This Just In! Sierra Salem…

****NEWS FLASH: This just in! Breaking news! NEWS FLASH****

According to the beautiful Veronica at the highly-recommended site The Spanking Couple, they are hard at work on film shoots with the absolutely spanktastic sweetie Sierra Salem. Her impudent and ever perky, squirmy backside is apparently overdue for some good, hot tanning at the experienced hands of old-fashioned but loving Veronica and Dr. Daniels: a very experienced real-life spanking couple and long-time spankophiles who embrace our fetish with class, charm and healthy doses of eroticism.

How much do I love this pic?? mm. Let me count the ways, starting with those yummy ‘n’ tight — and low-cut jeans….I do hope Sierra has something under those denims.

To paraphrase from the film Casaspanka…oops…sorry. brain cramp. Umm well…I meant to say Casablanca: I think this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

So what’s this all about? Veronica had this to say to The Cherry Red Report:

Sierra will be filming with us regularly as a spanking model who needs our help with structure and discipline in her life. The first update is a spanking interview and a two minute stop watch OTK “warm up” spanking with me spanking her.

Sierra Salem had a brief comment on this news on her most excellent blog, Sierra’s Punishment Diary. (Her blog is one of the most highly-personal and unique blogs I have seen, while also featuring heaps of wonderful photography, travel pix, personal stories and the like). Here’s Sierra’s comment:

This company [The Spanking Couple] is run by wonderful people and I’m so glad they have allowed me to get some discipline in my life via their help and spankings… 😉 Here’s some sneak peak photos [see above] of my very first scene. Veronica spanks hard! I had to time it using a timer…

These simply…mmm….ummm where was I? ok ah yes. quite sorry! distracted…these last two awe-inspiring, breathtaking images are from Sierra’s blog. I Heart Sierra Salem.

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