Cherry Red Interview with Sinn Sage: Fully Recovered and As Naughty as She Wants To Be

Many of you may recall that the spectacular spanking and adult film star Sinn Sage, of SpankSinn fame, was involved in a serious snowboarding accident last year.

Worry not, as Sinn has made a super speedy and complete recovery, and is as naughty and strikingly yummy as ever.  She’s even back to snowboarding again–this time armed with a trusty helmet.

And the deliciously and highly explicit erotic F/f spankings and steamy lascivious activities on her site are a testament to her endless craving for cherry redness, divine discipline and spicy spankings. As evidenced via the pic at left, Sinn also has one of the most amazing bottoms in spanko history.

You can also check out heaps of Sinn’s hardcore fetish film work on her feature page on CherryRedMovies, which lists 80 films, including an ass-tanning Chelsea Spanks film, featuring Veronica and Sinn.

We thought we here at CRR would check in with Sinn and see how she’s doing.

**ADDENDUM: Sweet!! Sinn Sage makes her debut this week on Clare Fonda’s Spanked Sweeties. I added in a yummy pic below.  [Also check out Clare’s new Sweetie by the name of Aiden Ashley, who gets a dose of Mom’s firm hand.]

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Hello Sinn! Thank you for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report. I think many of us in the spanking community are wondering how you are feeling these days overall, since your snowboarding accident last year ?

I am really feeling for the most part back to normal. I feel like my life has gotten mostly back on track, and I have snowboarded a couple of times this year!  It’s so much fun and it makes me feel great.  I have an awesome helmet now, so it’s much safer. I see all these people riding without helmets and I just want to stop them all and tell them my story!  But that’s impossible.

And from looking at the delicious content at, you seem…errm……well, quite healthy, umm spanking-wise and such?

Well thanks!  I do enjoy my spankings, I don’t see how that could change.  I’m shooting a scene next week starring the adult star Belladonna, that is called “Fetish Fanatic 8,” [one in a series in the adult Fetish Fanatic series with Belladonna].  She asked me to do the spanking fetish scene for the movie!  So that should be fun and sexy — make sure you check it out in a few months!

Hmmm mm! Are you still involved in fetish modeling and other fetish work?

Yes I still participate in some fetish stuff but not as much as a hard core sub. If I can top, then no problem.  As for wrestling i do still carefully take part in some of the fake-type wrestling sites, like DT and Sleeperkid’s World, but not really the competitive wrestling sites like Ultimate Surrender and Academy Wrestling.  There is just too much risk involved with that type of wrestling (even though I really miss it).

As a result of the snowboarding accident, are you in some kind of physical therapy program? Do you have any symptoms now that you deal with from the accident?

No, I never required any type of physical therapy or therapy of any kind from the accident.  this is a common misconception people seem to have.   I was never on any heavy medication or had any pain after I awoke from the coma, aside from a few days right after.  It was really miraculous but after less than 2 weeks I was walking and doing everything on my own and never needed any rehab type stuff.  Very lucky.

I see on SpankSinn that you Top as well, which is fab, and I was wondering if you consider yourself primarily a Bottom or a Switch or sometimes Toppy or ?

I would say I am definitely a switch.  No doubt about that.

What is it like working with the unstoppable Chelsea Pfeiffer, of GoodSpanking fame?

I love Chelsea.  She’s creative, and seems to know what works and what people like, and thanks to her I’ve become more successful in this business.  We get along very well and enjoy spending time with her.

My fav scene with you and Chelsea is the one in which she catches you umm…pleasuring yourself and had to deal with your incorrigible ways. Do you remember that one?

Hmm, barely, think that was from quite a few years ago.  That scenario has a possibility of happening again. . . if no one would mind!

lol..! I certainly wouldn’t mind! BTW one of the readers of CherryRedReport emailed me recently, to say you are the hottest spankee in the biz.

Awwwww, thanks so much. 🙂  I do what i can. 😉

Who would you like to work with, in the spanking scene, that you have not as of yet ?

To be honest, I’m not too knowledgeable about the other models in this specific niche of the industry.  I suppose I’d like to take on that Amelia Jane Rutherford girly, and also I’ve heard a lot about Amber Pixie Wells.  There is a girl that does a lot of kinky work by the name of Cherry Torn, and I find her very sexy and I’d love to have her on the site.

I was wondering if you collect spanking implements? and if so, which are your favest, generally speaking and why?

Well I do have a couple of my own, but I’ve got to say that my favorite is Chelsea’s brown leather strap.  i love that thing.  It makes me scream with joy. I’d like more that look different but are similar to use on the site.  And I accept donations!!! 😉

Any future plans for SpankSinn we should know about?

if i told you, i’d have to kill you . . .

Very well then! Thank you very much Sinn Sage! :-))

Thank you to all of you for the support and the love!  It means so much!

Of Shadows and Light; SpankoLife; Sinn Sage; And More

Hello spankos. OK back to normal. My server was acting up, but the glitch was corrected. Tech support told me it was “tushy overload” (?) whatever that means.

