by our talented performers, by one of the world’s most widely read spanking authors, Eve Howard.

“This beautifully designed all color publication, displays all the favorite, classic spanking positions, adopted by our most charismatic models, dressed in the handsomest clothes and revealing the daintiest lingerie prior to exposing the rosily perfect bare bottom images that fantasies are made of.

“Artfully and whimsically laid out by the preeminent graphic designer of the spanking scene, Butch Simms, THE ART OF SPANKING is elegant enough to place on a coffee table or library shelf while still being explicitly erotic enough to take to bed.

“A collectable keepsake for the connoisseur of spanking art, this new publication also features a stunning gallery of largely previously unpublished Brian Tarsis illustrations.”


Watch ShadowLane On-Demand at CherryRedMovies. Try 10minutes for FREE:

*  *  *  *  *

A Few Questions with Lance del Toro

It’s always hella’ good chatting with seasoned spankers in the scene, to get their perspective on the art of discipline.

So we thought it might be nifty to ask a few questions of the wonderfully stern Lance del Toro, who has been featured as a bottom-busting Top for Firm Hand Spanking and industry pioneer Shadow Lane.

He also has such a fab name–I’m thinking of changing my name to, say, something cool like, umm, Dave de la Spanka. . .

:arrow:BTW, do check out Shadow Lane’s latest explicit, awe-inspiring and mouth-watering spanking video, cleverly entitled Bed, Bad and Beyond, which features adult industry superstars Amber Rayne and also Dia Zerva.

Anyway, Lance was involved with the legendary Samantha Woodley, but alas no longer, and Lance politely declined to answer questions on Samantha, to respect her privacy–so this Q&A will thusly be heaps shorter than as originally planned.

Thank you Lance for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to give a shout out to all my fellow spanking enthusiasts!  I hope to see and meet some of them at the 2010 Labor Day Spanking party in Vegas.  I have missed the last couple of parties that Shadow Lane has put on, due to personal reasons but I am looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.

So how’s life these days?

Life is good…Always good;-)  Even when it’s not, it’s still pretty good.

ABOVE: An exquisite image of Lance in action, with the delicious Chloe Elise arched perfectly…pic courtesy of FirmHandSpanking.

Amen to that. So do you consider yourself a born spanko, so to speak, or did the interest for you develop later in life?

Since I can remember–maybe as early as 3?  My Mom’s best friend had a Continue reading “A Few Questions with Lance del Toro”

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