Jolie spanked at Real Life Spankings

Anyway, I was browsing through the truly massive archives at Real Life Spankings, and this image above featuring the ever exquisite Jolie, who was recently interviewed on this blog HERE, really captured my eye. Just had to frame it. Wonder if I put this print on the wall, and I’m thinking it would go spendidly well with my brand new cherry-red colored couch and chair, which just arrived a few hours ago. I love interior discipline. Decorating, rather.

The sun filtering through the shades likely fooled the camera, and underexposed this tantalizing tableaux of domestic discipline from Real Life Spankings; yet the darkness and the light, the shadows, gives an artistic, alluring quality to this image. Sometimes photography “mistakes” make the best photos. I gotta’ give a shout-out and love for RLS — this site’s diversity of models, their real yet loving hard discipline of hotties, and very frequent updates make for a top-notch site. Heaps of wonderful photos and fast-downloading high-res vids too.  Many outdoor scenes as well. Bravo to Mike and the RLS team.

SpankoLife poster by CherryRedReportIN OTHER NEWS: Have you been to SpankoLife yet? This is an insanely wonderful social networking site designed JUST for spankos. [To the right is a SpankoLife promo badge from the CherryRedReport Graphix Design Lab.]

While the equally wonderful networking site FetLife embraces hundreds of of kinks and fetishes, SpankoLife is purely devoted to spanking. Easy to navigate and fun to use, definitely sign up and start connecting. Who needs FaceBook and Twitter when there is SpankoLife? Actually, I did start Twittering and tweeting, but no clue what I’m doing with my tweets within the twittosphere.

SINN SAGE IS HOME SWEET HOME: Spanking and fetish/adult supermodel Sinn Sage, of Spank Sinn fame, who suffered a very serious head injury a few months ago, is back home !! She has informed this blogger she is getting much better, though  I’m sure she has a long road to full recovery.  She told me all the prayers, emails and kind words from the community “helped her to survive.” We love you Sinn Sage! [I must say her Spank Sinn site, for those who crave and dig erotic, incredibly loving yet sexy-hot spankings, may be the hottest of its kind I’ve ever seen.]

COMING SOON: An interview with the delicious Jenni Mack, who recently made her Spanked Sweeties debut. Please do check out some free galleries of J-Mack HERE and more HERE.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE: The hard-working editorial team at CRR has in the works a blog post which shall feature the spanktastic Erica Corvina, from PunishedBrats fame. Do stay tuned. Other items are in the pipeline include a fun feature on adult flilm star,  mainstream actor, and spanking model Kayla Quinn of BadTushy fame, who was recently featured in an exclusive Q&A on this blog here.

IN PRAISE OF CANE-IAC: I am now officially armed and dangerous! This blogger recently acquired some “toys” from the fine implement manufacturer Cane-iac, where all items are hand-made. And affordable, too. Hope to blog about them soon. [Related Post: The Cherry Red Implement Buyer’s Guide, featuring 6 cool companies.]


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Hundreds of spanking videos available in a juicy pay-per-minute format: CherryRedMovies. Easy and Discreet and Convenient.

Repost in Honor of Sinn: Celebrity Guest Columnist Sinn Sage on the Art of Erotic Spanking

[Editorial Addendum: The following is a Cherry Red Repost in honor of adult/fetish/spanking superstar Sinn Sage, who is making major strides in her recovery from a serious head injury from snowboarding.

The latest is she is now breathing on her own, and talked on the phone with family. Woo! However, Sinn faces a very long arduous journey to full recovery.

I checked with Chelsea Pfeiffer on this, and we both thought it would be a cool to repost this guest column by Sinn [originally posted on this blog January 2009] as a tribute to her, and, well, to show how much we love Sinn and how much she rocks.

The bottomline is Sinn is one of the most amazing erotic spankees, and spankers, I have ever seen.

{The “Hope” posters are promo button/posters I made in honor of Sinn and to help promote SaveSinn. Feel free to repost them as you wish.}

Be sure to check out and sign her guestbook, donate if you can, and let’s all pray for her speedy recovery.

* * * *

[The following is a Cherry Red Repost. Article originally posted January 2009.]

* * * *


We are proud to present our first “Celebrity Guest Columnist” on The Cherry Red Report.:twisted:

The following are some wonderful tips and suggestions on erotic spanking written exclusively for this blog, and penned by a true expert on the topic, a spank sage, if you will: fetish model extraordinaire and lifelong spankosexual Sinn Sage of SpankSinn fame.

Folks, I suggest you take notes. You know I am.

If you haven’t seen the X-rated SpankSinn, a relatively new site, prepare yourself for a new level of hard searing spanking and REAL explicit erotic hotness, cherry-red steaming asses and provocative pussy play, taken to a delicious Continue reading “Repost in Honor of Sinn: Celebrity Guest Columnist Sinn Sage on the Art of Erotic Spanking”

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